‘Cheers to my hymen growing back’: J-Law is OVER being single

She's had a long-term relationship with Nicholas Hoult and an on-off fling with Chris Martin, but lately Jennifer Lawrence has been very single indeed.

The actress admitted to Vogue this week that her sex life is far from exciting – in fact, it's been pretty non-existent.

"No one ever asks me out," Jennifer laments during a tour of her apartment for the magazine.

"I am lonely every Saturday night. Guys are so mean to me. I know where it's coming from, I know they're trying to establish dominance, but it hurts my feelings."

As for her bed, the actress jokingly refers to it as "where the magic happens," before getting honest: "Literally zero magic has happened in here. Cheers to my hymen growing back!" 

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up, Jen.

The Oscar-winning star says her high-profile status has been a huge barrier in getting to meet men who are genuinely interested in her.

"I'm just a girl who wants you to be nice to me," she says of her perfect man.

"I am straight as an arrow. I feel like I need to meet a guy, with all due respect, who has been living in Baghdad for five years who has no idea who I am."

Speaking about former boyfriends who didn't make the cut, Jen refers to one man who, although he was "sexy," was also full of mind games.

"I didn't like how he made me feel," she admits.

"When someone makes you insecure, it's strangely exhilarating because you keep trying to fight for that validation."

After splitting from her X-Men co-star Nicholas Hoult last year, J-Law began dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

Although the pair were spotted on various dates over a nine-month period, things have since cooled off, and Chris is now dating actress Anabelle Wallis.

Hopefully Jen's future man is en route back Baghdad as we speak…