We’ve all been there – in the middle of a great chat with your bestie about your relationship and all of a sudden you tell them something you really shouldn’t have. A frantic: “Don’t tell anyone I told you that!” may cover up the mistake, but in the effort of not having to cover anything up in the first place, here are some things you really shouldn’t tell your friends about your boyfriend:

His family stuff
So he has issues with his mother – that’s his business. And he trusted you enough to tell you, so you should keep it to yourself rather than telling all your friends about it. They don’t need to know, and if he wants them to know, he can tell them himself. But we doubt he will want them to know, so keep it between the two of you.

How much he earns
A lot of people are very private about how much they earn, as like it or not, people often judge other people based on their bank account. It’s not fair to tell all your friends how much or how little he earns. Again, if he has money problems, he’s not going to want all the girls knowing about it as it’s probably a sensitive issue. If you’re concerned and want to talk about his money problems, talk about them with him – not your friends.

Any bedroom kinks he may have
Though it was the number one topic of conversation on Sex and the City, it’s not really nice to discuss any quirks your boyfriend may have in bed. Imagine he told his friends the ins and outs of his sex life with you, and then you broke up, and all these random guys you don’t know anymore knew all about your bedroom activities?! Not cool, so it’s best not to put him in that situation either!

That time he cried
Maybe it was during a fight, or at the end of Marley and Me, but that time he cried was such a rare occasion that you may want to tell your friend about it.  Try not to though, as he may be embarrassed about it, and if he finds out your told your friend, he may be slightly annoyed!

Stuff he doesn’t know about
He may not even realise what he’s doing is annoying you, so give him a chance to fix it before you point out the error of his ways to your friends! It’s only fair, really.

Private texts or emails
That last text was so sweet you just want to shout it from the rooftops, don’t you? Well, maybe try to keep it to yourself rather than reading it out for all your friends – we imagine he’d be mortified if he knew they read all his private texts to you!

Every stupid fight you’ve ever had
It’s not a bad idea not to tell your friends about every single fight you’ve ever had, because while you may be able to forgive and forget because you love him, your friends won’t be as inclined. Each tale you tell them will just add to their resentment – so try to keep a ratio of about 3:1 for good and bad stories about your other half! Life is easier when your friends don’t hate your boyfriend!