Gigi totally LASHED OUT on the streets of Milan after fashion show


Honestly, it's not often you see a celeb lash out like this… and we mean Gigi Hadid really lashed out.

It wasn't just a grumpy side eye or the middle finger, it was a full on display on the streets of Milan when Gigi got into an altercation with a photographer.

The Hadid sisters were leaving the Max Mara fashion show, in which they walked in, when out of nowhere (nobody knows what started it), Gigi went AWOL.

She started kicking and screaming, and a lot of elbows and fists were thrown about the place.

She looked absolutely furious until security finally intervened and got her to her waiting car.

But that wasn't before she pointed the finger and shouted at some unknown person.

What the hell happened, Gigi? 


Images: Xposure photos