TV stars go public with their romance!


Super-hot couple alert!

While Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing’s world tore to pieces upon the discovery that Proudlock (the best friend) had been secretly kissing Lucy Watson (the ex), we were all secretly delighted.

And while Lucy and Proudlock were quick to play down any budding romance, insisting that all it came down to was a few innocent kisses, it looks like romance bloomed when the cameras stopped rolling!

As well as appearing arm-in-arm at an event last night, fashion designer Proudlock pretty much confirmed that the pair are a couple.

“We decided to give things a try when we got back to Chelsea because it was one of those things where we never really knew what the other person was thinking or where we stood, because we didn’t get to hang out one on one,” he said.


Turning to the subject of Jamie’s outburst upon learning of his friends’ budding romance, Proudlock added: “There are tensions between me and J, and it’s weird because it’s the first argument we’ve ever had so you’ll see all that play out [on the show].”

We won’t lie – we absolutely love Proudlock and Lucy as a couple, and can’t wait to see what happens between them in the next series of MIC.