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An investigation is underway after a British model was allegedly kidnapped and detained for six days in Italy while her captors attempted to sell her in an auction on the dark web.

One suspect has been arrested, British-resident, Pole Lukasz Pawel Herba, however Italian police have confirmed they are on the hunt for at least one other man.

Chloe Ayling, a 20-year-old mother of one, claims she was attacked by two men after travelling to Milan for work last month.

She told authorities that she was put in a bag and transported to a cabin in a remote town in the Italian Alps after arriving at what turned out to be a set-up photoshoot.


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According to Italian media, the model said she saw two men and was aware of three more, but never saw their faces.

“A person wearing black gloves came up from behind and put one hand on my neck and the other on my mouth, while a second person, wearing a black balaclava, injected me in my right arm,” she said in a statement to police, which was published by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“I think I passed out because when I woke up I only had on my pink chenille bodysuit and socks and I realised I was in the boot of a car, bound at the ankle and wrists with my mouth taped up. I was in a luggage bag with only a small gap to breathe through.”

While many details of the incident remain unclear, police have confirmed that Chloe was injected with the ketamine and said they believe Herba may have been capable of causing her serious harm.


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On July 17, six days after Chloe's ordeal began, she was released and driven back to Milan.

She told The Telegraph that her kidnapper said she was being released because she was the mother of a young child.

Investigations in the case are ongoing in Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.


When it comes to 5-star luxury, hotels are forever attempting to outdo one another.

But it looks like one exclusive resort in Italy has actually managed to go full-throttle extra with the finishing touch they laid on in their presidential suite.

Milan's TownHouse Galleria Hotel is offering guests the opportunity to rest their head on 24-karat gold bed sheets… providing they can spring €5,500  for a midweek stay, of course.

Designed by jewellery designer Federico Buccellati, the sheets, which are made from 40 per cent 24-carat gold and rounded out with a silk and cashmere blend, are worth a staggering €180,000.

And the perks of staying in the Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite don't stop there, oh no!

If you do decide to drop a few thousand in the exclusive suite, you'll be treated to a panoramic view of the hotel’s breathtaking interior as well as being able to luxuriate in a marble bathroom and glass-encased shower.

Oh, and if you think you wouldn't be able to return to plain cotton after one night on 24-karat gold, fear not, because the hotel is more than happy to part with their limited edition sets for approximately €200,000.

BRB, just checking our current account balance.

*Insufficient funds*



Far from disappearing from the celebrity radar, Paris Hilton continues apace to live the sort of life that borders on the wonderfully ridiculous. 

And while her younger sister Nicky, 32, is now happily married and with a child, 35-year-old Paris is still very much free, single and enjoying herself.


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This week, for example, the heiress was in Milan for fashion week – and she took time out of her schedule to walk in Philipp Plein's SS17 show.

Wearing a dramatic black, chain and beaded gown, Ms Hilton was totally at ease on the runway. 

Indeed, she perfectly mastered her towering knee-high sandals, and certainly her appearance went off without a glitch.


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Earlier today, the socialite took to Instagram to share a snap of her evening in the spotlight with her fans.

"Amazing time walking the runway for @PhilippPleinInternational's #AliceInGhettoLand Fashion Show last night in #Milan!" she wrote to her 6.1m followers on the photo-sharing platform. 

She has now left Italy, jetting to the French Riviera to party and DJ.



After pictures surfaced this afternoon of Gigi Hadid lashing out at an unknown person, nobody really knew what actually went on or where her outburst came from.

But one thing all the pictures didn't show was when a man GRABBED her and lifted her up off the ground.

According to Elle, after the Max Mara fashion show, when the scary situation took place, Gigi was heard shouting, "Let go of me! Who the f**k are you? You piece of sh*t!"

After the Huffington Post's entertainment reporter, who was there at the time, tweeted about what actually happened to cause Gigi's lash-out, the model spoke out herself.

Taking to Twitter, Gigi screenshotted the tweet and said: "THANK YOU Rachel. To unknown article writer: Fan?!!! The ACTUAL fans that were there can tell you what happened. I'm a HUMAN BEING – and had EVERY RIGHT to defend myself.

"How dare that idiot thinks he has the right to an-handle a complete stranger. He ran quick tho."

Take a look at this video… It's actually pretty scary:


#GigiHadid defended herself after the man grabs her 🙁

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Honestly, it's not often you see a celeb lash out like this… and we mean Gigi Hadid really lashed out.

It wasn't just a grumpy side eye or the middle finger, it was a full on display on the streets of Milan when Gigi got into an altercation with a photographer.

The Hadid sisters were leaving the Max Mara fashion show, in which they walked in, when out of nowhere (nobody knows what started it), Gigi went AWOL.

She started kicking and screaming, and a lot of elbows and fists were thrown about the place.

She looked absolutely furious until security finally intervened and got her to her waiting car.

But that wasn't before she pointed the finger and shouted at some unknown person.

What the hell happened, Gigi? 


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Kendall Jenner may have rocked the runway at Milan Fashion Week, but her ride home to her hotel didn't go so smoothly.

Her driver didn't put the brake on and crashed into a sidewalk barrier. In the video, captured by the Daily Mail, Kendall is seen jumping out of the car just before it bangs into the metal pole.

Kendall was clearly shaken from the incident but then had to fight off the paparazzi to get inside her hotel.

Just goes to show that being a star is not as easy as it seems.


We've only just recovered from the announcement that personalised Nutella jars are now available in Dublin – when yet more chocolatey, hazelnutty, sugary news comes our way – this time from Milan.

Yes, some 60 French and Italian chefs have now created a Guinness World Record-breaking baguette – which stretches to an astonishing 120-metres.

Better still, once the record had been authenticated, it was sliced, diced and smeared with lots of lovely Nutella – being then passed around to the waiting crowd of hungry observers. 

"It's very difficult to do a big baguette because we are outside, you know, the temperature, it's cold and we are outside so for the dough it's not easy," said Dominique Anract, one of the bakers and owner of the La Pompadour bakery in Paris.

The Italian city is currently hosting the six-month long Expo 2015 – a world fair that Michael D Higgins visited back in June as part of an official three-day tour of Italy. 

It was at least the fourth world record declared during the Expo, which closes October 31. Further world bests include the longest pizza, which came in at an astonishing 1.6km.

The talented bakers worked for nearly seven hours on Sunday to bake the impressive baguette. Kneading at a rate of 20metres an hour, a specially designed portable oven was also constructed on site for the task.




Irish designer, David O’Malley, has already made an impact here in Ireland thanks to his new stylish collection, but he is also known for promoting young Irish designers, both here and abroad.

David’s interest in fashion began at an early age but he really only began to develop his famous textile skills when he started studying at NCAD (National College of Art and Design).jeanbyrne

David’s stylish textile collection has become popular with big names, including RTE weather reporter, Jean Byrne. Jean wore one of his designs at the VIP style awards and has been a great supporter of his designs since the beginning.

“My pieces are now stocked in Design Centre and when she saw the collection we were both happy for me to make a one off piece for the VIP Style Awards consisting of leathers and metallic lime green. I was very happy to see the piece on her and I have gotten a huge response and extremely good feedback,” said David.

He will be spending his summer in Milan and Berlin to promote Irish design, saying: “it’s early days,” but is very excited about what impact these events will have on young Irish design.

O’Malley says the recent economy has it made more difficult for young designers to enter the industry but believes that Irish designers are starting to make a bigger impact.

“I have a feeling that Ireland will still take the world by storm – with the strength of Design Centre and fellow young designers working on design for Game of Thrones and Irish design waving a flag for international events I think Ireland is just about to make waves.”

Design Centre Powerscourt is currently holding an event to promote young Irish designers. Tickets are still on sale and if you would like to get involved you can get in contact with the Design Centre number: 01 – 6795863



There have been many memorable selfies but this person’s attempt to take a picture of the Drunken Satyr at the Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts ended in disaster.

It seems he or she thought it would be a good idea to climb on top of the famous statue and take a selfie but instead ended up snapping off the Satyr’s leg in the process.

Even though no one has come forward about the failed selfie attempt, museum authorities believe that a foreign student seen at the time was probably responsible for damaging the famous art work.

But technical problems with the museum’s camera footage has prevented security from finding out who really  damaged the statue, so it seems we’ll never know who was responsible for this epic selfie fail.

Broken status



The only thing better than shopping, is a holiday – put the two together and you’re in heaven!

For a some destination inspiration, read on:

It’s expensive, yes, but with Milan being one of the fashion capitals of the world, it needs to be on this list.

You may not have thought about this one, but Madrid actually offers budget-friendly shopping. The city is pretty cool as well.

If you want style then Paris is the city for you. Make sure you bring a credit card or two… chic is not cheap here.

It’s one of the more expensive UK cities, we know; however, Oxford Street is a high street shoppers dream of so you can’t go wrong.

Kuala Lumpur
It’s home to three of the ten largest malls in the world, so if your budget can stretch this far you will be in shopping heaven.

Japan is famous for its fashionable shops and high-end boutiques. It’s the fourth cheapest city in Asia, so what you spend on your plane ticket you’ll save on your shopping.