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Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on the planet, and has turned some of it's cast into superstar actors on the global stage, but it might have turned out pretty differently.

One of these iconic roles is none other than Jon Snow, but we just can't imagine anyone other than the handsome Kit Harington playing him. Guess who else auditioned for his role, though?

Nicholas Hoult. That's right, About A Boy and Tolkien star went out for the protagonist role but claims his hair and fake tan got in the way of thing…


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Imagine Kit Harington didn't land the role and then never met his wife in Iceland, Rose Leslie, AKA Ygritte and the love of Jon Snow's life? Nicholas Hoult had a pretty odd excuse for the audition going badly.

“I think I auditioned for Jon Snow,” Hoult told Page Six at Montclair Film Festival’s screening of his new film.

 “I remember it because I was filming Clash of the Titans at the time, so I had long hair extensions. They gave me a ponytail and also a very patchy fake tan. So I remember being like, ‘This is probably not what they’re hoping for,’ and it obviously wasn’t.”


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Hoult admitted to watching the first season of the massive HBO series, but failed to keep up after that. Maybe Ned Stark's death was too much for him? He apparently is waiting "to be laid up in bed with the flu" to binge-watch GOT.

"I auditioned for the pilot. I had no idea what Game of Thrones was. Didn’t get it. Kind of forgot about it." Little did the showrunners and cast know, the show was about to BLOW UP.

Despite not landing the key role, the 29-year-old wasn't too hard done by. He's super busy promoting the new X-Men film Dark Phoenix and Tolkien with Sophie Turner and Lily Collins.

He randomly practised painting while filming X-Men as preparation for playing Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien.


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“I painted … and copied his illustrations because I didn’t know that,” he said. “I didn’t know he drew the maps and illustrations for his books.

“It was just something that I was like, ‘Oh, he was interested and did that and that’s something that maybe can give me some subconscious element of his nature.'”

Fair play to the lad, but we're so glad Kit Harington became a household name after landing the role of Jon. He seems pretty perfect to us, and is just as modest and shy in real life.


This casting news comes after Maisie Williams confessed that she almost didn't audition to play Arya Stark…imagine. Who would have killed the big bad Night King?!

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According to reports by Page Six, the Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence is now sporting a sizeable engagement ring while out with Cooke Maroney.

Lawrence has been seeing the art gallery director officially since June of last year, when she was seen in New York City with Maroney.

The pair were introduced by Lawrence's mutual friend, Laura Simpson.


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Maroney is the director of New York's Gladstone art gallery, which boasts high profile clients such as Anish Kapoor, Lena Dunham's father and Matthew Barney,

The Hollywood Reporter has also confirmed the pair’s engagement. Lawrence has starred in several blockbuster films such as Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, X-Men and Mother!.

She became the second youngest winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress in 2012 for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, based on the novel and co-starring Bradley Cooper.


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Her next X-Men project Dark Phoenix will be released this coming June, where she will be reprising her role as Mystique.

She has also just launched a new production company, Excellent Cadaver in order to produce films alongside her partner Justine Polsky.

Buzz of the engagement began after the two were spotted having a dinner at the restaurant Raoul’s, with the 28-year-old actress  showing off a “massive ring”.

Congratulations kids, where's our ring though? Or 7?

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Anyone can be a Taylor Swift fan, it turns out. Including Nicholas Hoult, who was filmed giving it welly at her gig in Montreal earlier this week.

The X-Men star took a break from filming to head along to the sold-out concert with a host of fellow celebs, including his co-stars James McAvoy and Sophie Turner. Kate Bosworth was also spotted in the VIP area, but Nicholas was definitely the star of the evening with those moves.


His favourite song? We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. He must have some strong feelings on the Jennifer Lawrence situation, so. 

Taylor posted a photo with some of the X-Men crew later that night, including James, Sophie and the film's producer Simon Kinberg. Either Nicholas was the one taking the photo or he just didn't make the cut, but either way we're kinda gutted for him.

After all that dancing?


Absolutely loved having @sophiet, Simon, James, and Nicholas at the show in Montreal last night– X MEN APOCALYPSE!!

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The singer has had a pretty high-profile cast of guests at her gigs so far on the 1989 World Tour, with everyone from Emma Watson, Serena Williams, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner coming along… and that was just at her London gig.


The squad in London. @caradelevingne @kendalljenner @gigihadid @marhunt @serenawilliams @karliekloss

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Dublin's concerts were pretty low-key in terms of VIP guests, though Taylor's new squeeze Calvin Harris did hide out by the sound box at the 3Arena on both nights:

If only Nicholas had made it to Dublin…


It looks as if Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have called time on their relationship of almost a year.

The pair reportedly split up last winter but got back together after a month. However, it now appears that the duo have ended things for good.

An insider explained to Us Weekly that “Jen has been working nonstop and they never saw each other.”

The 24-year-old Silver Linings Playbook star has also been spending more and more time with her ex, Nicholas Hoult. They pair are currently working on their latest film together, X-Men: Apocalypse.


Back with the #thekidsinthehall #jenniferlawrence #mystique #nicholashoult #beast #Xmen #XMenApocalypse

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The source also revealed that the Oscar-winning actress and her former beau are “on great terms now.” They added that “their families have stayed close.”

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Chris was spotted going for a midnight stroll through a London park with Kylie Minogue. Although reps for the singer maintain that they are just good friends – the late-night walk certainly got tongues wagging.



Jennifer Lawrence's final turn as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games will hit our screens at the end of this year – but that's not all that will be coming to an end.

The actress revealed this week that she's saying goodbye to the X-Men franchise too, with one final appearance in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse next year.

Speaking to MTV at the premiere of her period drama film Serena, J-Law confirmed her departure, saying, "It is my last one, actually."

Jennifer's exit will be the end of an era, after four years so far in the role of shape-shifter Mystique.

The series must hold a lot of memories for the actress, after she met her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult on the set of X-Men: First Class back in 2011.

The pair broke up last year after three years together, and Jennifer has since moved on with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

It's thought that next year's film might be Nicholas' last appearance in the franchise too, unless he decides to renew his contract.

Former cast members Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will not feature in the upcoming film.



There is hugely exciting news for Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner this morning! It has been announced that the talented young star will take on the role of Jean Grey in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.

Director Bryan Singer announced the news on Twitter last night, along with revealing that Alex Shipp would take on the role of Storm and Tye Sheridan is to be the new Cyclops: “Meet our new and brilliant young mutants: @Alexshipppp as #Storm @SophieT as #JeanGrey and @TyeSheridan as #Cyclops #XmenApocalypse.”

The role of Jean Grey has been played by Famke Janssen since 2000. 

This is no doubt that this is only the beginning for Sophie, who has portrayed Sansa Stark in the hit HBO show since 2011. Obviously over the moon about her new gig, Sophie tweeted shortly after the revelation: "OMG."

We're delighted for her – congratulations Sophie! 


One of our favourite reality TV stars, Audrina Partridge looks completely different in her latest transformation!

The former The Hills star has transformed herself into X-Men’s Mystique and we have to say, even though she is scaly and blue, she still looks stunning.

However, the reality star wasn’t just doing it for the sake of it, there was a reason behind her madness – the San Diego annual Comic Con Convention. We would never have put Audrina down as being a comic fan – although, all we have to base our comic convention attendees on is Leonard from The Big Bang Theory.

The brunette beauty really made the effort, spending hours painting herself a scaly blue and donning green contacts for the ultimate effect.

Now, while we all love Jennifer Lawrence here, we have to admit, Audrina certainly gives JLaw a run for her money.



In this science-fiction movie mash up, the  X-Men franchise gets all mixed up with Back To The Future, with pretty hilarious results.

Why does Marty McFly have Wolverine sideburns?!


A fellow co-star has called her a demon in a recent interview. Find out why!



Emilia Clarke and Nicholas Hoult are set to star in a new movie about criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.

The X-Men star and the Game of Thrones actress will star in Go Down Together, a movie about the iconic Depression-era lovers and outlaws.

This isn’t the first time that Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow have had a big-screen outing, as the charismatic Warren Beatty and the stunning Faye Dunaway played them in 1967.

The upcoming movie is based on Jeff Guinn’s book by the same name, in which he uncovered an incredible amount of detail about the couple!

Michael Sucsy, whose short resume includes The Vow and Grey Gardens, has been tapped to direct.

Go Down Together is the latest of many new project for Jennifer Lawrence’s beau, whose role in the X-Men franchise has made him seriously hot prospect.




Not only is Jennifer Lawrence the photo-bombing, red carpet tumbling BFF we wish we had – she’s also the sexiest woman in the world, according to the FHM magazine.

But J-Law begs to differ!

She said, “It’s the lie heard around the world.”

“I know the truth. I know Beyoncé is the queen of the world,” the Hunger Games actress said.

Well, that’s something that might cheer Bey up after all this elevator business!

Jennifer’s X-Men co-star James Marsden argues that the actress absolutely deserves the sexiest woman nod, because she’s “normal”.

“She’s just a normal chick who trips over stuff and blows her nose. And she’s beautiful on top of it,” he said.

We can’t argue with that!




James McAvoy and his X-Men co-stars got up to a lot of mischief while shooting the movie.

The actor returns as Professor Charles Xavier in action flick X-Men: Days of Future Past, and said he shares a “real strong bond” with his co-stars, including Michael Fassbender and lovebirds Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

“We had a lot of fun when we were filming. We’ve got a real strong bond, both of the groups do actually. Me, Michael [Fassbender], Nic [Hoult]… Jen Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, Josh Helman… There was a lot of farting about, you can see [it],” he said.

“But then, I don’t know, that translates on the cameras [because] we’re all tied so closely and the things we sacrifice for each other, that makes a good ensemble. These movies always pick up a good ensemble,” the actor added.

X-Men: Days of Future Past hits Irish cinema screens from May 22nd.