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The Jeremy Kyle Show has been permanently cancelled by ITV after the death of a guest.

Steve Dymond was found dead on May 9 after taking part in the programme a week earlier.

Carolyn McCall, CEO of ITV stated: “Given the gravity of recent events we have decided to end production of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

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“The Jeremy Kyle Show has had a loyal audience and has been made by a dedicated production team for 14 years, but now is the right time for the show to end.

“Everyone at ITV's thoughts and sympathies are with the family and friends of Steve Dymond.”

A review of the episode featuring Steve Dymond is currently underway.



Jeremy Kyle viewers were left reeling yesterday after one particular guest seemed to cause quite a stir, but not in the way you might expect. 

Dubbed the best-looking man to ever appear on the show, Ricky Blay has admitted that his life has changed since his episode of the infamous UK show aired yesterday. 

"To be honest I find that quite surreal, I'm surprised," said the 22-year-old to the Mirror

"I'm not exactly god's gift but of course I don't think I'm ugly. But then again the competition that I'm going up against on Jeremy Kyle isn't exactly that hard is it?

"If people want to find me the sexiest guest on Jeremy Kyle I'm quite happy, they can crack on!" he joked.

Ricky appeared on the show to support his half-brother even though he found the experience a bit embarrassing. 

And it seems that his bro also made headlines yesterday for teaching Jeremy how to do a slut-drop on the show. 

After receiving a barrage of friend requests on Facebook, the attractive lad also revealed that he is in fact single. 

"I'm still single so I'm not tied down. What comes in the future from it, I'm quite happy to welcome anything with open arms."

He has apparently already been back to ITV to record another segment for the show, so keep your eyes peeled for further appearances of the lovely Ricky. 

Watch a clip of Ricky in action below: 



Jeremy Kyle, bless him, has to put up with a whole load of major drama on his famously addictive morning show. 

And today was certainly no different.

In a particularly delightful segment entitled "I didn't sleep with your brother behind your dad's back," a young male guest, Jamie, complains that his glamorous stepmother, Bev, has been unfaithful.

Although Bev insists that she needs a walking stick to help her get around, Jamie's not convinced. In fact, he goes on to claim that she's something of a party animal who regularly performs a particularly sexy dance move – the 'slut drop'.

When a hapless Mr Kyle asks what a 'slut drop,' is (it's OK, Jezza, we didn't know either) his guest happily obliges with a live demonstration. 

Taking to the floor, Jamie widens his stance before squatting down to the ground and then popping back up again – much to the delight of the gathered studio spectators. 

Intrigued, Jeremy decides to give it a go himself – telling his fans that he's "never gone that low before".

The audience goes wild in response to the ITV presenter's resulting moves (we can't say we blame them) – and Twitter predictably reacted with glee too.

One fan stated: "Thought he would rip his trousers doing a slut drop. They were very hugging trousers this morning." Another called the moment "Oscar-worthy".

However, Jeremy mightn't be slut dropping again any time soon: afterwards, the 50-year-old chat show host clutched his back and complained that he thought he'd "pulled a muscle".



It's fair to say we all have little obsessions, whether it's with a band, a singer or even just going shopping; everyone has a guilty little pleasure. 

But when that guilty little pleasure comes between your marriage, it should be pretty clear that you've gone too far. 

That's what happened to a woman, Kirsty, who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show, and after many years, replaced her husband with her obsession for Westlife

The couple even named their children after band members, Shane Filan and Kian Egan. But her husband, Adam, said he's had enough. 

Adam told Jeremy: "I'm tired of being the doormat. I've had enough of Westlie."

He even admitted that his wife was so obsessed with the Irish band that she said she wished Shane Filan was the father of her children. 

"I'm obsessed, I've got an obsession with them," Kirsty said. 

But then Jeremy had a special surprise for the mother-of-two and played her a video message from Shane, who invited her to one of his gigs next year. 

Kirsty then proceeded to go into meltdown mode but made a big error when Jeremy asked her a question.

The host thought that he might have patched things up with the couple – as did everyone else – but when he asked, "Then you're probably going to go back to the hotel and have copious quantities of sex.. You want sex [with your husband], yeah?"

To which Kirsty replied, "Well Shane would be better." *facepalm*


Seriously, we would absolutely LOVE to see Zayn and Perrie have it out on the Jeremy Kyle show!

But besides that, Jeremy had a lot to say about how Zayn broke up with his former fiance in his newspaper column.

Jeremy wrote in The Sun newspaper that it doesn't take a genius to have guessed that their relationship wouldn't last that long but he blasted Zayn for dumping his fiancees over text. 

He says it's not acceptable that he would break Perrie's heart by breaking up with her like that. 

He wrote: "It shows something of the class of both of them that, despite her heartbreak, Perrie was back at work and facing the cameras – while, to cause the heartbreak, Zayn stayed hidden behind a cowardly text."

"Breaking up by text is cheap but this one might just cost Zayn dear – about half of the £3million they just forked out on their little love nest, I reckon."

It is reported that this split is completely out of the blue for Perrie who shared a picture of them together just a few weeks ago. 



When a couple appeared recently on the famed Jeremy Kyle show, they brought along their two young children and left them supervised on set as filming took place.

However, staff then became seriously worried – because the toddlers appeared to be distressed, malnourished and unclean.

The couple, a man and a woman who can’t be named for legal reasons, are aged 23 and 26 and featured on the show earlier this year.

The Coventry Telegraph reports that the babies are the biological children of the woman.

After the family departed, concerned studio workers contacted police, with officers and social welfare representatives calling around to the parents the following day.

There, the couple were arrested on suspicion of child neglect.

A court this week heard that although both adults are noticeably overweight, the children – both of whom are under two years – were close-to starving.

Staff on the Jeremy Kyle show furthermore explained that one child had a bruised face and both seemed “unresponsive, emotionally vacant, dirty and unkempt”.

When authorities visited the house they said the property was cold, dirty clothes were strewn around and there were faeces stains on the carpets.

Upon seeing the police, their mother, who was 34 weeks’ pregnant at the time, immediately disappeared upstairs and was found changing the nappy of the older child.

His legs and feet were caked in faeces and she was trying to clean him using baby wipes.

The youngsters have since made significant progress and have put on a significant amount of weight. They are currently living with adoptive parents.

The judge presiding over the case this week praised the “conscientious” Jeremy Kyle show staff.

Addressing the defendants the judge also said: “Your home was visited and was found to be, quite frankly, disgusting.

“The two children were not properly clothed, you had let them get too cold, you hadn’t fed them properly and you hadn’t washed them.

He also warned: “Should you have any more children the first people in your home will be Coventry social services.”

At Coventry Crown Court on Tuesday both defendants were each jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years, and given 18 months’ supervision.