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There's nothing better than munching on a Big Mac when you're hungover. Or when it's your cheat day… or when you're just not bothered cooking.

Either way, it's a pretty juicy meal no matter when or where you have it. And now, you can wear the delicious burger on your T-shirt.

Yep, McDonald's has released a Big Mac clothing collection, and while we admit we were pretty confused to begin with, we're actually totally into the capsule line.

The Big Mac merch will be on sale on the Japanese site Rakuten, but don't fret because they ship internationally so you'll be able to get your hands on these items.

You'll have to act fast though, as there's only 300 of each item available.



After only a few months, Suzanne Jackson has revealed she's closing down her fashion line.

The blogger launched the clothing collection late last year, however she announced today that she will not be restocking any pieces and just wants to sell off what's left.

"I've always wanted to do fashion, but I'm a beauty girl at heart. I was trained in beauty. I've worked in beauty and it's what I know," she told her fans on Snapchat.

"I started the fashion line a long time before it went live at Christmas, and I worked tirelessly on the project. It was really exciting and I really, really enjoyed doing it – but I'm only one person, and I can't possibly do fashion and beauty.


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"I was coming up against a brick wall and I just couldn't focus on one thing. You guys know me, I put 500% into everything and everything I bring to market I can put my hand on my heart and say its amazing, but with my focus divided I just didn't want to let the ball drop – so I had to choose.

"It sounds so dramatic but that's the way it is in business, and I'm always as open and honest with you guys as I can be, and right now I've chosen beauty.

"So, the fashion is going to sell out and we're going to get rid of what we have left, which isn't a lot, and I'm not going to go there again for a couple of years," she said.


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"You guys have constantly been asking me to restock my jeans and my blazers and constantly complimenting the quality. But I wont be continuing with the fashion, I'm drawing the line and focusing on beauty, and I'm working on about 12 products at the moment.

"I am wrecked tired working on them but that's production and that's what you do when you create your product from absolute scratch, and thats what I do – I don't private label, I create myself and I'm very proud of that.

"So that's where we are, I'm not restocking anything in the fashion. It's going to be all beauty from the summer onwards," she explained.

However, the beauty maven has announced that she will be launching a tan very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.



It looks like Kylie Jenner is moving just as fast as Kimmy K did in the old days, as the youngest sister is about to launch a clothing line.

And one of the first pieces going on sale is just an epic troll… of herself.

We all remember the video she shared last year, saying that 2016 is going to be the year she 'realises stuff', and as we all laughed and sniggered at her choice of words, she's going to make some serious bank from it.


This year is just the year of ..

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Proving that she can laugh at herself… and make money from it… Kylie has designed a t-shirt which simply reads, "Like, realizing stuff."

So, it looks like Kylie knew what she was talking about all along, because let's be honest, it's been a sh*tshow of a year:


She may be going through a tough time with her parent's divorcing, but that doesn't mean Zendaya isn't on top of her game.

The glamour girl very casually announced yesterday that she's coming out with a Daya by Zendaya clothing line. Eeek!

The actress took to Instagram to share the fab news:

She wrote: “I gotta admit…wearing my own stuff feels really good. We’ve done well @luxurylaw #DayabyZendaya #clothinglinecomingsoon."

We're all a fan of Zendaya's style here in Shemazing! HQ, and looking at that Insta post, the collection is going to be FIERCE.

We can't wait until she spills more details!


We can't deny Robert Pattinson has looks to kill, but we never really ever noted his style. Sure it was cool and casual, but honestly, that's about it.

The actor just signed a contract to model for Dior, but it seems that he's already pulled a Kanye and is making clothes.

While he was being interviewed for Numéro, the mag asked is he ever thought about writing or directing. 

He completely ignored the question and instead went on to talk about his new line:

"I've started making clothes. For the last two years, I've been visiting producers and craftsmen. There's already quite a few pieces. I love doing it. My style is influenced by the cities I go to, sourcing fabrics and local skills.

"In Los Angeles, it's really easy to work with denim and do workwear inspired clothes. In England. I look more towards wool and knitwear. What I do is pretty multifaceted, clothes for men and women, things that I make with friends… But I'm not going into too much detail, I don't want to jinx anything."

Teasing us, eh? It was quite a big spiel for not wanting to get into it, but still, we're ready for the launch when you are, Rob. 



Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has revealed the new designs for her denim line Pocket London – and they look pretty fabulous!

Along with her university friend Edward Page, the 23-year-old has created the line from scratch and it’s set to show at London Fashion Week in September.

Pocket London, which is sold at TnT Showroom, Wolf & Badger and Natasha Coote, is so much in demand that the duo are adding new styles, such as jumpsuits, as well as exciting new prints.

Louise is currently in New York with the rest of the MIC cast filming for a special episode.

Edward is promoting the label while she’s gone, and really sees a bright future ahead for the label!

“With the brand making waves online, the future will see Pocket London moving into shops and spreading its wings overseas in cities such a Seoul, Jeddah and Hong Kong,” he said.

Well done Boi!





Wow, Jessica is looking hot in these new promo pictures for her clothing line, featuring a sexy white swimsuit with a retro feel that we really, really want.

Following the birth of her daughter Maxwell in 2012, Jessica signed an endorsement to work with Weight Watchers in a bid to lose the 70 pounds she had put on during the pregnancy.

Shortly after Jessica fell pregnant again and gave birth to son Ace last June. However she is now back as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and if these pictures are anything to go by she must be doing them proud!



Is there anything these ladies can’t do?

Kris Jenner posted this adorable photo on her Instagram account to announce their plans to launch a kids clothing line under the Kardashian brand name.

We think that might be little Penelope – keeping it in the family is the Kardashian way.

You can’t deny they dress their children well; Mason always looks dapper in moccasins and mini shirts like his Dad, while Penelope wears the cutest headband and Nori has the best designer gear just like her parents.

The Kardashian line of clothing is popular because people know that the girls themselves wear the clothes, so no doubt if they do the same for the children’s label, it will be just as successful.