Irish designer, David O’Malley, has already made an impact here in Ireland thanks to his new stylish collection, but he is also known for promoting young Irish designers, both here and abroad.

David’s interest in fashion began at an early age but he really only began to develop his famous textile skills when he started studying at NCAD (National College of Art and Design).jeanbyrne

David’s stylish textile collection has become popular with big names, including RTE weather reporter, Jean Byrne. Jean wore one of his designs at the VIP style awards and has been a great supporter of his designs since the beginning.

“My pieces are now stocked in Design Centre and when she saw the collection we were both happy for me to make a one off piece for the VIP Style Awards consisting of leathers and metallic lime green. I was very happy to see the piece on her and I have gotten a huge response and extremely good feedback,” said David.

He will be spending his summer in Milan and Berlin to promote Irish design, saying: “it’s early days,” but is very excited about what impact these events will have on young Irish design.

O’Malley says the recent economy has it made more difficult for young designers to enter the industry but believes that Irish designers are starting to make a bigger impact.

“I have a feeling that Ireland will still take the world by storm – with the strength of Design Centre and fellow young designers working on design for Game of Thrones and Irish design waving a flag for international events I think Ireland is just about to make waves.”

Design Centre Powerscourt is currently holding an event to promote young Irish designers. Tickets are still on sale and if you would like to get involved you can get in contact with the Design Centre number: 01 – 6795863