We've only just recovered from the announcement that personalised Nutella jars are now available in Dublin – when yet more chocolatey, hazelnutty, sugary news comes our way – this time from Milan.

Yes, some 60 French and Italian chefs have now created a Guinness World Record-breaking baguette – which stretches to an astonishing 120-metres.

Better still, once the record had been authenticated, it was sliced, diced and smeared with lots of lovely Nutella – being then passed around to the waiting crowd of hungry observers. 

"It's very difficult to do a big baguette because we are outside, you know, the temperature, it's cold and we are outside so for the dough it's not easy," said Dominique Anract, one of the bakers and owner of the La Pompadour bakery in Paris.

The Italian city is currently hosting the six-month long Expo 2015 – a world fair that Michael D Higgins visited back in June as part of an official three-day tour of Italy. 

It was at least the fourth world record declared during the Expo, which closes October 31. Further world bests include the longest pizza, which came in at an astonishing 1.6km.

The talented bakers worked for nearly seven hours on Sunday to bake the impressive baguette. Kneading at a rate of 20metres an hour, a specially designed portable oven was also constructed on site for the task.