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I recently went on my first ever mother-daughter trip and according to science, it was good for my health.

It was nothing glamorous or expensive, but it was really eye-opening. We didn’t fly off to New York or explore a sunny Greek island, we got the 9am train down to Mallow for one night but it has made me appreciate my Mam so much more than before.

We wandered around the town, popping into dinky shops and bookstores, we ate hearty cheese toasties and drank gallons of tea. We acted like giddy schoolkids when we saw the size of our beautiful hotel room , we listened to Sunshine 106.8 and argued about what time we should have dinner.

We ate like kings, drank pints and nattered about things we rarely got the chance to talk about. 

We went for a walk around Mallow Castle grounds, met up with some of our Cork family for a well overdue catch up and read our books in a peaceful silence as the train rolled out of the station.

It was a short break, nothing crazy, pricey or lavish, but it has strengthened our relationship. It helped me see my Mam in a completely different light, we laughed so much and spent quality time together that is far too rare these days.

Harvard Medical School recently found that going on a trip with your mum has a positive impact on both your mental and general health.

A mother-daughter trip has the power to lower your stress levels, boost your immune responses and lowers your risk of heart disease, according to the study.

If anyone needs us we’ll be planning our next getaway with mother dearest.



Depending on what life stage you’re at, Mother’s Day will mean different things to different people. 

For some, it’s a time to spend time with you’re little ones, celebrating mum-hood. For others, time away from the kids might be exactly what you need.

If you're a grandparent, you may have a whole extended family to celebrate with you. If you are a new mum, you may think about establishing key Mother's Day traditions like lie-ins and breakfast in bed- so you can make sure they STICK.

Though we all have ways of marking the day, there’s one thing we all seek: Appreciation. Recognition. The nod that acknowledges that you are doing your best at a VERY difficult job. The world has become more vocal about the difficulties of being a mum. The emotional turmoil mixed with sheer joy is the tip of the iceberg- and we all know it at this stage…

But what if you don’t look like a mum? What if people’s eyes widen in disbelief when you mention you’re rushing home to make the school run or that the reason you look like a zombie is that you were up all night feeding a teething baby? 

When you’re a younger mum, recognition may not come as frequently. Many assume that your little surprise is being raised by a granny or by a more capable family member. That you couldn’t possibly put in the same hours of housework, or parenting or even work-work as those who had their lives 'sorted' before raising a family.

Us young uns’ tend to feel like we need to prove ourselves to others. To show we are 'able', even though our childhood ended only yesterday.

We may not have the same financial resources, living space or lifestyle to be 'in' with the mum-crew from our kid's school. Many of us have lost the friends we had before we became parents because our lives took off at a different speed and in the opposite direction.

We have few people to vent to or to share struggles with. Though all mums feel the sting of isolation, being on the very young end of mum-hood means the risk is even greater.

Many teen mamas spend their pregnancies hiding from the world, feeling like they have disappointed those they love as well as society as a whole. Many do the entire messy thing alone.

They forfeit opportunities, face stigma and battle the loneliness, with only a baby to confide in. 

So this Sunday, I wish to give the nod to the babies with babies of the world who are unfamiliar with appreciation. Those for whom moments of mummy-recognition have been few and far between. Whose decision to be a parent has been met with anything other than a smile.

We see you.


It’s safe to say the baby boom is well and truly back. Blogger Lisa Jordan has shared the most joyous baby news with the help of her little girl Pearl.

She revealed she is expecting her second child and the announcement video is just too cute for words.

The fashion blogger posted the sweetest video of her daughter to Instagram, captioned: “Pearl has something to tell you #dropthemic.”


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In the heartwarming video, the mum asks Pearl, “Tell everybody what's in mommy's belly. What's in it?"

Pearl replied excitedly: “A baby!”

“Are you going to be a big sister?” the popular blogger asks before Pearl wanders away like a true toddler.


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We are thrilled for Lisa. We cannot wait to see her pregnancy outfit of the day posts.

Fellow bloggers showered the Cork mum with love following her huge announcement.


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Fellow blogger and expectant-mum Rosie Connolly-Quinn commented: “Ahhh Lisa! How exciting. It’s a baby boom for sure.”

“Omg stop! Awe, congratulations, so exciting,” said popular blogger Faces by Grace.

“How cute is Pearl?” another said.


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“Aw, congratulations. This is such great news. The actual cuteness of Pearl, I can’t cope,” another shared.

Lisa’s pregnancy announcement video has already amassed 117,000 views and we’re not one bit surprised.

Pearl is going to be the best big sister.