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They were the big bad wolves in The Hills but that's all behind them now as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag want to start a family.

Heidi recently spoke to Faithwire and revealed: "I am writing a coffee table wife type of book, it is more like a fun project, something I enjoy doing and then I am getting ready to be a mom hopefully next year.



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"So that is going to be my main priority and full-time job."

The pair have remained in the spotlight since starring in The Hills and tied the knot in 2009.

Imagine Spencer being a dad!


When it comes to reality television couples, very few were as well known – and openly disliked – as Speidi.

Transitioning from a small-town all-American girl, Heidi Montag was as seduced by the bright lights of Hollywood as she was the party-boys who lived it up there, and it wasn't long before she met and married wannabe playboy Spencer Pratt.

Speidi was born, and sales in crystals went through the roof.

At the time, the couple appeared unfazed by the negativity commentary which surrounded them, and happily played up to their superficial reality star image. 

But it seems like it's taken the best part of a decade for the couple to realise that their time in the spotlight was limited, meaning their extravagant lifestyle and over-the-top spending would have to come to an end eventually.

"We should have stayed in our reality TV lane," Spencer told PEOPLE magazine. "We were keeping up with the Joneses, but we were going against Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes."

"I felt like I was someone I wasn't," Heidi admitted. "We had business managers who told us to stop spending but we acted like we knew what we were doing."

Despite cashing multiple six-figure cheques for their role in The Hills, and raking in millions for various other appearances and endorsements, the couple managed to squander the lot.

From designer clothes and security staff to crystals and €3,000 bottles of wine, Speidi spent like there was no tomorrow, and are only now realising the impact their choices had on future plans.

"Everyone else on our cast had houses and we had nothing to show for what we'd done," Heidi explained. "I was like, the haters were right! It was sad."

Damn those haters and their logic…


As you may have noticed, we have been speculating for WEEKS as to whether or not Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will feature in the next season of Made in Chelsea.

And at last, it looks as if our dreams have finally come true.

As MIC staple Stephanie Pratt is the sister of former The Hills star, Spencer, it seems only fitting that he and his wife, Heidi, would make an appearance in the show while they are filming in their hometown of Los Angeles.

While it has still not been confirmed that Speidi are joining the cast of Made in Chelsea, they have been spotted filming scenes with Stephanie and Lucy Watson.

Heidi and Spencer became famous from the hit MTV show, The Hills, before they remerged into the world of reality TV in Celebrity Big Brother in 2013. In keeping with their public perception in The Hills, Speidi quickly became the characters that everyone loves to hate.

And it looks as if our favourite reality royalty aren’t the only ones set for a comeback. As we reported earlier, Ollie Locke and Gabriella Ellis have also been snapped hanging out with Binky and co.

This looks like it is shaping up to be one of the best seasons yet.

Time to move over Spencer and Lauren, the real King and Queen of reality TV are back! 


It was certainly not all fun and games for the Made in Chelsea gang after they were evacuated from a Los Angeles beach because of a potential shark attack.

Members of the cast were reportedly in the water when a lifeguard spotted a man-eating shark swimming dangerously close to the shore.

Speaking to The Sun, an insider revealed that “the cast went for a dip and then there was a real commotion.”

The insider explained how the cast, notably Lauren Hutton and Lucy Watson, were “shaken up”.

However, despite their fears, the gang of Londoners quickly recovered from the fright and went back to having fun on the beach.

Jamie Laing and co were spotted getting SERIOUSLY playful as they jumped on Lucy’s boyfriend, James Dunmore and attempted to remove his shorts. Poor James clearly revealed a bit more than he intended to during the prank.

Meanwhile, Binky and JP were busy getting their flirt on as he playfully grabbed her by the legs and pulled her into the sea.

Unfortunately Speidi were nowhere to be seen but we are remaining optimistic. 



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