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Saturday night is always a mad one, and whether your a fan of Coppers or Workmans, the eternal struggle to find something to wear can just get too much sometimes.

Luckily, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

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From a Penneys must-have gingham top, to H&M's bubble gum pink biker jacket, here are a few of the best pieces on the high street right now.  

 H&M blue cotton dress €79.99

H&M top €19.99

H&M evergreen skirt €59.99

H&M pink biker jacket €69.99

 Penneys heels €19.00

Penneys white top €13.00

Penneys gingham top €11.00

Penneys handbag €10.00

 Zara dress €49.95

Zara top €39.95

Zara heels €39.95

Zara evergreen jumpsuit €49.95

 New Look denim skirt €24.99

New Look bardot top €19.99

New Look bodysuit €24.99

New Look playsuit €29.99

 Topshop pink crop top €36.00

Topshop red dress €52.00

Topshop embroidered bag €46.00

Topshop skirt €44.00

River Island astrology sign playsuit €47.00

River Island denim skirt €38.00

River Island black dress €100.00

River Island red top €37.00



 The weekend is finally upon us, so it's time to hit the town. 

And, you can't even use the "I've nothing to wear" excuse not to head out, because we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping.

 Left to right: H&M white top €24.99

H&M gingham dress €69.99

H&M denim skirt €44.99

H&M crop top €39.99

Left to right: River Island dress €35.00

River Island blue blouse €37.00

River Island fishnet top €35.00

River Island purple skirt  €40.00

Left to right: Bershka dress €19.00

Bershka skirt €9.99

Bershka top €17.99

Bershka fluffy heels  €39.99

Left to right: Penneys mesh top  €9.00

Penneys silver shoes €16.00

Penneys red high heels €14.00

Penneys shirt dress €20.00

Left to right: Topshop handbag €46.00

Topshop T-shirt €20.00

Topshop yellow top €36.00

Topshop orange denim skirt €40.00

Left to right: New Look orange dress €24.99

New Look embroidered crop top €24.99

New Look skirt €29.99

New Look black dress €49.99



Every now and again, a fashion item comes around that divides the nation and causes a bit of confusion. 

From latex leggins to platform runners, sometimes the weirder side of fashion can cause major debate.

Topshop recently came under criticism for their 'clear knee' jeans, but their latest style of jean is a step (or a leap) further. 

Forget plastic knees, how about plastic pants?

The newest style of trousers on the Topshop website is the MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans, retailing for €76.00, and they are, as you may have gathered, totally see through.

Or, as some Twitter users have pointed out, they 'defeat the entire purpose' of wearing jeans. 

While there is definitely some scope to potentially style these up for a festival or some kind of out-there rave type of scenario, we can't really imagine anyone strolling down Grafton street in these on a Saturday morning. 

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Most people are well aware that store mannequins are not meant to be an accurate or realistic portrayal of the human form, but teens and young girls may not be able to see this fact as clearly. 

One mum has taken issue with the size of the mannequins at high street favourite Topshop, after her daughter brought the mannequins' physiques to her attention. 

"My Biggest Girl went into town with her friend after school yesterday. They went around the shops to try to find a birthday present for another friend of theirs," she wrote, in a now viral Facebook post. 

"She thrust her phone under my nose and showed me this picture and said, 'Look at that, Mum! I mean just LOOK at it. Me and M couldn't believe it as we walked past!'"

"I mean, it's not surprising that so many of my friends think they are fat or just don't like their bodies. Are girls not meant to be happy whatever size they are?"

Others have also taken to social media voicing their concern over the mannequins, which have been described as looking like "famine victims" in some comments. 

Topshop came under fire two years ago for the same reason, and pledged to stop using this particular style of clothes horse. 

At the time, the store responded in a statement about their use of the slender mannequins, reports The Guardian

"This particular style is used in small number of our stores and is based on a standard UK size 10."

“The overall height (187cm) is taller than the average girl and the form is stylised to have more impact in store."

“As the mannequins are solid fibreglass, their form needs to be of certain dimensions to allow clothing to be put on and removed easily; this is therefore not meant to be a representation of the average female body.”





Topshop just dropped its summer collection, but its mid-season sale is where it's at.

Thanks to Topshop's fashion-forward selection, many of the sale pieces are currently right on-trend for spring.

Here's a  few of our top picks: 

Left to right: Silver backpack €34.00

Moon hoodie €36.00

Denim mini skirt €20.00

White crochet top €20.00

Left to right: Lace camisole dress €26.00

Mesh insert jeans €34.00

Crushed velvet top €13.00

Diadora runners €68.00

Left to right: Blue puffa jacket €46.00

Tartan mini skirt €20.00

Blue ruffle jumper €20.00

Black studded boots €60.00

Left to right: Cowl neck dress €26.00

Lace dress €20.00

Gingham embroidered boots €60.00

Yellow ruffle top €16.00

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Topshop is the latest brand to give makeup mogul Kylie Jenner a run for her money in the makeup department.

The high street store have come out with a lip kit, but they're attempting to spice up our lives by making the kit completely unique.

Topshop Lip Kit in Same Difference €25.00

Topshop are adding a new dimension to the lip kit concept by adding glitter into the mix.

Realistically, the more glitter in our lives the better, and these kits are bringing it in droves. 

Topshop Lip Kit in Perfectly Flawed €25.00

The kits provide lippie lovers with a lip paint, liner, mattifying top coat and lip glitter.

The kits come in six shades, and we may have to order them all.

We can only imagine how amazing these glitter lip kits would look for festival season!



Every now and again, a fashion item comes around that divides the nation.

From fluffy sliders to Juicy Couture track suits, sometimes the weirder side of fashion can cause  major debate.

Now, Topshop is getting quite a few questions about their new style of jean.

The "clear knee mom jeans" feature a clear plastic panel at the knees.

Kind of like windows to the knees, if you will.  

Twitter is in uproar over the style, as people feel that they are just plain ridiculous.

The jeans have been dubbed "ugly" and a sign that we are "living in dark times." Slightly over-dramatic. 

 Priced at around €68.00, the patella ponchos are not going down well at all. 

While the denim and perspex pair of pants is definitely on the daring side, we don't think they look that bad.

 However, we do wonder what purpose these panels could actaully serve?

I guess they'd keep your jeans dry if you needed to kneel to tie your shoe lace, but other than that, it must just be one of those fashion things. 

Twitter users have also taken to mocking another pair of Topshop denims, which feature a mesh skirt overlay.

They're really not getting an easy time from fashion critics today, are they? 



If you're getting married later this year and you're a lover of Topshop, then you're going to be very excited about this news.

The high street fashion house is launching a collection of bridal gowns, and we can only imagine how gorgeous they're going to be.

Topshop Bridal

As well as wedding dresses, the store will also stock bridesmaids dresses, accessories and lingerie.

Very few details are known at the moment, but Elle has confirmed that the collection will consist of five wedding dresses, with prices starting at £350 (€410), and bridesmaids dresses starting at £85 (€100).

Launching in April, we're looking forward to seeing if Topshop reach outside of the box or go down the pretty, traditional route.



Here at SHEmazing! we love a good dose of high street shopping, so you can imagine our excitement upon learning that Ireland is set to get another Topshop.

As part of Jervis Shopping Centre’s first major revamp in 20 years, a new flagship Topshop-Topman store will take over five of the Dublin centre’s existing shops.

According to the Irish Times, Wallace, Miss Selfridge, Burton and the current Topshop and Topman will be replaced with one big Topshop-Topman next summer as part of the Arcadia Group project.

The new store is expected to occupy 20,000sq ft between the ground and upper ground floors.

That sounds like a lot of clothes to us!

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Fashion lovers, get ready to panic, because British online fashion store ASOS is down.

Following the EU referendum results, the clothes site, and their app, is unavailable to use – and a lot of people are freaking out.

Around 8pm last night, the company's Facebook page continued to carry the message: "Our website & app are down but rest assured, our IT team are working on this as we speak. Thanks for your patience."

However, when you visit its website now, it reads: "This site isn't currently available but we're doing everything we can to get to back up soon."

And to further the fashion angst, Topshop prices are going up – much to the astonishment of Twitter users:

The world is only hectic today.



High-street fashion retailer H&M has been forced to issue an apology today over a particular scarf. 

Yes, a scarf. 

The shop is currently stocking a monochrome striped scarf that many are claiming closely resembles the Tallitt which is the official prayer shawl of the Jewish faith. 

"We are truly sorry if we have offended anyone with this piece. Everyone is welcome at H&M and we never take a religious or political stand," a spokesperson for the store told Vogue.co.uk. 

"Stripes are one of the trends for this season and something we were inspired by. Our intention was never to upset anyone."

It's not the first time a high-street retailer has caused offence and it certainly won't be the last. 

1) Urban Outfitters 

This design on a tapestry blanked from Urban Outfitters caused controversy after being described as too similar to the uniform gay concentration camp prisoners were forced to wear to make themselves known.

2) Topshop 

Topshop was slammed for using ultra skinny mannequins in its stores and was forced to issue an apology as well as vowing to never use the ultra skinny versions again. 

3) H&M 

The scarf was not the first time H&M faced controversy over one of its designs. 

The retailer was also criticised for using the image of a skull inside what appeared to be the star of David. 

4) Urban Outfitters 

Yep, UO again!

This time, the retailer was forced to pull this design as it appeared to have a blood stained pattern on a university jumper. 

Not very conscientious considering the number of shootings that happen on American campuses…

5) American Apparel

American Apparel has faced constant criticism over the sexualisation of its models and women in general for its advertising campaigns. 

The ads got so racy that the brand simply started to hire porn stars to get the desired effect. 




Black Friday is nearly upon us. Yes, the unashamedly American retail tradition has officially become a ‘thing’ worldwide.

As stores reopen after Thanksgiving in the US, here in Europe we just want an excuse to avail of a bargain.

It’s basically like another Stephen's Day except you are not falling into a food coma from too much turkey. Oh and you probably have to work too.

But whether you plan to scramble to the checkout from your desktop or slug it out with all the overenthusiastic Christmas shoppers, you need to know where you find the best deals.

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