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A list of Ireland's most well-off entertainers has been revealed – and there's no prizes for guessing which Mullingar man nabbed the top spot.

Niall Horan has been named as Ireland's richest entertainer, aged just 23, and while you might think a young man like himself might be a bit reckless with his €44 million fortune, financial experts think quite the opposite.

According to The Mirror, it seems the Slow Hands singer learned how to manage money from a young age and is actually well-informed when it come to business and finance.

Other famous faces appearing on the list include Wicklow native, Hozier, who is worth an estimated €4.5 million, while Jedward have a net worth of €1.5 million.

The names were revealed ahead of Ireland’s Rich List, which is due to air on RTÉ 2 this Thursday.

Presenter Joe O’Shea said: “There were a few surprises on the list for me but Niall wasn’t one of them, because One Direction was very much a global vessel.”

“I think he realises how lucky he is. He’s so young and he has all this money. But he has a good head on his shoulders and he’s learned a lot from his years in the music industry.”


It seems like Jedward are having a great 'ol time on Single AF.

The twins began filming the show two weeks ago, and were quite successful on their first dates, which both ended in good night kisses.

However, it's one of the other Single AF contestants who they seem to be getting along with quite well.

John and Edward took to Twitter last night to share a video of them teaching Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham a few Irish phrases.

Some of the sentences included "póg me thóin' and 'Conas atá tú?'.

We have to admit that Farrah didn't get off to a great start, as at the beginning of the clip she said, "tell me some Ireland," before trying to say "Irish," and then going back to "Ireland" again.


Her pronunciation wasn't the best either, but as many of us can't even remember the Irish words we learned in school, we'll let her off.

It's an interesting watch, to say the least.


Well, John and Edward certainly had a good time last night.

The twins, who are taking part on MTV's Single AF, had their first dates and they got on pretty well.

Dressed in matched white denim jackets (of course), the lads came face to face with their lady loves, who were carefully handpicked from a number of applicants.

For Edward, John picked a girl named Anastasia, with long flowing mermaid hair.

And it seemed she was pretty happy about the whole situation, telling Snapchat: "I feel really blessed that John picked me to go on a date with Edward out of everyone in London, that’s really cool.

“A kiss would be cool, I wouldn’t mind that,” she added.

And a kiss is exactly what she got at the end of the night.

John seemed pretty into her too, telling Snapchat during the date: “The date’s going so good, I’m so happy. I feel like there’s a connection. 

"She’s so creative, she has a great look about her and a great vibe. I feel like everything’s going awesome.”

And what about Edward? Well, he got on pretty well too.

John picked a gal called Raffy for Edward to date, and she was a complete fan girl.

“I’ve had a crush on John since the X Factor so it’s pretty daunting for me but I’m excited.

"I’ve always liked him because he seems so confident, so funny and outgoing," she said before the date."

Edward locked lips with Raffy at the end of the night, making the dates successful for both twins.

Images: MTV UK


Well, this is going to be interesting…

Jedward are taking part in a new MTV series called Single AF in the hopes to find love.

The pair have just been confirmed for the show, which will also include Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore and Farrah Abraham from 16 and Pregnant.

In the promo video, Jedward say they want people who accept them for who they are.

"We're looking for cool, spontaneous people. Someone who accepts us for all that we are, is up for a good time and shows us their personality 100 per cent."

The lads are looking for people to get in contact with the show for a chance to go on a date with them.

We're guessing it's going to be a double date, so it's definitely going to fun to watch.



Jedward are renowned for their comically colourful outfits and super tall quiffs, but the twins took to Twitter this week to showcase very different look. 

Abandoning their usual matching suits (and most clothes, altogether) the twins posed topless for the shots, showing off their identical six-packs.

Thirsty fans were quick to comment on the grown-up shots, and seemed more than pleased with the tasteful black and white images.

Both brothers went without their signature quiffs for the shot, with John opting for a more relaxed, swooped style, and Edward forgoing any hair product altogether. 

The twins first found fame in 2009, when they finished in sixth place on the sixth season of The X Factor.

They have since had two platinum selling albums in Ireland, represented the country in the Eurovision, and toured Ireland, the UK and Europe. 



Jedward fans got a welcome surprise at Heathrow Airport, where the twins joined a set of carolers for some impromptu Christmas tunes.

The singers were spreading their festive cheer through song in the arrivals hall this week, when the Irish pop due decided to join them.

Wearing matching jackets, the twins gave a rousing rendition of Wham’s hit Last Christmas.

The brothers were on the same flight as U2 rocker The Edge, as well as journalist Phillip Bromwell who tweeted the video.

"Guess which one joined in with the carol singers in Arrivals?" he said. 


Jedward made it big on the X Factor in 2009, but since then it's fair to say that they haven't been as in demand as they used to be.

It was reported earlier this year that their entertainment business made a massive loss, but then they regained a little bit of attraction with the release of their new single, Hologram.

Image result for jedward

But now the lads are going to get a little birra cash in their bank account as they're going to enter the Big Brother house again.

This will be the second CBB stint for the twins, as they were contestants on the show back in 2011.

Image result for jedward big brother

An insider told the Daily Star: "Jedward caused chaos when they were in the house five years ago and viewers loved it.

"Producers were really keen to get them back, they know they are TV gold."


We know that many singers have weird music videos, and it's their artistic right to do whatever they want… but when it comes to Jedward's latest track, Hologram, and video, we're just not getting it.

It's not the story we're confused about, it's the way it was filmed – as in, it kinda looks like they just stepped out of Transition Year in 2008 and this is their final year project. Too harsh?!

The style changes from dark and moody backdrops to a white, crisp forest and then to flashing lights.

And the lads' hair follows suit…

The dance track is much more sombre than their usual stuff, but knowing John and Edward's fans, they'll love it either way.



We have to admit that this is a bit of a weird one.

The beloved John and Edward shared a photo of themselves with Noughties singer Dido (we sang our hearts out to White Flag way too any times) on Twitter, and it seems they're all teaming up for a song… we think.

Jedward captioned the picture: "We've Been Waiting 🙂 @didoofficial GET ON THAT MIC."

Now, we have a few points about this. Number one – do Jedward still write with Caps at the start of each word?! Very 2004…

And two – are they really recording a duet together? Because if so, do their music styles even match?! We can't imagine it.

However, we did LOVE Dido back when she dominated the charts so it'll be great to see her make a comeback.


The reign of Jedward doesn't seem to be over just yet.

When they burst onto our TV screen seven years ago, we honestly didn't know where these guys would end up, but according to the men themselves, their fans want to know what's going on in their lives.


A photo posted by JEDWARD (@jepicpics) on

Speaking to Goss.ie, John and Edward said: “We might have an online reality show. We're making loads more YouTube videos because everyone’s online.

“Everyone always wants to know what’s happening in our lives.”

And as well as a reality show, the pair also plan to record some music videos.


What's Sup?

A photo posted by JEDWARD (@jepicpics) on

“We’re making loads of music videos and making news songs, bringing them out here and there for our fans,” John said.

“We’ll be announcing a load of new tour dates.”

Will you be heading to see them on tour?


It's been a while since we've heard anything solid from Jedward.

The lads have been working on spreading some love around the world over the past few years, and now want to spread some hope.

John and Edward released a song today called The Hope Song:

Let's hope this is the start of some great work for the lads.



We can't believe how long this Taylor-Calvin saga is going on for. It has to be one of the most explosive break-ups in Hollywood history, and just when you think it's going to calm down, it blows right back up again.

The singer has divided the Internet (and practically the world), and now many people are taking sides in this who-will-come-out-on-top battle.

Calvin Harris went on an explosive rant on Twitter yesterday, calling Taylor's team out for making him look bad. THEN Katy Perry joined in and our minds were blown.

Many celebs have taken sides, as well as… Jedward. The twins took to Twitter to tell their fans that they think Tay is ah-mazing and nobody should believe what's being said about her in the media:

Jedward met Taylor back in 2011 during her Dublin gig, and we'd say they still have a little soft spot for her.