While you can't deny that Americans win in the enthusiasm stakes when it comes to St Patrick's Day celebrations, there's one element of their Irish-American pride that we simply can't abide – the use of "St Patty's Day."

As every native Irish person knows, it's always "Paddy" and never "Patty," unless you're celebrating the birthday of your aunt Patricia or getting excited about making burgers.

After years of trying to communicate the message across the Atlantic, some Irish expats have taken it upon themselves to fight the good fight. 

There's this lad, slyly correcting his colleague's mistakes in the news studio he works at:


This girl, spreading The Word of St Patrick:


This music fan, who wrote a pleading letter to her fave US band:


Even poor Donal Skehan has some work to do with his pals in LA:

Next year we suggest bulk-printing copies of Twisted Doodles' PSA and sending them all over the USA.

A wise use of taxpayers' money, surely?

Happy Paddy's Day, everyone.