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Everyone's jetting off on their holidays all of a sudden, and we can't help but look out the window wistfully as we sit here at home.

If you're also green with travel envy though, never fear. No longer will you have to look at your friends' Insta posts wishing you were travelling the world, too.

Thanks to cheap-ish flights and the beauty of our European neighbours, you can still go on those last-minute trips. 

Here are our top picks for Airbnb homes in Madrid, Budapest, Rome, and Edinburgh.


NEW Remodel Madrid Sol downtown duplex €63 p/n

This chic apartment is nestled in the heart of Madrid, near plenty of the Spanish capital's main attractions.

The flat can accommodate two guests and is exquisitely decorated – perfect for the cosmopolitan traveller.

Private Studio in Sol, Madrid €80 p/n

If you're looking for a place steeped in history, this is it. This antique apartment was built in the 17th century but has been refurbished in a modern style.

The studio fits four guests, has two large balconies to enjoy, and is just a stone's throw away from Sol Square.


Best panorama, great location on Buda side €48 p/n

This one-room flat offers a gorgeous view of the Danube and Chain Bridge.

The cosy apartment suits two guests and the hosts hope that, while everyone may arrive as strangers, they leave as close friends.

Rooftop Atelier Apt.- Cozy & Lovely €50

A mere five minute walk away from the lively bars and restaurants of the Jewish Quarter, this cute apartment is a lovely home away from home.

Sleeping up to three guests, the balcony opening onto a courtyard is just one of the many touches that make this a memorable place to stay.


Converted factory with parking €103

This flat is the perfect place for you and three of your friends to enjoy the bohemian Stockbridge neighbourhood.

As well, the funky industrial-style apartment is within walking distance of Edinburgh city centre.

Quiet, bright apartment with free parking space! €62 p/n

Tucked away in a family-friendly neighbourhood, this place is so lovely with its bright pops of colour and eclectic decor.

City centre is a walkable distance away, and there are plenty of amenities nearby for the four guests staying in the flat.


PignetoRhome: Casetta Allegra €40 p/n

By far the highlight of this cosy attic home is its rooftop with an amazing terrace. Just imagine sipping an espresso up there in the morning!

The apartment fits two guests and is quite close to public transport lines.

Loft Garden San Lorenzo €45 p/n

We are simply in love with this apartment situated in the historical San Lorenzo neighbourhood.

Besides its beautiful retro decor, the flat also boasts an outdoor courtyard and has enough room for you and five friends.




There is nothing more uncomfortable than being pressed up against the window of the Luas thanks to the vastly spread legs of the man sitting beside you. 

Being confronted with a full frontal view of a crotch definitely isn't what we need to be seeing at 8am, thanks though. 

The phenomenon of manspreading – the act where men open their legs as wide as is gymnastically possible while on public transport – has been recognised as an issue by the Madrid government.

The city has officially banned the act on trains and buses (much to the delight of the extra people who can now sit comfortably while trying to get from A to B).

The city’s Municipal Transportation Company plan on installing new signs in all its carriages and transport vehicles.

The women of Madrid have been petitioning for months to have the issue addressed, creating a change.org campaign and hashtag to call attention to manspreading.

'Manspreading is the practice of certain men sitting with their legs wide open on public transport, taking up other people’s space,' reads their manifesto. 

'It is not something that occurs sporadically, if you pay attention you’ll see that it is a very common practice.'

The ban was introduced by Spanish left-wing party Podemo. 

'We believe that putting a name to, and making visible these kinds of daily sexist behaviour that go unnoticed, is the way ahead to become more aware, seeing what we used not to see and leaving inequality and machismo behind,' said Clara Serra of Podemo, according to Newstalk.



We couldn't think of anything more glorious than this store.

According to WWD, Zara is set to open its biggest store yet, which will span over 65,000 square feet.

It will hold all the usuals; women's wear, men's wear, children's wear and accessories – but at an astronomical level.

Image result for zara Paseo de la Castellana

As well as that, the new store will reportedly have the latest in shopping technology too.

So, you can expect to see self-service checkouts, 'smart' dressing rooms and mobile payments.

The shopping-lover's dream is based in Madrid's financial district, Paseo de la Castellan, and the glass-front building will also double-up as an office block.

Well, we know where we're going on our holliers…



We’ve probably all been: the panic of an unexpected delay followed by a mad dash to your gate.

Worse still: boarding closing just as you arrive at the desk – and being forced to witness your flight pull away.

Still, few of us would be tempted to make a break for it across the tarmac, dodging moving aircraft in a bid to catch your departing flight.

But that’s what one unidentified man did at Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain.

In a video posted to social media, the individual can be seen dangerous jumping from a jet-bridge onto the ground below. He then seems to try and intercept an airport vehicle before dashing towards his Ryanair flight – which was in the process of preparing for take-off.

Wearing a blue shirt and carrying two bags, he next appears to approach two airport employees standing off to the side of the Ryanair jet.

"This is how passengers in Madrid behave when they don't arrive in time for their flights.

“This passenger got through various security procedures… We’re talking level-4 security,” the video’s uploader wrote on Facebook.

It is not clear whether the man later faced charges for his actions.

SHEmazing has asked Ryanair for comment on the matter and is awaiting a response. 



The only thing better than shopping, is a holiday – put the two together and you’re in heaven!

For a some destination inspiration, read on:

It’s expensive, yes, but with Milan being one of the fashion capitals of the world, it needs to be on this list.

You may not have thought about this one, but Madrid actually offers budget-friendly shopping. The city is pretty cool as well.

If you want style then Paris is the city for you. Make sure you bring a credit card or two… chic is not cheap here.

It’s one of the more expensive UK cities, we know; however, Oxford Street is a high street shoppers dream of so you can’t go wrong.

Kuala Lumpur
It’s home to three of the ten largest malls in the world, so if your budget can stretch this far you will be in shopping heaven.

Japan is famous for its fashionable shops and high-end boutiques. It’s the fourth cheapest city in Asia, so what you spend on your plane ticket you’ll save on your shopping.