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We all know the deal when we get a dodgy hair cut or colour… it feels like wherever we go, people are looking at the travesty on the top of our heads.

A Dublin man, who is set to appear on tonight's Body Fixers has been described as a "nightmare" contestant all because of his new hairstyle.

The aim of the E4 show is to give people a makeover on certain parts of their body that they're not happy with.


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However, when Alan McGarry-Love went on, he didn't love his final look. In fact, he hated it.

The Ballyfermot native has been dying his ginger hair black every week for years now, so he went on the show in order to fall in love with his natural do'.

But, he told Breakfast Republic that he wouldn't even leave the studio with his updated gruaige.

"I'm probably the most controversial person they've ever had on the show. I wasn't very happy with my look – I probably shouldn't say that.


A photo posted by Alan McGarry (@alan_loves_world) on

"Everyone who's been on the show – the main cast – have been tweeting saying 'the nightmare comes on the show tonight', which is obviously me," he said.

"When I saw the look, it was my instant reaction… I was traumatised when I saw it… all I saw was Worzel Gummidge.

"I wouldn't leave the studio. They were demanding that I leave because my flight was in three hours time. I wasn't leaving. I made sure I went back to black… I didn't leave on good terms."

We think we're in for some drama tonight, ladies!



If you have skin that’s any way fair, you’ve probably grown up with a whole set of “rules” to live by.

No pastels, no white clothes and most DEFINITELY no darker hair colours. They’ll just wash you out… at least that’s what your mam’s always drilled into you, right?

Well, you can throw those beliefs out the window because lately we’ve been getting serious hair lust for celebs rocking darker, deeper shades – everything from intense black like Suzanne Jackson to coffee brown like MIC‘s Lucy Watson.

Of course, the spectrum of darker colours ranges far and wide, and it’s all about choosing a shade that suits your skintone and your own personal style. Here are some of the celebs giving us serious dark hair #goals of late.

Suzanne Jackson

Blogger and beauty guru Suzanne, the woman at the helm of SoSueMe and SOSU cosmetics, has always gone for darker tones – but with a hint of warm brunette to ensure her paler skin is complemented.

That length and volume comes courtesy of Gold Fever hair extensions (the brainchild of fellow Irish woman Katie-Jane Goldin), of which Suzanne’s been a long-time fan. With a blend of different colours used to create the perfect shade, there’s no fear of looking washed out.

Shauna Lindsay

Another Gold Fever fan, model Shauna Lindsay is the perfect example of how to work darker tones without risking looking like Wednesday Addams the second you take your make-up off.

Her darker roots are complemented perfectly by lighter blonde-brown ends, courtesy of 20′ Gold Fever extensions, which gave some much-needed volume and an all over healthy look.

“My hair was so damaged, generally from doing fashion shows and having heat on it all the time,” Shauna says.

“I love being a model don’t get me wrong but your hair goes through a lot! My hair was NOWHERE NEAR as thick as it used to be and I longed for an extra bit of length. The extensions I got put in are 20′ and they are SO FULL,” she explains.

Lucy Watson

Granted, Made In Chelsea alum Lucy usually sets off her deep brown wavy tresses with a tan, but that doesn’t mean we can’t follow her for some hair inspiration.

Lucy keeps her hair relatively short, using extensions to add volume rather than heaps of length. The warm brown hue is perfect with her paler skin – though we reckon it would be a winner with any skin tone.

Considering changing up your style á la Lucy, Suzanne and Shauna? Check out Gold Fever‘s Instagram page for some hair #inspo. Thank us later!



For as long as we can remember, Emma Watson has stuck to her golden roots and is not one to drastically play up her looks. 

But the 25-year-old recently donned a much darker hair colour than were all used to for a romantic gothic photoshoot for Vogue Italia.


A photo posted by Emma Watson (@em.watson) on

The actress was photographed for an editorial spread and to no one's surprise, she looks gorgeous – even with the hair change. 

Her hair wasn't the only thing going a little darker though as she was featured with very smokey eyes, and moody clothing; quite the opposite from her usual bright and girly attire.


A photo posted by Emma Watson (@em.watson) on

There's no telling if the new look was strictly for the shoot, but if it's permanent, she totally rocks it. Here's Vogue Italia's video of the fab photoshoot:


No one can pull off the hair chameleon thing quite like Kylie Jenner. From mermaid green, to shocking blonde, we can never tell what the reality star will step out with next.

But despite her never-ending wig collection (that would probably take up your entire house), Ms Jenner has transformed her hair (again) by going au-naturale.

The 18-year-old debuted her new style with an Instagram snap which sees her swooshing a black, blunt bob. 

Kylie's head is usually chocka-block full of super long extensions, so the slow-mo video surprised her fans – in a very good way. Many of them commented on her photo, telling her how much they love the new look. 


A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

One fan posted, "Perfect hair, love it," and another said, "sooo much better.. bob goals."

But it seems it won't be long before she trails back to her famous extensions as two IG posts later, she uploaded a picture of her green hair with the caption, "Green has been my favourite so far. Def making a come back in the next few weeks."


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

While the majority are in favour of her shorter cut, the blunt bob style seems to be growing in popularity among celebs. 

Just last week, Rochelle Humes opted for the chop and debuted a shorter, sexier style than her usual long, flowing locks. This new short hair trend is certainly in full swing!