Glowbelle: Suzanne Jackson’s fake tan could be coming pretty soon

Rumours have been flying that Suzanne Jackson is set to release her very own tan, to follow the success of her lash collection and contour and highlight palettes. 

The blogger's makeup line has already been a huge success, selling in major retailers like Penneys, and in pharmacies across the country. 

The Irish Mail on Sunday have reported that the top beauty blogger registered a company name in March for her upcoming fake tan, to be called Glowbelle.


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Suzanne Jackson registered a company name in March, and has been asking fans what they think of her bronzed glow via social media.

The blogger recently announced that she will be shutting down her clothing line in order to focus more on her beauty pursuits.

'I wont be continuing with the fashion, I'm drawing the line and focusing on beauty, and I'm working on about 12 products at the moment,' she told her followers via Snapchat.


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'I am wrecked tired working on them but that's production and that's what you do when you create your product from absolute scratch, and thats what I do – I don't private label, I create myself and I'm very proud of that.'

'So that's where we are, I'm not restocking anything in the fashion. It's going to be all beauty from the summer onwards,' she explained.

We're dying to see what Suzanne's tan will be like!