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The internet is still reeling from the fact that the chocolate cake-eating guy from Matilda grew up to be totally scrumptious.

Yep, Bruce Bogtrotter (or Jimmy Karz as he goes by in real life) is now a total catch. 

But before you start to get weird about your feelings towards former innocent child actors, here's some kids who went from young to YUM:

1) Nicolas Hoult 

Nicholas went from playing an adorably nerdy little kid in About a Boy to absolute adonis in Skins. 

Oh and he landed one of the hottest ladies in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence, for a few years. 

Yep, age did good things for him. 

2) Jonathon Lipnicki


Seriously though, who would have thought that the bespeckled, mouse-loving kid from Stuart Little would grow up to be so RIPPED. 

3) Michelle Tractenberg

From innocent girl next door to sultry siren, Michelle's transition is something to behold. 

We are SO into the dark hair. 

4) Matthew Lewis

In perhaps the most dramatic transformation of all, puberty worked wonders for Harry Potter actor Matthew Lewis. 

A new set of gnashers also helped. 

5) Josh Peck 

That hilarious kid from Drake and Josh shed all of his puppy fat to be, well, simply dashing!

6) Alyssa Milano 

Cute and cuter, Alyssa's looks simply defy aging. 

We'll take a shot of those genes, puh-lease. 

7) Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

From geek to chic, Joseph swapped questionable hairstyles for manly moodiness. 

We are ALL for it. 



Unless you have been living under a ROCK for the past month, you will be well aware (if not overly excited) that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is about to hit our screens this week. 

Whether you have been enjoying or loathing all the build up, last night's Los Angeles première looked like a helluva lot of fun. 

And if the initial outstanding reviews have not got you super excited, then brace yourself for the nine best moments from last night's red carpet. 

1) Joseph Gordon Levitt took his fandom to new heights 


And yeah he pretty won the entire night dressed up as Yoda.

2) Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello made their first post-marriage red carpet appearance 

And Sofia even paid homage to the early films by donning a Princess Leia inspired hairdo. 

3) Harrison Ford proved that he still has it 

He looked better than ever on the red carpet with his wife, Calista Flockhart.

4) The robots absolutely killed it

This little guy was moving around the carpet by himself. 

5) The after party looked RIDICULOUS 

Party goers enjoyed being flanked by stormtroopers whilst eating Hans Solo's face on a cake. The DREAM.

6) Lupita Nyong'o was hands down best dressed (but new star Daisy Ridley gave her a run for her money)


We have to give Lupita the win though for her robotic inspired look. 

7) It was a cosplay fans DREAM 


It all looks SO REAL. 

8) Domhnall Gleeson brought his Dad 

And they obviously enjoyed a sneaky pint. 

8) George Lucas got a standing ovation 

Rumour has it that the auditorium stood to acknowledge the director of the original films after he had shared a moment with the new director, JJ Abrams, on the red carpet. 



Two of our favourite celebs teamed up to give us all a very interesting insight into their relationship.

In a new interview with Gotham magazine, Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt sat down to chat about the “uniquely interesting” time the pair spent together in New York City.

Channing was on hand to ask Joseph a few questions, supposedly about his new film The Walk, but the old friends obviously wanted to spend some time catching up.

“You mean the time you climbed up the space of my apartment, broke into my house, and surprised me when I was sleeping in order to prove that I should probably take better care to protect myself because if you were ill intentioned you could have murdered me?” Joseph responded when asked about their time together.

“Yes. That is exactly the one,” Channing said. 

Considering Joseph explained that his favourite thing to do in the city is walk, it was probably a good thing Channing taught him the importance of locking his doors.

“The best thing to do in New York City is just walk out your door and go, and check out all the people,” he said.

“Whether it’s the aggressive businessman or the drunk on the street who talks to himself; if you stop and listen, you might hear something beautiful or you might hear utter nonsense.”

Joseph’s new film is based on the story of Philippe Petit. The French high-wire artist walked between the Twin Towers on a high-wire in 1974.

Channing said that his late-night visit to Joseph’s house reminded him of Philippe’s dream from the film where he envisions himself walking across the wire.

Hmm- ok Channing, if that’s how you want to explain yourself we won’t argue.



And now for some seriously good news: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has become a father for the first time… and we're so happy for him!

Yes, the 500 Days Of Summer actor and his wife, Tasha McCauley, welcomed a baby boy last weekend. 

The duo married in a secret ceremony at the end of last year – so it's no surprise that they kept Tasha's pregnancy fairly quiet too. 

A source has now confirmed to Us Weekly that "everyone's happy and healthy" although unsurprisingly, the couple has yet to reveal their baby's name.

Ms McCauley, 34, is a technology entrepreneur and the CEO of robotics company, Fellow Robots. She is rarely seen in public with her Hollywood star husband of eight months.

Joseph, also 34, has explained in the past that his spouse simply prefers to stay out of the limelight. 

"I have a girlfriend but I tend not to really like to talk about it in public," he said in September 2013 shortly after they met through mutual friends and began dating. 

"The girl that I'm with, she really doesn't want to be a part of that," he added.

Boasting a career which spans almost 25 years, former child-star JGL is probably best-known for his roles in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises



It seems that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is seriously into older woman and more specifically, moms.

In fact, if this new video is anything to go by, he won’t even LOOK at any younger women, claiming that they’re not his type.

The 34-year-old Inception star features in a new hilarious video alongside one of The Gregory Brothers where he declares his love for mothers.

When his buddy points out a seriously hot girl sitting across from them, Joseph explains just why she doesn’t do it for him.

“Our brains have been changed since our caveman days. A big-tittied, cavelady could feed so many cave babies. I want a girl who likes to eat organic and read Dr. Suess out loud.

“Moms are like no other lovers. Oh, I want a girl with a big fat vocabulary.”

Check out the hysterical clip.