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The famous doughnut company which we all know and love, Krispy Kreme are launching a campaign to search for their biggest fan, to be crowned the 'Hotlight Hero'.

This competition is celebrating a new Hotlight service which they’re bringing to their one and only Irish Krispy Kreme store, located in Blanchardstown. 

Krispy Kreme’s renowned Hotlight gives you the opportunity to enjoy a freshly made Original Glazed doughnut for a hot hour between 7pm and 8pm every single day. Whenever you see the ‘Hot Now’ sign lit up at a Hotlight concept store, you can experience the magic of a hot Original Glazed doughnut straight off the line.


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The staff at Krispy Kreme will let customers know when a fresh batch is available by igniting the neon Hotlight sign. Customers can drive up to the store and wait until the Hotlight is turned on, and then get their scrumptious doughnuts while they’re warm and fresh.

Would you rather wait until you get home to tuck in? Not to worry — for a deliciously hot at-home experience, simply pop your Original Glazed treat in the microwave for eight seconds, and enjoy.

To heat up the occasion, Krispy Kreme will be launching a nationwide search for a super fan, the ‘Hotlight Hero', to turn on the iconic Hotlight sign at the Blanchardstown Hotlight store.


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The dozen ‘Hotlight heroes’ from the UK and Ireland will be in for a 1 in 12 chance to win a trip to visit the new Krispy Kreme flagship Hotlight store in Times Square, New York next year as part of its one-year anniversary.

For your chance to be crowned Dublin’s 'Hotlight Hero' tell/show Krispy Kreme why you’re a super-fan on their social channels using #KrispyKremeSuperFan or email your entry to competition@krispykreme.co.uk by midnight, August 27. Good luck!


Whether you still havent managed to get out to Blanch to try them, or you're already a big fan, here's some exciting Krispy Kreme news.

From tomorrow, fans of the delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts will be able to order the fresh pastries straight to their door.  

Just Eat has just agreed a delivery deal with the doughnut connoisseurs, and delivery kicks off tomorrow. 


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Since their hugely popular arrival in Blanchardstown Centre last September, doughnut fans have been clamouring to chow down on the light, fluffy, glazed treats – with the Blanch store having to cut their 24 hour hours due to noise and traffic complaints from local residents as long queues formed at all hours. 

Now with the tap of the Just Eat app, doughnut lovers can order the world famous Original Glazed Dozen, or a mixture of the latest and greatest doughnuts straight to their home or office.

The perfect party solution, weekend family treat or just a pick me up for that office sl;ump, the delivery times will open at 10am and close at 10pm, so you literally have all day to put an order in. 


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'We’re thrilled to launch exclusively with Krispy Kreme here in Ireland and have no doubt that Krispy Kreme fans throughout the city will be delighted to hear that they can now order their favourites for delivery. Our customers have always expressed a demand for wide variety, and we strive to exceed their expectations,' Edel Kinane, Commercial Director at Just Eat Ireland said.

'We are excited to launch this exciting partnership with Just Eat in order to respond to huge customer demand for doughnut delivery! We look forward to offering our delicious, doughnuts, all freshly made in our Blanchardstown theatre store, to customers across Dublin,' said Emma Colquhoun, Chief Marketing Officer Krispy Kreme.

Wondering if Krispy Kreme will deliver to your area? Here's the full list of locations:


Arbour Hill















Dublin 1

Dublin 2

East Wall

Grand Canal Dock

Griffith Avenue








North Circular Road

North City Centre

North Strand

Northwest Business Park












Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed doughnut turns green from Friday, March 15 to Monday, March 18. 

In celebration of our country's most beloved holiday, Krispy Kreme is going green by transforming its most iconic doughnut to the O'riginal Glazed.

The dough and glaze of the signature doughnut will be enhanced by a natural green colouring.

Krispy Kreme are inviting customers to come and watch the waterfall turn green in their Doughnut Theatre, and enjoy them HOT straight off the line.


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Krispy Kreme’s Green O’riginal Glazed Doughnut will be available all Bank Holiday weekend, from Friday, March 15 in the Blanchardstown Centre Krispy Kreme store and will retail for its normal price of €1.95 each or sharing box of 12 for €13.95.

Show your friends how you’re going green with Krispy Kreme’s O’riginal Glazed this St. Patrick’s Day using the hashtag #kkgoesgreen.

We couldn't think of a better (or more patriotic) treat to enjoy on Paddy's Day.



See, this is why we just can't have nice things. 

Krispy Kreme has been forced to end their 24 hour drive-thru service due to noise complaints from surrounding neighbours. 

From now on, the American confectionery will only be available between 6:30am and 11:30pm.


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Richard Cheshire, CEO of Krispy Kreme UK & Ireland said: 'We anticipated a warm welcome for Krispy Kreme in Ireland and have long wanted to open a store here, but the response has been way ahead of our most optimistic expectations.'

'For the customers coming into our store in Blanchardstown, the smiles and joy have been great to see. For the most part too, our drive thru has been a success.'

'But we know that the late-night noise has been an upset for our neighbours. Some customers have been beeping their horns and disturbing families in nearby apartment complexes.'

'Most importantly, we are saying to our neighbours, we’ve listened and we’re making changes immediately.'

Social media has been collectively baffled over the phenomenon now known as KrispyKremeGate. 


Brace yourself for a delicious weekend because we have an insider tip for all the foodies out there.

Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts this weekend.

Yes, they are completely free of charge and just as delicious as the kind you pay for.

The spur of the moment giveaway is in honour of Krispy Kreme’s new store opening on September 26th in Blanchardstown.

It seems they want to give the public a preview of their scrumptious treats.

Doughnuts have been all the rage in Dublin, and we can’t think of a tastier trend to get behind.

So, where will they be handing out the free food?

In the city centre of course. Word on the street is Krispy Kreme will open a secret hotlight hatch, according to The Sun.

For three days, Friday, Aug 10th- Sunday, August 12th, the doughnut giveaway will take place on 57 South William St. Their opening hours will be 10am-10pm on Friday and Saturday, and between 10 am and 6 pm on Sunday.

Basically, when the hotlight comes on, get ready for some hot, glazed original doughnuts.

These mouth-watering doughy delights are impossible to say no to. The key is to get them when they’re warm, and you won’t be disappointed.

And if you are a true Krispy fanatic share your doughnut selfie and tag @KrispyKremeIRL and #TheOGisComing.

You will be entered into a draw for the chance to win exclusive entry to the Krispy Kreme VIP opening night in Blanchardstown Centre, according to the store’s spokesperson.

So, when you are out on the town this weekend, make sure you and your friends stop by the hotlight pop-up for some free, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts.



It's no secret that Ireland's love affair with the humble donut has gone from strength to strength over the past few years.

We just can't get enough of the tasty treat, and with new shops popping up all over the city, there's no fear of our fondness dwindling any time soon.

And now, cult donut brand Kripsy Kreme have announced the opening of its first Irish store, and honestly, our mouths are watering already.

Set to open this October, the factory store, located beside Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, will be stocked with 16 varieties of handcrafted donuts, as well as Kreme Shakes, tea and coffee.

Oh, and get this – there'll also be a DRIVE-THROUGH for anyone in need of a little donut-and-dash.

Alex Drysdale, Ireland Country Director, Krispy Kreme, said: "It is with great excitement that we today announce that the OG of donuts, Krispy Kreme Original Glazed, is coming to Ireland this October along with many other delicious flavours for Irish customers to enjoy.

"Our Blanchardstown build is under way and we will soon be announcing recruitment details for our Irish operation.

"We look forward to welcoming all our Irish fans, and those yet to have their first Krispy Kreme experience, through our doors and our drive-thru this October.”

We can not wait for this!



Everyone knows that doughnuts are pretty much the food porn masters of 2016, so naturally we were over the moon to hear that Krispy Kreme is finally coming to Dublin.

Already widely available across the US and UK, Irish fans of the renowned doughnut franchise were left devastated last year when a fake page announced that Krispy Kreme was coming to the capital, only for the brand itself to later announce that it had no plan to open an Irish store.

But it now looks like KK has had a change of heart as the Irish Times has reported that the American doughnut chain is planning to please Irish bellies in the near future and is already considering Liffey Valley and Blanchardstown shopping centres as potential destinations.

While it is still unclear as to when Krispy Kreme will actually arrive, any step towards getting those delectible doughnuts here is more than welcome.

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We have revelled with open mouths as the dessert masters of our world transformed the humble doughnut into the doughnut ice cream cone, as they skillfully bred the doughnut-croissant hybrid now affectionately known as the cronut and as it was realised that milkshakes can be successfully sucked through doughnuts with wonderfully Instagrammable results.

But is removing the physical essence of the doughnut itself and transferring its flavour into a drink not doing the world’s most beloved baked good some form of major disservice?   

According to Time, doughnut maker extraordinaire Krispy Kreme has decided that eating doughnuts is no longer enough and that for whatever reason it is now time we drink them too.

In a strange new project, the doughnut giant has apparently teamed up with an American soft drink company called Cheerwine to create a fizzy drink which will actually taste like glazed doughnuts.

Interestingly this isn’t the first time these two brands have worked together as back 2010 they joined forces to fill Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Cheerwine cherry-flavoured filling.

For now, those of us on this side of the pond will be safe from the doughnut drink madness as the new concoction will only be available in a limited number of US states.  Thank god for that!



Twitter exploded yesterday with the news that Krispy Kreme doughnuts might finally be available on Irish shores.

If you've never had a Krispy Kreme (unlikely), all you need to know is that they are incredibly, uniquely, amazingly delish doughnuts, the like of which we've never had on this side of the Atlantic.

Our luck seemed like it had changed yesterday afternoon, when a Facebook page named Krispy Kreme Ireland suddenly posted an announcement that the country's first ever Krispy Kreme store would be opening in St. Stephen's Green Shopping Centre.

Unsurprisingly, the reaction was huge:

However fans soon noticed that the link to the website, krispykreme.ie was a broken link, and suspicions began to form. Was it all a hoax?

Sadly, according to Krispy Kreme HQ, reports of an Irish store are indeed false. The company took to Twitter last night to apologise to users for the confusion and to confirm that the Facebook group was a fake:

This is us right now:

We just want a doughnut, is it so much to ask?