We know it's still a while away but we're seriously buzzing for Halloween. 

Craving pumpkins, stuffing our face with eyeball-shaped sweets and, of course, indulging in scary movies makes it one of our fave times of year. 

So while we'll deffo be seeing the latest Halloween, we can now add Goosebumps 2 because who didn't bloody love these books as a kid?

I was obsessed with the weird and wonderful stories by R.L Stine even though they scared the sh*t out of me tbh. 

Goosebumps hit our screens in 2015 and starred Jack Black as creator Stine.

This  time around, the movie follows two teenage boys (the up-and-coming Jeremy Ray Taylor and Caleel Harris) in a small town who stumble upon a manuscript in an abandoned house that used to be owned by R. L. Stine called "Haunted Halloween."

They open it, unknowingly releasing Slappy (Avery Lee Jones), who plans to cause a Halloween Apocalypse with his monster allies and the teens have gotta stop him.

If you're looking for laughs and spooks mixed in with a bit of nostalgia then you can't miss Goosebumps 2 this Halloween.

It hits cinemas worldwide on October 12th – see ya there.