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With Halloween on the horizon, a new Internet craze is in action which sees a creepy clown just stand in dark areas or chase people around.

It seriously puts people on edge, and we thought we *might* have gotten away with it since it's mainly happening in America.

But last night saw the first Irish creepy clown sighting, and we're not happy. Not happy at all.

It was spotted in Darndale and it's already put the creeps in us.

Here's what Twitter had to say about it:

Nope… Too creepy.


Let's be honest, nobody wants to wake up to a clown standing at the end of their bed.

And yet there are some people who will more than happily attend a circus, look at a photo of a clown without shuddering and even sit through Stephen King's IT without breaking into a sweat.

And then there are the other people – people who would rather swim shark-infested waters than spend a moment in the presence of a clown, whether in person or on television.

While the fear may sound juvenile, and something we should have grown out of during adolescence, a vast number of adults suffer from coulrophobia, 

But it turns out our phobia is far from irrational and something which psychologists assert affects at least 12 per cent of American adults.

Outlining why we're justified in our fear of those Godforsaken creatures, psychology professor at Temple University, Frank Farley, said: "They’re hiding their natural face."

"It can raise suspicion or fears," he explained. "Are we in danger? Should we be concerned to be in the presence of the individual?”

But if that was the case, we'd all be reduced to sniffling messes in the presence of a motorcyclist, so what gives?

Well, further to the concealment of their natural faces, many of us aren't so keen on their make-up.

"They are still recognisable – two eyes, a nose, a mouth, for example, but these features are exaggerated," he continued. "That's actually the basis for a lot of fear — the uncanny moment, where things look both familiar and unfamiliar."

And then there's that endless, unnerving smile, right?

Clinical psychologist, David Kupfer, explains: "If someone smiles at you all the time, you don’t trust them. I wonder when I see a clown face what is behind that face."

"I probably suspect that there is something not so smiley or something potentially harmful behind that happy, unrealistically happy, face." he added.

Yup, nailed it.


Normally, if a rather creepy clown sang to you, "after all these years, you'd like to meet," you'd more than likely run home and hide. 

Fortunately in this case, the creepy clown is Joe Jonas dressed up for Halloween and this is a beautiful cover of Adele's new song Hello

Even though Joe is completely unrecognisable, it's still a pretty good video:




This is literally the stuff of nightmares and we actually feel kind of bad for sharing this with you, but we wanted to warn those of you who may be in the vicinity of Limerick over the weekend. 

There is someone dressed as an absolutely terrifying clown running around the city and creeping up on people. 

We would probably pass out on the spot if this lad appeared behind us and we don't know how some people in the video can laugh it off so easily. 

This video was uploaded as promotional material for the upcoming Horror Mania Fest in Limerick. 

We sincerely apologise to those of you with a fear of clowns, look away now!


When two couples book Gumbo the clown for 5 kids parties in a row, the neighbours have something to say.  The creators have said  that ‘All characters are fictitious. Those appearing similar to Garth Brooks fans or certain County Councils and/or music promoters is purely coincidental’. The best bit, it stars Caroline Morahan.



After the first evil clown prank went viral last month, Pm Pranks Productions have returned with an even scarier instalment. We feel sorry for those poor people, they must be traumatised! Watch if you dare…


Sisters up in arms over assault.



We’re not sure how we would react if we came across this creepy clown at night time.

But this bald, yellow-jumpsuit clown has been spotted numerous times by New York City residents.  The scary clown has been seen each time in the same gear and holding a bouquet of balloons.

No one is exactly sure whose behind the clown costume but some have suggested it could be a marketing ploy for a production company which produces horror films.

Marketing ploy or not, its definitely creepy