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Lush is back, and better than ever for Mother's Day 2019.

Fresh from their Valentine's Day success; they're introducing gifts for your lovely mum with personalised messages included, for the perfect expression of your appreciation.

The cruelty-free, eco-friendly company are introducing an extensive and colourful collection of bath bombs with notes hidden in the bath bombs, little scrolls of love delivered straight to your mum. 

Lush are asking their customers to change the way they convey their love, and we are SO on board;

"You can tell your loved one how you feel by removing the scroll and writing a message in one these personalised bath bombs. They’ll discover your note as they take a well-deserved soak," their website reads.

They've got jasmine, chamomile, iris and Marigold flower bath bombs, at €7.95 each. As the bombs fizz away, the flower pattern gradually rises to the surface and expands, creating a gorgeous spectacle.

Next on offer are their Madame President and Incredible Mum bath bombs; we're floored by these.

Their Madame President products are priced at 6.50 each, and are formed petit-grain oil, grapefruit and cornstarch for soft skin, antiseptic properties and calm vibes. According to Lush; "No matter what you stand for, rest assured that you run the world."

We like the sound of that. The Incredible Mum bath bomb is priced at €5.95, and is created for being there when nobody else is, and knowing the right time to appear with chocolate;

"When she feels stretched thin, why not treat her to a hot bath of mood-brightening bergamot and ylang ylang oils. A splash of orange flower absolute will have her raring to go and back to full power in no time."

Their butterfly bath bombs are captivating with their colourful patterns and luscious scents; we want them ALL for our mums and ourselves too. Self-care, and all of that…

Priced at €6.50 each, Lush have Wild Butterfly, Rose Butterfly, and Lemon Butterfly bath bombs on offer. and each one smells like pure joy.

A cocktail of soothing and uplifting oils will make your mum's bath experience her best yet; allow her to cocoon herself in a sweet and fruity experience of indulgence;

"As this butterfly-shaped bath bomb floats on the water, shimmery orange and yellow tones combine and fizz, surrounding you in scents of citrusy sweet wild orange oil and herbaceous olive leaf absolute."

As if this wasn't enough beautiful-smelling perfection, Lush have also procured MORE luxurious treats;

More Tea and Sympathy bath bomb (€9.95), Floating Flower bath bomb (€7.95) and GrlPwr bubble badge (€7.95), Strawberry Hill shower bomb €2.95, Mamma Mia shower scrub (€14.95), Hunny Bear massage bar (€7.95), and Raspberry Milkshake soap (€9.95).

After long days of running the world, these gorgeous items are the LEAST your mum deserves. Soothing fizz and foam will give your mum a fragranced cleanse like never before.

If all of those stunning purchases haven't solidified your faith in Lush, why not create your own gift using one of their limited edition Mother's Day knot wraps.

They're basically a piece of ornately decorated fabric which replaces disposable wrapping paper or a carrier bag, so you're saving the environment and your Mother's Day gift guide.

Inspired by furoshiki, an ancient Japanese tradition which uses techniques akin to origami, you can literally wrap pretty much anything regardless of shape or size.

Just pick out a product (or 10) that you love, and choose a Knot Wrap in store or online, ranging between €5.50 and €6.75 and made from recycled PET plastic. Simply gorgeous.

If you're prepared to give your mum the all-time Lush experience, the gift packages are NEXT LEVEL amazing.

Consider them chocolate box-style gifts full of treats for the sole purpose of pampering.

The floral designs are printed on 100 percent recycled cardboard and inspired by coral; the indulgent products inside are ready for restful soaks.

Ranging from €17.95 to €64.95 depending on your budget, there's something for everyone in each special set.

These fresh and fruity eco-friendly beauty products will have your mum in the best mood she's ever been in, all thanks to you. Lush, of course, can take some of the credit. We heart them.

The Lush Mother's Day collection is now available online and in Lush stores nationwide as of last Friday, February 15.

Go forth and purchase, but don't forget to buy something for yourself too….*winks*


With winter fast approaching and the dark evenings setting in, there are few things more comforting then a long, hot, steamy bubble bath. 

It's one of life's most simple pleasures and we're pretty sure we have routine down to a fine art at this stage – but hey, we're always open to suggestions (especially when those suggestions involve wine). 

Introducing Sip Caddy, a nifty little gadget that's been especially designed to hold your favourite long-stem glassware – and leave in hanging within arms reach while you take that well-deserved soak in the tub.

The holders are made using sturdy material which, according to the manufacturer, can withstand up to seven pounds of pressure (that's roughly two and a half bottles, FYI).  

Not a wine kinds gal? Not to worry. The caddy can be used to hold beer cans, juices, snack bowls, and pretty much anything small enough to fit on its surface. 

And yes, that does mean cake in the bath. 

You can pick up your very own Sip Caddy from the official website or on Amazon


There are few things in this world as genuinely relaxing as a long, candle-lit bubble bath, but did you know your evening soak could actually help you lose weight?

It has long been suggested that bathing allows the mind to unwind, the muscles to relax and the skin to heal, but a new study has revealed that an hour spent in the tub can also burn around 126 calories – that’s as many calories as 30 minutes out walking.

According to The Telegraph, research conducted by Loughborough University found that lying in a 40 degree bath also effectively reduces blood sugar levels.

Authors of the 20 year study – which was actually designed to investigate ways of managing type 2 diabetes – believe that the heat shock proteins released when the body’s temperature is significantly raised caused the noted reduction in blood sugar levels.

The study’s lead researcher Dr Steve Faulkner said: “We discovered the participants who bathed had, on average, 10 per cent lower peak glucose levels in comparison to the exercise, which was completely unexpected.”

“The amount our blood sugar rises after a meal is one of the risk markers for things like developing type 2 diabetes, so keeping it down can be good for our health.”

“We think the reason is that the bath may encourage the release of heat shock proteins, which may help lower blood sugar levels by improving insulin controlled glucose uptake.”

While experts have advised that bathing should not be used as a replacement for a balanced diet and exercise, it sure is good to know that time spent in the tub has so many benefits.

Feat image: GQ

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Ever wondered what Voldemort's bath would look like?  Well one Twitter user has the answer.

A video of a black bath bomb was uploaded to Twitter on Monday and has since become an unexpected viral hit.

Jack Mull tweeted the clip which shows the dark substance being lowered into a bath full of clear water and as soon as the two meet the entire bath turns totally black.

Jack eloquently captioned the video "this bath bomb is some Voldemort sh*t" and once you watch the video it's easy to see why.

Twitter users reacted excitedly to the video which has now been shared 9,000 times.

Some were happy to continue the Harry Potter themed jokes (tbf who doesn't love a good Potter lol?) with Tweets like: "I think you found a horcrux".


While others were just plain worried that the murky water would ink their skin.



As our daily lives get more and more hectic, it can be hard to find time to completely shut off and chill out.  

Our phones don't stop buzzing, people don't stop ringing and it seems you just have one task after another to do. 

Obviously, this majorly stresses us out, which is why it's so important to take time to treat yourself. 

So stay in tonight, shut off your phone and sink into a tub of bubbles. Here are tips for drawing the most luxurious bath at home:

Test the waters

The ideal temperature for a warm bath is just above your body temp, which is 37 degrees. Be sure to use your wrist, not your hand, to test the water as your wrist is a better indicator for how the water will feel when your whole body is submerged. 


Set the scene

Bright bathroom lights tell your body it's go-time, not bath time. Light a few candles around the room and on the edge of your bath tub. Visualisation is also a great tool for relaxation so compliment your down time with some chilled music. It will transport you to your own private Nirvana. 


Add an oil

Floral scents like lavender, iris, rose and jasmine can help you ease into a relaxed state. Add your favourite oil to the tub when it's about half-full. This will help it even out through the water. 


Stay hydrated

Before getting into the bath, set out a bowl of cold water and a washcloth next to your tub. Use it as a cold compress on your forehead and the nape of your neck to help you keep refreshed throughout your bath time. Also bring in a bottle of water to stay hydrated. 


Buy a great robe

Nothing jolts you out of a zen state like going from a warm, luxe bath to a cold and threadbare robe. Buy a plush, warm robe or fluffy towels to stop the chill getting in. 



Most pets HATE the bath, they run, they jump and they give out – they just can't stand it. Like all of these dogs:

This dog though? He loves it. 

Watch as he grins like the cat who got the cream while his owner massages and cleans him. 

Not only that but his sibling is waiting for his turn and rather impatiently too!


Justin Bieber is having a tough time of it lately in light of the recent racist footage. The corrupted youth is trying to set things right by looking for guidance from God but in the most unusual of places. Find out where!

Niamh Geaney reports.



Having a bath can be the most relaxing part of many people’s day. What could be nicer in this cold, wet and windy weather than a long, warm soak?

Create your perfect bath-time experience with the following tips and feel yourself unwind.

  • Decide what type of bath you want; bubbles, detox or fragrant?
  • A detox bath is easily created with Epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, baking soda and some fresh grated ginger.
  • Use essential oils to create the perfect aroma for your bath. Choose oils with calming effects such as sandalwood, patchouli, lavender, bergamot or mandarin.
  • Lighting is an important aspect of your bath time because bright lights will make it hard to relax so make sure the lighting is dim and use lots of candles.
  • Put on a face mask to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Put on some slow-paced music on low volume.
  • Grab your favourite book (just don’t drop it) and maybe leave the Kindle in the bedroom.
  • Use your spare time in the bath, when not reading and unwinding, to exfoliate your skin with a glove or scrub.