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Rumours have been flying that Suzanne Jackson is set to release her very own tan, to follow the success of her lash collection and contour and highlight palettes. 

The blogger's makeup line has already been a huge success, selling in major retailers like Penneys, and in pharmacies across the country. 

The Irish Mail on Sunday have reported that the top beauty blogger registered a company name in March for her upcoming fake tan, to be called Glowbelle.


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Suzanne Jackson registered a company name in March, and has been asking fans what they think of her bronzed glow via social media.

The blogger recently announced that she will be shutting down her clothing line in order to focus more on her beauty pursuits.

'I wont be continuing with the fashion, I'm drawing the line and focusing on beauty, and I'm working on about 12 products at the moment,' she told her followers via Snapchat.


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'I am wrecked tired working on them but that's production and that's what you do when you create your product from absolute scratch, and thats what I do – I don't private label, I create myself and I'm very proud of that.'

'So that's where we are, I'm not restocking anything in the fashion. It's going to be all beauty from the summer onwards,' she explained.

We're dying to see what Suzanne's tan will be like!



After only a few months, Suzanne Jackson has revealed she's closing down her fashion line.

The blogger launched the clothing collection late last year, however she announced today that she will not be restocking any pieces and just wants to sell off what's left.

"I've always wanted to do fashion, but I'm a beauty girl at heart. I was trained in beauty. I've worked in beauty and it's what I know," she told her fans on Snapchat.

"I started the fashion line a long time before it went live at Christmas, and I worked tirelessly on the project. It was really exciting and I really, really enjoyed doing it – but I'm only one person, and I can't possibly do fashion and beauty.


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"I was coming up against a brick wall and I just couldn't focus on one thing. You guys know me, I put 500% into everything and everything I bring to market I can put my hand on my heart and say its amazing, but with my focus divided I just didn't want to let the ball drop – so I had to choose.

"It sounds so dramatic but that's the way it is in business, and I'm always as open and honest with you guys as I can be, and right now I've chosen beauty.

"So, the fashion is going to sell out and we're going to get rid of what we have left, which isn't a lot, and I'm not going to go there again for a couple of years," she said.


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"You guys have constantly been asking me to restock my jeans and my blazers and constantly complimenting the quality. But I wont be continuing with the fashion, I'm drawing the line and focusing on beauty, and I'm working on about 12 products at the moment.

"I am wrecked tired working on them but that's production and that's what you do when you create your product from absolute scratch, and thats what I do – I don't private label, I create myself and I'm very proud of that.

"So that's where we are, I'm not restocking anything in the fashion. It's going to be all beauty from the summer onwards," she explained.

However, the beauty maven has announced that she will be launching a tan very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.



Earlier this month, Suzanne Jackson appeared on The Six O'Clock Show, which ended up being described as her "worst television interview ever."

The beauty blogger appeared on the show, which aired a segment on lambing season just before her interview.

When Suzanne left TV3, she took to Snapchat to vent her frustration, saying: "Guys, that was the worst television interview I've ever done.


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"Five minutes before I went on TV they started talking about this lamb that was going to be slaughtered and I honestly just couldn't do my interview properly."

However, now the TV station has hit back, saying she "never made [her frustration] known" before leaving the studio.

Sources at the Irish station reportedly told the Mail on Sunday: "Is Suzanne the only person in the country who is unaware that a segment on lambing season would involve talking about what happens to the lambs?


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"The lamb in question is alive and was sent back to the farm after the show. However, Suzanne never made it known that she was in any way affected or 'upset'.

"So we were very surprised, to say the least, that she walked out to the car park to her Mercedes and sat on her leather seats and snapchatted about how ‘upset’ she was at what happens to the lamb.

"Is she that unaware of what happens during lambing season," the source added.



As most of her fans will now know, one of Ireland's most high-profile bloggers, Suzanne Jackson, has just launched her very own fashion line.

The hotly-anticipated collection includes pieces designed by the influencer herself, and is inspired by her popular personal style.

(left to right) ASOS,€266.00, Boohoo,€53.87, SOSUbySJ €105.00

The collection comes in an inclusive size 8 to size 16 in most items.

As expected, the collection is already running low on certain sizes, but luckily we've spotted a few affordable bits to help you get the SoSueMe look from alternative stockists and retailers. 

Boohoo €17.95 SOSUbySJ €25.00

And while there's no replicating the award-winning entrepreneur's eye for design, the few dupes we've stumbled across will nevertheless help you get your Suzanne Jackson fix until you can get your hands on the real deal. 

The blogger says she spent the last 12 months working on her debut collection, designing certain pieces from scratch herself while also working as a buyer, sourcing unique pieces to stand alongside original designs in the collection .

Pretty Little Thing €14, Minna Vanilla €10.75, SOSUbySJ €39.95

"About 12 months ago I decided I wanted to do fashion. I designed some pieces in the collection myself from absolute scratch and I also hand picked some pieces from other designers in th UK and Paris," said the make-up mogul.

Pieces like the suede dress, skirt suits and purple party dress are all Suzanne's own original designs.

 River Island €55.00, SOSUbySJ €45.00

"So theres a bit of a mix of my designs and other peoples designs.

"They are pieces that are very personal to me and that I have worked a hell of a long time on," she continued, in a Snapchat video story.


 Dollskill €35.00, BSB €69.00, SOSUbySJ €29.95

"They have been the most challenging pieces I have ever worked on," she said of the impressive 35-piece collection.

One of the more unusual pieces in the collection that cause major ensemble envy over on Instagram is this unique bodysuit, which is sure to be a complete sell out after Suzanne styled the piece on model sister Carla – also a major social media influencer. 

AX Paris €26.67, SOSUbySJ €35.00

So Sue's personal style shines through in the collection, as "hero pieces" like the embroidered leather jacket, faux fur gillets and affordable denims could easily be integrated into the blogger's own wardrobe and are reminiscent of her typical outfit of the day shots. 

This is a massive move from her successful beauty business. We can't wait to see what the blogger creates next!


With almost 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, Ireland’s leading fashion blogger, Suzanne Jackson, knows a thing or two about style. 

But while the founder of So Sue Me insists that the key to dressing well involves a combination of high-street clothing and upmarket accessories, she says she will not be opting for an online label for her highly anticipated 2017 wedding.


Last week in London at the PLT party #fashion #party #plt

A photo posted by Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe™) (@sosueme_ie) on

Speaking exclusively to SHEmazing!, the cosmetics entrepreneur reveals that she has yet to start shopping for her August 5 ceremony – when she will marry long-term love Dylan O'Connor – but eagerly explains the importance of finding a gown which is totally unique to her.

“I kind of want to go all out,” admits Suzanne. 

“I’m going to have something that hasn’t been seen before on another bride… I have my eye on a couple of different designers so I don’t know yet, but I know I won’t be in high street for my wedding day.”

Having recently returned from a Sofia Richie-led Pretty Little Thing event in London, things seem to be going from strength to strength for the 31-year-old Dubliner.

Styles from her new lash line have already been a huge hit with beauty lovers. Meanwhile, her country-wide workshops have completely sold-out and she's just about to reveal the next instalment of her beauty line which is due to debut in pharmacies this November.

But despite her success, Suzanne remains adamant that her brand would not have reached such heights without a lot of hard work and, of course, the valued support of her readers.

“Everything I do is 150 percent,” explains the popular brunette. “I built So Sue Me from the ground. I wasn’t famous before I did it. I didn’t have any backing from anybody. I built it from nothing and I’m very proud of that.

“My readers are the reason why I am successful today, so I like to build relationships with them. [My workshops] give me a great chance to meet them and for them to hear my story.

“I think people leave very inspired and I think that it’s really important as well to give people inspiration and give them the motivation to go do something for themselves.”

Noting the change in weather, Suzanne says faux leather is her favourite trend for the Autumn/Winter season, but insists that no matter what time of year it is, she stands behind one key style rule.

“My tip for people no matter what the season, is to always invest in your staple pieces. I would say to get a really good winter coat that doesn’t look too over the top, a nice jacket maybe with a faux fur trim around the neck that could act as a scarf… Invest in a really nice pair of ankle boots, good denims and I think you’re ready to go.”

Sounds like solid advice to us!



She already has a best-selling range of nail polishes, as well as a mega-hit contour palette.

And now – finally – Suzanne Jackson has released strip lashes, so (fingers crossed!) we can get the blogger’s gorgeously full look ourselves.

Yes, under the SOSU brand, the 31-year-old Dubliner has created not one but TWO lash collections – Human Hair Lashes, which boasts eight different varieties, and 3D Luxury Silk Lashes, of which there are four different types.  

The Human Hair lashes (€5.95 per set) are lightweight, of premium quality and enable beauty lovers to create quick and easy everyday looks.

While the 3D Luxury Silk Lashes are notably more costly at €19.95 a pair, they come in more dramatic designs and, once cared for, can be reused up to 20 times.

Speaking of her new venture, Suzanne said: “The initial SOSU Lash journey began three years ago but for me the range had to be perfect – a premium lash collection offering plenty of choice and catering for everyone.”

According to sosu.ie, the Ella, Gigi and Katie lashes – all of which are from the Human Hair collection – are already sold out.

Currently, the other nine lash styles are still available online.

SOSU Human Hair Lashes cost €5.95 and SOSU 3D Luxury Silk Lashes retail at €19.95.  SOSU Lashes are available from selected pharmacies nationwide and www.sosu.ie.


She's known for her long luscious locks – but blogger Suzanne Jackson has now taken the plunge – chopping inches off her hair. 

And while we all know how utterly terrifying it can be to see a scissors cut into your precious tresses, Ms Jackson certainly pulls off the look expertly. 

Taking to Instagram recently to debut the style, the 31-year-old wrote: "Massive thanks to my girl Jane in @red_velvet_hair_salon for applying my new @goldfeverhair extentions in time for Paris Fashion Week next week!"

She followed up the message with the hashtag #ShortHairDontCare.

Later, Gold Fever shared its own re-gram – stating that it also LOVED Suzanne's transformation. 

The Dubliner is currently in Paris for Fashion Week, giving her revamped hair a whirl on the streets of the La Ville Des Lumières.

Unsurprisingly, Suzanne has been spotted in a variety of gorgeous outfits, including a pair of fab €23 tartan trousers, a high-neck bodysuit for €12 and a patch-work leather jacket priced at €41 – all from New Look.

Yesterday, Ms Jackson, who is marrying her long-term love Dylan next year, chose a crisp white shirt, blue jeans and red velvet boots from Zara, along with a pale blue sweater-jumper from H&M.

Shorter, chic hair, and on-point fashion: at SHEmazing, we're definitely all over these seriously head-turning vibes from Suzanne.



If you have skin that’s any way fair, you’ve probably grown up with a whole set of “rules” to live by.

No pastels, no white clothes and most DEFINITELY no darker hair colours. They’ll just wash you out… at least that’s what your mam’s always drilled into you, right?

Well, you can throw those beliefs out the window because lately we’ve been getting serious hair lust for celebs rocking darker, deeper shades – everything from intense black like Suzanne Jackson to coffee brown like MIC‘s Lucy Watson.

Of course, the spectrum of darker colours ranges far and wide, and it’s all about choosing a shade that suits your skintone and your own personal style. Here are some of the celebs giving us serious dark hair #goals of late.

Suzanne Jackson

Blogger and beauty guru Suzanne, the woman at the helm of SoSueMe and SOSU cosmetics, has always gone for darker tones – but with a hint of warm brunette to ensure her paler skin is complemented.

That length and volume comes courtesy of Gold Fever hair extensions (the brainchild of fellow Irish woman Katie-Jane Goldin), of which Suzanne’s been a long-time fan. With a blend of different colours used to create the perfect shade, there’s no fear of looking washed out.

Shauna Lindsay

Another Gold Fever fan, model Shauna Lindsay is the perfect example of how to work darker tones without risking looking like Wednesday Addams the second you take your make-up off.

Her darker roots are complemented perfectly by lighter blonde-brown ends, courtesy of 20′ Gold Fever extensions, which gave some much-needed volume and an all over healthy look.

“My hair was so damaged, generally from doing fashion shows and having heat on it all the time,” Shauna says.

“I love being a model don’t get me wrong but your hair goes through a lot! My hair was NOWHERE NEAR as thick as it used to be and I longed for an extra bit of length. The extensions I got put in are 20′ and they are SO FULL,” she explains.

Lucy Watson

Granted, Made In Chelsea alum Lucy usually sets off her deep brown wavy tresses with a tan, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow her for some hair inspiration.

Lucy keeps her hair relatively short, using extensions to add volume rather than heaps of length. The warm brown hue is perfect with her paler skin – though we reckon it would be a winner with any skin tone.

Considering changing up your style á la Lucy, Suzanne and Shauna? Check out Gold Fever‘s Instagram page for some hair #inspo. Thank us later!


It's all going down in Dublin town today as the Gossies 2016 take place in the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Vogue Williams is taking to the stage tonight to present the award show and there will be many famous faces in attendance.

In the running for the Best Female TV Presenter is  Glenda Gilson, Laura Whitmore, Kathryn Thomas and Karen Koster.

Suzanne Jackson, Leanne Woodful and Pippa O Connor are all nominated for Best Blogger.

Meanwhile, Marisa Carter, Rosemary MacCabe and Holly Carpenter are hoping to snatch up the Best Snapchat Star.

There are a total of 18 awards being dished out tonight, and all of the nominees are in the middle of their glam session:

We can't wait to see all the hot style hitting the red carpet tonight. Stay tuned for our list of the best dressed!



Suzanne Jackson, Irish blogger of So Sue Me fame, has just announced her engagement to her long term partner, Dylan O Connor. 

And where did he pop the question? On a super glamorous trip to the Maldives of course. 

Suzanne looked absolutely delighted as she showed off her pretty impressive diamond in a Facebook post. 

"He asked me to be his forever, and I said yes!" gushed the pretty brunette. 

The pair were in the Maldives celebrating Dylan's birthday and after she posted a picture of a picturesque wedding by the sea, many speculated about Suzanne's own wedding plans. 

The happy news comes just two months after the Irish personality shared her heartbreak over the death of her grandmother with her fans. 

We could not be happier for the pair. 




Since starting her blog more than five years ago, she's shown time and time again that she's definitely one seriously stylish lady.

But, as proven by one priceless throwback photograph shared this afternoon, Suzanne Jackson has always had one eye on fashionable endeavours.


1992 & 2015…. Easy to see the colours I love most

A photo posted by Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe) (@sosueme_ie) on

Taking to Instagram, the 30-year-old Dubliner posted a picture of her eight-year-old self alongside a present-day snap. 

In both she is wearing striking mustard and black hues – not to mention that she flashes the shame gorgeous smile. 

"1992 & 2015… Easy to see the colours I love most," she playfully captioned the comparison.

In an earlier entry on her mega-popular website, Suzanne – aka SoSuMe – had revealed that the plunge yellow-coloured bodysuit is from Missguided, with the jeggings coming from River Island

She completed her look with black Louboutin pumps and a belt from Karen Millen.

Sadly, there's no word yet on where the 1992 ensemble was sourced. 


Do you always struggle finding a nail polish that actually stays in place for a full day? 

We do too. 

That's why we were so excited when Suzanne Jackson launched SOSU nail polish range earlier this year. 

The innovative gel nail polish means you can achieve salon-worthy nails in the comfort of your own home – and for a fraction of the price. Score!

All polishes also include a brand new brush for an even easier application which means the polish can be applied in one easy action, for a longer-lasting, chip-free colour. 

Ms Jackson launched 25 colours in her first collection and this season she has added eight luxurious new colours to the range. 

Suzanne reveals that the application is an easy process if you follow a few simple steps:

"Make sure your nails are shaped, filed and buffed before applying any polish.

"Then apply one thin layer of SOSU base coat, two thin layers of a SOSU colour of your choice followed by a thin layer of SOSU top coat, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next!"

"The formulations in the SOSU base and top coat helps to protect the nails and also forms the gel-like, non-chip finish which means the polish can last for up to four to seven days before having to reapply."

The new A/W collection colours are available from pharmacies nationwide, Penneys stores and selected nail salons now. 

All polishes are priced at a wholly reasonable €7.99, and if they're anything like her last collection, you better be quick before they all sell out.