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What could be cuter than a dog and scarier than a spider?

That's right, a Spider-Dog!

This hilarious prank shows a dog dressed as a spider chasing people who think it is some sort of mutant spider. 

Their reactions are exactly as you would expect. 

Spider-Dog's noise will haunt our dream for a long time to come…!



Heading on your holliers soon? Don’t watch this!

Yesterday, a near disaster was averted at Barcelona airport when a plane attempted to land where another plane was just moving onto the runway!


The quick thinking pilot did a go around just in the nick of time and avoided what could have been one of the biggest air disaster in Barcelona’s airport history.




It has emerged that three people were arrested on Sunday for apparently throwing beer bottles at Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island home!

The people in question are said to have been caught throwing the bottles at Taylor’s luxurious beach home and were cursing and shouting.

Thankfully, the singer wasn’t home at the time, we bet that would have been so frightening for her!

Apparently the three in question had nothing against Taylor in particular, they were just drunk…er, ok?

Two trespassing incidents have occurred at Taylor’s home in the past year. The poor girl can’t even feel safe in her own home, how awful.

Don’t worry Taylor, we’re sure Ed will sort them for you!


After the first evil clown prank went viral last month, Pm Pranks Productions have returned with an even scarier instalment. We feel sorry for those poor people, they must be traumatised! Watch if you dare…



Sometimes everyone loves a good scare.

Here are the scariest movies that you can watch, we recommend having some company before watching these.

Unless you like sleeping in your closet.

1. The Exorcist (1973)
Gross and soooo creepy, this will definitely raise your heart rate.


2. The Shining (1980)
The source of our lifelong fear of twin girls.


3. Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Nobody has ever been as creepy as Anthony Hopkins is in this movie. Ever.


4. The Omen (1976)
Pregnant? You may want to skip this. And Rosemary’s Baby too while your at it.


5. Halloween (1978)
Perfect for watching at Halloween (obvious, we know) Micahel Myers will always haunt our nightmares.


6. Gothika (2003)
An underrated scary movie, this is sure to scare the bejaysus out of you!




Reports say Kian Egan’s stalker has moved to his hometown of Sligo.

Kian said he had not seen the individual for some time until recently: “I didn’t see her for years until I pulled up outside my house in Sligo at 1am, turned around and there she was standing there.”

The former Westlife singer spoke about receiving a letter in relation to his marriage from the women saying she: “sent me a letter saying my marriage to my wife was nothing but a ‘publicity stunt’ and for this reason she was going to stop being a fan.”

The woman obviously did not keep her promise as she has now turned up in Sligo, where Kian is originally from.

Kian’s biggest worry is for his family: “I’ve been strong enough to deal with that so far but if she ever went near my wife or child I would go straight to the Gardaí.”



Are you a keen traveller with a desire for scary movies? Then these places might be your next trip!

1. Island of the Dolls, Mexico
Situated in Xochimilco, Mexico City, this island was once home to Julian Santana Barrera. Barrera found the body of someone in the canal and in a bid to ward off evil spirits he hung old and discarded dolls off the trees. They are still there today.

2. Charles Fort, Kinsale, Cork
Charles Fort is said to be haunted by The White Lady who was reportedly a new wife who lost her husband the day after their wedding.

3. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle has a 900 year history and many, many hauntings to its name. The entire city has an underground system in which people suffering from the Black Plague were kept so if you like a scare, this is the town for you.

4. Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, USA
This was the world’s first real penitentiary and was opened in 1829. It was the first place to test the results of solitary confinement.

5. Leap Castle, Offaly
This castle has many reported hauntings to its name including The Red Lady and the Elemental (sounds terrifying!). It is now privately owned.

6. Bethnel Green Underground, London
Tragically, during WWII, 173 people were crushed to death in the Bethnel Green Underground while taking shelter during an air raid risk. Staff of the underground station have reportedly heard screams of women and children over the years.



The new Showtime series that will air in May is a pyschosexual horror TV show that brings terrifying characters of classic literature such as Frankenstein, Dorian Gray and Dracula to life in 1890’s London.

Some of the show was shot in Temple Bar recently and stars Josh Hartnett, Eva Green and Billie Piper.

This newly released featurette goes behind the scenes of the exciting series to discuss how the setting was created and all of the work that goes into a period drama such as this.



The unassuming people of NYC have been caught again; this time by The Walking Dead team to celebrate the release of new episodes.

We’re very glad they didn’t try to scare that little girl and we feel very sorry for the poor dog that jumped a mile!