Louis Walsh has been REJECTED by TV3 for Ireland’s Got Talent idea

It seems like it's not all rainbows and sunshine for Louis Walsh as he has been rejected by TV3 for his Ireland's Got Talent idea.

The music manager is very eager to set up the show, following the success of Britain's Got Talent in the past few years.

TV3 boss, Lynda McQuaid confirmed to the Irish Independant that she spoke with Louis and heard him out, but ultimately rejected the idea.

“We’ve had a long debate, myself and Louis. But I don’t think Ireland’s Got Talent is very TV3, I don’t think it would work,” she said.

“I don’t think we have a culture of working men’s clubs, which is where it came out of,” she told the paper.

“My feeling is that an Ireland’s Got Talent would start to feel very parochial, very quickly. So it’s been ruled out," she admitted.

“He’s not happy about that, because that’s the one he really wants to do – he thinks that the talent is out there.”

Sorry Louis, its seems like your time may have passed.