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*Some users may find this distressing.

Recent reports emerging from Syria have begun to capture the heartbreaking everyday struggles of the besieged people of Aleppo.

And certainly one video in particular has proved nothing short of devastating. 

Taken in the aftermath of an air-raid on the city, it shows two bloodied and clearly traumatised toddlers being treated by medics. 

One of the children is desperately clinging to the nurse who is treating him, refusing to let go. 

The haunting moment was shared via the Washington DC-based humanitarian organisation, Sams.

Since the summer, the Syrian government has been trying to recapture the city's eastern half, a stronghold for rebels. 

Controversially, brutal Russian air strikes have more recently been targeting these areas.

Yesterday, the UN's Stephen O'Brien said of the crisis: "Indiscriminate bombing and shelling continues in a shocking and unrelenting manner, killing and maiming civilians, subjecting them to a level of savagery that no human should have to endure."



All this talk of air travel strikes has got us feeling a little worried about our summer holidays. While the French air traffic controllers’ strike, which caused a hell of a lot of disruption, is now over, it hasn’t put our mind at ease that something like this might happen again…

Here’s what you need to know if your flight does get cancelled:

Call the airline
As soon as you hear a whisper that your flight is cancelled, call your airline. They will be able to tell you what is happening.

Know your rights
As a passenger you have rights so make sure you are aware of them.  For a cancelled flight your airline must offer you re-routing either straight away or at a later date or a full refund.

Compensation only depends on your flight and reasons for cancellation. Don’t hold out for a pay package – the most you will ever get is €600 and that’s if you are going long haul.

You are entitled to meals, accommodation and transfers if needed but only if you choose the re-routing option. If you ask for a full refund don’t expect to receive any more from the airline.