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The internet is still reeling from the fact that the chocolate cake-eating guy from Matilda grew up to be totally scrumptious.

Yep, Bruce Bogtrotter (or Jimmy Karz as he goes by in real life) is now a total catch. 

But before you start to get weird about your feelings towards former innocent child actors, here's some kids who went from young to YUM:

1) Nicolas Hoult 

Nicholas went from playing an adorably nerdy little kid in About a Boy to absolute adonis in Skins. 

Oh and he landed one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, for a few years. 

Yep, age did good things for him. 

2) Jonathon Lipnicki


Seriously though, who would have thought that the bespeckled, mouse-loving kid from Stuart Little would grow up to be so RIPPED. 

3) Michelle Tractenberg

From innocent girl next door to sultry siren, Michelle's transition is something to behold. 

We are SO into the dark hair. 

4) Matthew Lewis

In perhaps the most dramatic transformation of all, puberty worked wonders for Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis. 

A new set of gnashers also helped. 

5) Josh Peck 

That hilarious kid from Drake and Josh shed all of his puppy fat to be, well, simply dashing!

6) Alyssa Milano 

Cute and cuter, Alyssa's looks simply defy aging. 

We'll take a shot of those genes, puh-lease. 

7) Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

From geek to chic, Joseph swapped questionable hairstyles for manly moodiness. 

We are ALL for it. 



We know him as the kid who ate ALL the cake in the movie Matilda, but Jimmy Karz, aka Bruce Bogtrotter, has had quite the transformation. 

He became the hero for many of us when he went up against Miss Trunchbull in our fave childhood movie in 1996, and his cake scene is one that certainly will never be forgotten.

Jimmy was 12-years-old at the time, and when he ate that scrumptious chocolate cake, there was a roaring applause from all his friends, and to be honest, we WISH we could eat a full cake like that sometimes. 

But these days, he's looking oh-so-different and quite frankly, oh-so-hot.

The actor, who is now 31 has shed all his baby weight and has grown a hunky beard, too. 

Unfortunately he's not into showbiz anymore, but he had quite a memorable role in The Wedding Singer in 1998. 

Jimmy is currently training to be a doctor in Philadelphia, but we're kinda hoping he'll come back for an adult version of Matilda. How cool would that be?!