We found him! Eoghan McDermott joins Niall Horan on Thailand hol


If you have been paying any attention to the whereabouts of One Direction as they officially enter their hiatus, you will know that everyone has been constantly accounted for except for Niall. 

Yep, One Directioners across the globe have been unable to pin-point Niall's exact location as he has purposefully stopped using social media in order to get some privacy on his adventurous and well-deserved hols. 

But it seems that a certain RTE 2FM presenter has let the cat out of the bag. 


Some week in paradise. Thanks boys.

A photo posted by Eoghan McDermott (@eoghanmcdermott) on

Many fans knew that Niall was doing a backpacking trip through South East Asia where it is believed he has visited Australia, Bali, the Philippines and Vietnam, but they still needed to know his exact location. 

According to Eoghan's Instagram, the Mullingar native is partying it up on the beaches of Thailand and it looks like he is having a ball.

"Some week in paradise," read the caption of the photo which has sent fans into a tailspin. 

Niall was spotted landing in Bangkok airport on the 29 Feb before he obviously decided to check out some of the country's party hotspots. 

Niall has been located. Let the hysteria ensue.