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A heartbreaking voice recording of missing Irish teenager Nóra Quoirin's mum was used by police in the Malaysian jungle yesterday, as day five of the search took place.

The recording was played on loudspeakers near the Dusun resort in Negeri Sembilan where Nóra went missing. Her Belfast-born mum, Meabh, said;

“Nóra darling, I love you. Mum is here.” The Irish Times reports that voices of other relatives have been recorded for use in the case as well.

Search-and-rescue teams, Indigenous trackers and members of special forces remain hopeful in their efforts to find the missing 15-year-old, who has learning and developmental disabilities.

The family have spoken out after police leading the investigation wouldn't rule out a "criminal element" in the search for Nóra.

The 15-year-old came to the resort on Saturday for a two-week holiday with her mum, her French father Sebastien and her younger siblings. The resort is roughly 63km from Kuala Lampur.

The family are based in London, but the teen apparently has an Irish passport. Her dad raised the alarm on Sunday at 8am after Nóra was not found in her room, and the family believe she was abducted.

Meabh and Sebastien insist that their daughter would never have wandered off on her own in the middle of the night.

The police force analysed fingerprints found in a resort cottage from which Nóra was reported missing, with deputy police chief Che Zakaria Othman saying investigations were ongoing to identify the prints which were at an open living room window, rather than the bedroom where she was sleeping.

Police stated they were “not ruling out any possibility” and that they believed Nóra was still in the local area. While initial reports commented that Nóra’s bedroom window was opened, the police have denied this.

Divers have been searching the river which runs through the forest, and helicopters have been deployed. Indigenous Orang Asli people are also aiding the search, and trackers from the Senoi Praaq special unit.

Her family said in a statement: “We must remain hopeful. Nóra is still missing, and she is very vulnerable, and we need to do everything we can to bring her home.”

Her relatives have expressed thanks to the Royal Malaysian Police, the search-and-rescue teams, and the emergency services “for all they have done for us in this difficult time”.

They are “completely overwhelmed” by the support they have received worldwide and are appreciative of the assistance of French, British and Irish police.

There is no evidence of foul play, but police are ruling nothing out. Sniffer dogs haven't picked up a trace of the missing teen, and about 250 search-and-rescue personnel have taken part in the search.


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The Star newspaper in Malaysia assessed that the total number of people reported missing in the Malaysian jungle this year has been noticeably higher than the past three years.

Fire-and-rescue department operations director Abdul Wahab Mat Yasin said that since January, there were 252 cases of people reported lost.

In the past, the Malaysian authorities have been criticised for inaction on numerous cases, such as that of Malaysian-born Australian citizen Annapuranee Jenkins in 2017. She has never been found.

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An investigation is underway after a British model was allegedly kidnapped and detained for six days in Italy while her captors attempted to sell her in an auction on the dark web.

One suspect has been arrested, British-resident, Pole Lukasz Pawel Herba, however Italian police have confirmed they are on the hunt for at least one other man.

Chloe Ayling, a 20-year-old mother of one, claims she was attacked by two men after travelling to Milan for work last month.

She told authorities that she was put in a bag and transported to a cabin in a remote town in the Italian Alps after arriving at what turned out to be a set-up photoshoot.


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According to Italian media, the model said she saw two men and was aware of three more, but never saw their faces.

“A person wearing black gloves came up from behind and put one hand on my neck and the other on my mouth, while a second person, wearing a black balaclava, injected me in my right arm,” she said in a statement to police, which was published by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“I think I passed out because when I woke up I only had on my pink chenille bodysuit and socks and I realised I was in the boot of a car, bound at the ankle and wrists with my mouth taped up. I was in a luggage bag with only a small gap to breathe through.”

While many details of the incident remain unclear, police have confirmed that Chloe was injected with the ketamine and said they believe Herba may have been capable of causing her serious harm.


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On July 17, six days after Chloe's ordeal began, she was released and driven back to Milan.

She told The Telegraph that her kidnapper said she was being released because she was the mother of a young child.

Investigations in the case are ongoing in Italy, Poland and the United Kingdom.



A petition has surfaced online to have a Fair City storyline scrapped, because honestly, everyone is a bit tired of it.

And we all know which one it is. Yep, the Katy kidnapping story.

Even if you're not a fan of the soap, you'll know that this story has been going on for nearly a year, and there still seems to be no resolution in sight.

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While the soap's bosses may be thinking that this situation happens in real life, fans are calling out for the narrative to be over, as the kidnapper, Ciaran, is now moving on with his life, while Katy is still staring at four walls in each and every episode.

The online petition, which has gained thousands of signatures, reads: "Last May a girl called Katy O'Brien went missing in a soap called Fair City in Ireland. We eventually found out in September she was being held captive by a masked man and then it was revealed to be the most obvious person called Ciaran.

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"Ciaran was introduced a few episodes just before Katy went missing and almost became part of the O'Brien family.

"He instantly became part of the community after getting a job off Paul Brennan. We later found out he also rents his own garage where he fixes motorbikes.

"He also rents a house in Dublin. For a singal man this is a lot of money. Whilst feeding/clothing a girl he's keeping locked up. Anybody who watches the show knows how tedious this is becoming.

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The petition ends with: "I could write so much more. Ciaran got a woman pregnant and is living with her and her brain damaged sister who knows about Katy but she can't remember."

Katy is now sick from an unknown illness, and many of the Fair City characters seemed to have forgotten about her disappearance.

Hopefully a resolution will come quickly, however, RTÉ has yet to comment on the petition.




Speaking candidly on Loose Women this week, Katie Price revealed how Harvey, 14, had been threatened by a gang in a kidnapping plot that police foiled.

The mum-of-five also admitted that her family have been the target of many other plots in the past, with the most recent one focused on her disabled son, Harvey.

The kidnapping plot was discovered when mechanics found a tracking device on her pink Range Rover. 

Katie talked about how she was contacted by local police, who had taken hold of her car after mechanics informed them that a tracking device had been found.

"I’ve actually had three kidnap threats. One million pound ransoms and stuff. Scotland Yard actually knocked at my door – they knew exactly what was going to happen," Katie revealed on the ITV daytime show this week.

"And the last time it happened, they even slept outside my door. They knew the people were going to do it… they knew how they were going to get into the house…," she revealed.

Detailing how the plot was planned, Katie explained: "The first time it happened…. It was really serious to the point that the kids had to be followed to school because these people were going to follow me stop the car and take Harvey for a one million ransom."

Despite all of the help and extra protection, Katie admitted she still feels unsafe and worries abut herself and her kids. 

"The thing is, if they’re going to get you then they’re going to get you… You can buy all the security you want. I’ve got panic buttons and everything like that."



A Gardaí investigation is underway after the kidnapping of a mother and daughter in Dublin early this morning.

The pair were picked up at their home in Artane close to 5am by three armed men. They were held hostage for several hours and driven around while tied up in the back of an 09D VW Caddy van.

It's believed the target of the incident was the father of the family, who works for a cash-in-transit firm. He was forced to arrive to work as normal and then to drive his GSLS security van to an area near Dublin Airport to deliver around €200,000 in cash.

He then locked himself in the van while awaiting the arrival of Gardaí. Thankfully all family members were found safe and well, with the mother and daughter rescued from the van in Dunboyne, Co Meath.

Flights at Dublin Airport were delayed this morning as Gardaí surrounded the van. 

Gardaí are appealing for information on a small white box type van parked near the Corballis Road Business Park, Dublin Airport between 7am and 8.30am today.

They are also looking for information on any 'suspicious activity' in the Artane Road area of Dublin or the Dunboyne area of Meath this morning.