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Anti-Trump Americans made many satirical tweets during the recently called election claiming that if Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, they would move to Canada.

Well, call their own bluff they did: disgruntled Americans unfurled their maple-leaf flags and crashed Canada's emigration website as Trump was elected 45th president of the United States.  

Officials confirmed that the crash was due to a massive spike in web traffic, some of which spilled out onto Twitter as the events unfolded.


It all started with the site becoming increasingly slow as users fought to look up forms and requirements for emigration. 


The site officially crashed in the early hours of the morning as Trump was within striking distance of winning, his promise to built a wall between the US and Mexico clearly still fresh in people's minds. 


Initial frustrations were to be expected, as the inconvenience of it all got to a few potential emigrants.


We're not sure if this merits emigration, but to each their own. 


Some Canadians couldn't help but comment on the matter themselves. 


And even Canada itself got in on the trend, 


And others are still hung up on Barack Obama


If you've got a brother, sister, BFF or boyfriend living in some far-flung land, then you'll want to read on.

The folks over at Tayto have put together the most Irish prize package of all time – the chance to fly your loved one home for March 17.

Yep, Tayto will provide return flights for one person from anywhere in the world back to Dublin for the St Patrick's Day celebrations. The lucky scamp will also receive two VIP tickets to the St Patrick's Day festival, to really allow them to celebrate in style.

And if you're not lucky enough to have your bestie flown home, you can still surprise them with a taste of all things Irish in honour of the big day, as Tayto will be sending a box of their famous crisps to 100 runners-up anywhere across the globe.

Rather than launch some random new flavour (Guinness and beef, anyone?) to kick off the competition, Tayto have instead rebranded their classic Cheese and Onion packaging into an uber-Irish version. Behold, Cáise agus Oiniúin:

To enter, all you need to do is purchase a bag of the tricolour-themed crisps and follow the instructions on the packet.


After living out of Ireland for a few years, coming back to Dublin from Australia was a bit of a reverse culture shock.

GAA bars, Guinness signs and Irish-Italian chippers on every corner takes some getting used to, but I have fully embraced being back in the land where Barry’s tea is available on tap and the bus driver will (usually) give you a cheery hello as you climb aboard.

That said, there are a few things I had forgotten about my native soil that hit me smack in the face within 24 hours of returning…

The cyclists here are downright crazy
I’ve never seen anything like the wanton disregard for personal safety you see on the streets of Dublin as cyclists weave in and out of cars, overtake buses on the inside and routinely power thorough red lights. And what is the story with no-one wearing helmets? If this was any other city, you’d be slapped with a $280 fine.


Our butter is a nectar sent from heaven
Irish butter is better, fact. Fill me with your glorious buttered goods.


We can't take compliments for the life of us
We're a nation of abashed deflectors and every time sometime gives us a compliment, we refuse to accept it. The following happens at every single social occasion, every single day, in Ireland.

Friend: "Ooooh, I like your dress! Is it new?"
Me: "WHAT? €4 in Penney's, sure it makes me look like the back end of a bus. The STAAAAATE of me."
(Me, internally: "Awwwh thanks, I love this dress too!”)


Our youths are immune to the cold
A skirt, bare legs and a crop top… in January? What is this madness, teenage girls of Dublin? There is no physical way you’re not absolutely frozen – but I applaud your commitment to getting the legs out, come hail, rain or Storm Jonas.


You're never more than 100 feet from someone eating a Spar chicken roll
Hot delis are everywhere. Honestly. Ireland has an abundance of places selling jambons and sausage rolls, a strangely comforting fact.


Meal deals are the life-giver
The noble meal deal just doesn’t exist outside of Ireland (and the UK). Tesco, Boots, Centra, M&S – the options for you to get a sambo, snack and drink are endless. Australia desperately needs to catch up on this one – sometimes you just need a quick chicken and stuffing sandwich to tide you over.


Taxi drivers here are all about the chat
Taxi drivers outside of Ireland have a tendency to not engage with their customers and you could end up going on your airport run in total silence – or worse, listening to your driver yabber on the phone to their pals. Not in Dublin – here you’re treated to stories of children applying for the CAO, thoughts on local politics and my personal favourite – “last night, I picked up a fella who…”


The tram system here is laughable
What even is the Luas? Want to get from Heuston to Sandyford? Hahahaha.. GOOD LUCK. That 10km journey will take you a solid hour on public transport, not forgetting you’d have a nice 20 minute walk to get from Abbey Street to St. Stephen’s Green. As for the buses… Oh dear, oh dear.

On a more sombre note…. Homelessness is a major problem
One of the things that shocked me most when I came back to Dublin was the astonishing number of homeless people out on the streets. Regardless of how or why they’re there, it’s awful to think of someone spending their night in the freezing cold shadow of the Central Bank. If you’re interested in getting involved with a homeless charity in Dublin, click here for Dublin Simon Community or here for Merchants Quay Ireland.

Trudi McDonald is a food blogger, sporadic tweeter and lover of travel, gin, cheese and tracksuit bottoms (in no particular order).



Her son makes a surprise return after two years of travelling and she just can’t cope.

We laughed SO much!



In today’s world it’s a common occurrence to be on the opposite side of the country or even the world to your other half.

Long-distance relationships are really hard and that is why so many of them fail; but maybe with some easy tips you might be able to be the exception.

1. Communication is key
With so many great technological advances such as Skype, Facetime, Viber and Whatsapp, there is a way to stay in contact with your beau throughout the day for no more cost than WiFi.

2. Trust
It will never work out if you are constantly worried that your partner is going out and cheating on you. You need to trust them completely and not run the risk of turning into a paranoid mess. If there are issues, talk about them and don’t hold back.

3. Know when to let go
It may not work out and you need to be aware when you are doing nothing more than flogging a dead horse. Take a break and see what happens. You might be happier or you might not; either way you’ll know which way you need to go.

4. Spice it up
Just because your not there physically doesn’t mean you can’t have sexy time. Read an erotic novel over Skype and send some cheeky messages or pictures. Be careful about that though, you don’t want to end up naked on Facebook. Unless you do, whatevs.

5. Send letters and care packages
Letters will last forever, unlike emails and texts so write down your day and any news you haven’t mentioned on Skype yet and post it off. If you live in Ireland and your partner is abroad why not send them a lovely package of some Taytos and Barry’s tea? If your other half is somewhere more exotic than say, London, get them to send you some of the interesting local sweets, fun!

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