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Sure, there are times when our other halves could be a little bit more sensitive and attentive, but chances are they think the same about us sometimes. No one's perfect. We all have the tendency to be a little selfish or self-involved at some points in our lives and yes, that sometimes bleeds into our relationships. We get that.

But other times it goes further than that. In which case you need to decide if you should to talk to him about it or if you need to cut your losses and find someone who knows how important it is to laugh at your George Clooney impression.

If you think your boyfriend is emotionally checking out of your relationship, then some of these examples may be a little familiar. 

When is enough enough?

1) When he’s more interested in playing Plants vs Zombies on his phone than listening to how your day went.

Are you serious right now?

2) When he checks out other girls in front of you all the time and DOESN’T EVEN HIDE IT!

We looked too, but we hid it!

3) When you mention date-nights  and he sighs.

Oh, will playing Plants vs Zombies prove difficult while cutting your steak?

4) When he jokingly suggests booty-calls could replace aforementioned date nights.

My, you sure know how to make a gal feel special.

5) When he starts complimenting your friends A BIT TOO MUCH.

Eh, reign it in there, partner.

6) When he goes to the bar for a drink and forgets you’re even there.

Gasp. Ghandi’s flip flop anyone?

7) When his friends suddenly know you have your period.

Oh thanks for that, good to know we have a little privacy.

8) When his friends seem more interested in your hilarious anecdotes than he is.

My material is wasted on this loser.

9) When he accidentally forgets your birthday.

Deal breaker

10) When he momentarily forgets your name.

Yeah, we're outta here.




Getting your hands on a copy of American Pie was a rite of passage for any teen back in 1999. Sex, sex and more sex. OK, we’ve heard enough, now gimme!

This classic teen movie was littered with some real gems; memorable scenes and classic one-liners. Was it revolutionary? Probably not. Did it teach us a thing or two? Definitely. Did it blow our tiny minds? Absolutely.

The Pie
So, first there was the actual pie. This lattice decorated apple dessert was a far cry from the charred excuses we rustled up in Home Ec class, so we couldn’t fully get on board with Jim ruining such a good culinary effort. Seriously Jim, use ours. We got a C-!

Double Clicking Your Mouse
We weren’t used to hearing girls in films talk about sex in such a full and frank way. When Natasha Lyonne incredulously asked Tara Reid whether she’d ever double clicked her mouse, we shifted uncomfortably and pretended we had no idea what she was talking about, but the scene initiated a whole host of mouse related chit-chat afterwards.

The Bible
All you’d find hidden in our school library was a mouldy egg mayonnaise sandwich left behind by a disgruntled 6th year, angry with the system and the man, but the students at Jim’s school had a veritable sex ENCYCLOPEDIA whenever they wanted it. Eh, how is that fair?

One Time At Band Camp
Still now, if you hesitantly begin a sentence with the words ‘One time’, you can be damn sure whoever’s there will chime in with a ditzy sounding ‘…at band camp!”  The grosser the end of the sentence, the better. You win this one, Alyson Hannigan.

We were introduced to the term MILF and never looked back. DILFs, BILFs, TILF’s, the list went on. If we could use it, we would. Not that we were doing ANY f’ing anyway. We just know we sounded PRETTY cool.

The World Wide Web
We’d be used to scenarios like this now, but back in the day we couldn’t actually believe that someone’s most mortifying moment could be captured on video and streamed live on the internet for all to see.  He’s going back to school after that? We’d have emigrated.

And if that wasn't enough, we were treated to not one, not two, but THREE sequels. Surely, they've taught us enough, we're done!



Winter is officially upon us and we are feckin' freeeezin'! 

Here are some phrases you are likely to hear from us this season:

1. “Where’s my hot water bottle?!”


2. “It’s nearly time to buy gloves would ya believe!”


3. “Stop moving your feet under the duvet you’re letting all the bleedin' cold air in!”


4. “Did you turn the immersion on?”


5. “Did you turn the immersion off?!”


6. “Not to be blasphemous, but these Penneys pumps aren’t the most waterproof, me feet are soakkking!”


7. "I really need to buy a pair of boots…"


8. "I got THE fluffiest dressing gown in Penneys, only €8!!"


9. “I cannot believe I lost ANOTHER umbrella last night – aghhh!"


10. “Just going to throw my razor away, don’t need it in this weather!”


11. “Midnight mass will be only lovely if the snow keeps up”


12. "Wasn't that midnight mass lovely now, wasn't it? But did you SEE your one? What was she wearing – shtate of it"


13. “Jesus, the roads are TRECHOUROUS”


14. “HAHA remember your man who fell on the ice on the news last year?”


15. “Mam, it’s grand I don’t need a jacket, sure this bodycon dress is actually really thick!”


16. “I fell three times crossing the road, these uggs are a nightmare”


17. “It’s lashing rain girl. I might stay in and see who that eejit Ryan has on tonight”


18. “It’s lashing, girl. I might stay in and see who your man off the Mace ads has on tonight … Linda Martin again?! You can’t be serious”



Ever watched a film and then watched the same scene over and over? Yeah, us too. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the chemistry between the characters or the accompanying music, some scenes are just stand-outs. And we all know that romantic ones, if done well, can have us pressing rewind for days on end.

Here are just a few love scenes that we not only wanted to watch, but actually wanted to STAR in. Girls, are you with us on these?

The Departed
Billy, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, rocked up to Madolyn’s house in torrential rain, complimented her old photos and when neither them (nor us) could take the tension anymore, catapulted into each other.

Clothes came off and bodies melded, all to the atmospheric sounds of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.  Ehm yeah, we’ll take that.

The Notebook
We know the moment that Noah and Allie finally made love was really romantic and all, but was anyone even more moved by the scene which saw Allie discover the painting room Noah had made for her?

The paper arrows, her childlike curiosity and the look on her face when she realised that Noah was encouraging the passion that the other man in her life had completely dismissed. Oh, we can’t take it!

Pretty Woman
Vivian had finally extracted herself from the man that had shown her there was more to life than the gritty Hollywood streets, but he wasn’t letting her go that easy.

Facing his fear of heights, he climbs the fire escape to her top floor apartment , armed with roses, and plays out her Prince Charming fantasy. Do these things actually happen in real life? Who cares, rewind!

Cruel Intentions
After the multiple ups and downs of their relationship, it was only fair that Sebastian and Annette experienced a loving, tender first night together, right?

The lead up with the declaration of love, the camera angles, their glistening skin and the gentle words of reassurance. It was perfect. And if we’re being honest, we also got a secret thrill at now knowing what Reese and Ryan looked like in their pre-divorce bed. Wowza.

When 16-year-old Juno reveals her love for Paulie on the school’s running track and goes on to list the various reasons she finds him perfect, we got a major attack of the feels.

Her vulnerability, his vulnerability, the tic-tacs; what MORE could you want from a romantic scene?



Whether we want to believe it or not, if you're part of a couple then chances are you've got your own little category in the eyes of your friends and family. We'd like to assume we're one of those couples that everyone loves, but let's be realistic here, we can't ALL be that revered duo. Sigh. 

Take a look below and see if any of these ring a bell.

1) The ‘We want to be part of your couple’ couple

OK fine, we ended up kind of hating this couple simply because we love and envy them so much. This is what relationships are all about. Laughter, love, mutual support and genuine admiration. Did they just chest bump? Sigh.

Hey guys? Can we be part of your relationship? You won’t even know we’re there.

2) The ‘Why are they a couple?’ couple

What is this ABOUT? They clearly detest each other, but refuse to part ways. He can’t find the remote and she blows a gasket. She misses a turn and he contemplates jail time.

What is the point? No seriously, what is the point of your relationship?

3) The handsy couple

Yes, her body is a wonderland. We know, we want it too. But must you stroke and caress it with such wild abandon? Do you know where you are? A christening, that’s where. Now, reign it in.

Some people.

4) The Social Media couple

You live together, right? You’re currently sitting on the same couch, right? So, why are you posting in-jokes to his Facebook page? Here’s an idea; don’t wait for him to log in, just swivel your head and crack him up in person.

Every date night, every thoughtful gesture and every EVERYTHING to do with their relationship is posted online. Subscribe here for their E-zine.

5) The ‘couple that should be a couple’ couple

These two people are MADE for each other, but the universe has conspired to keep them apart. You’ve watched so many near misses, so many might-have-been’s and you just can’t take it anymore.

You nearly want to take matters into your own hands. Hey guys? GET MARRIED NOW.

If you don't recognise any of these couples, there's a chance you might be IN one of these couples. Yeah, we're all hoping we're number one too!



It may be over twenty years since Friends first aired – but Ross and Rachel's love story will always be one of our favourites. 

Here are the times they made us believe in true love:

1. The time she realised


2. When Ross finds out…


3. When they kiss


4. When Ross got ready for the prom and he was her lobster


​5. Whenever they play U2…


6. When they had a baby together


7. When Rachel actually gets off the plane





Don't get us wrong, we love us some Sex and the City. HOWEVER…some of the things that happened in that show were just beyond ridiculous.

Here are just some of those moments…

1. That time Samantha dyed her pubes

Can you imagine the effort…for one grey hair?! Girl, please.

2. That time Carrie said “You have to forgive me” ten million times

Please, Aiden make her stop.

3. That time Charlotte put stamps around her husband’s manhood

As IF he wouldn’t wake up…

4. That time Smith waited in the hotel for Samantha even though he knew she was having sex with Richard upstairs

Although we're glad he did…

5. That time Carrie guilt-tripped Charlotte into handing over her engagement ring because she was going to lose her apartment, because she buys too many shoes

Toxic friend alert, anyone?!

6. That time in Sex and the City 2 when Carrie kissed Aiden

When years previously she had cheated on Aiden with Big…sort it out Carrie

7. That time in Sex and the City 2 when Samantha screamed “I have SEX”…with actions


​8. That time Carrie said to Big: "You're girl is lovely, Hubbell" and then walked away really smug believing she's the elusive female who can't be tamed…

She's just so deep, y'know?



Mondays are the worst.

Your sleep-ins are gone for another four days and you are really regretting that third tequila from Saturday night.

 Your mom was right, two-day hangovers ARE a thing.

Here are the things that seem to happen to us every single Monday!

1. As you stare at that grey porridge you instantly take back your Sunday post-binge promise to eat healthy this week. Croissant please!

2. Coffee. Coffee and then some more coffee please

3. You realise you forgot something important in your Friday euphoria to leave the office…

4. Your boss tells you he saw you Saturday night…and you get the fear all over again. Where?! When?! What was I doing?! Oh Gawwd

5. You get numerous glum Snapchats from equally sad friends who also hate Monday

6. You walk home in the rain and instantly take back your Sunday post-binge promise to go for a run every evening

7. You stick on the kettle, get into your fluffiest pyjamas and disappear into the couch, ahhh…

8. You vow to start eating healthily tomorrow and go for a run every night just like Gwyneth. Now, where are the chocolate biscuits?!




Rejection can be hard for many people to take. No actually, everyone. Whether it be a job interview you thought you nailed, a friend who turned away, or the love of your life turning you down, we've all been there. 

Here are the five stages of dealing with rejection:

1. Denial
This is the stage where you bury your head in the sand and pretend 'the incident' never happened. 

2. Anger
At your ex, the person who turned you down, the universe, yourself. Everyone is out to get you, nothing is working out for you. You feel hard done by and will not let anything pass. Try to avoid emailing/texting/calling whoever it is you hate right now. It's a bad idea, this stage will pass. 

3. Bargaining
Reverting back to denial, you still can’t accept that there’s nothing you can do to change their mind. You promise to change, to be a better person, you email the college and tell them you’ll take up extra classes or work for free on campus, you ask for a second interview, you promise that guy you'll change. 

4. Depression
Usually the stage where you spend days in bed, not getting washed or dressed. Feeling hopeless and either overeating or under-eating. Friends, housemates and family don’t know what to do because you are feeling so hopeless. Nothing they can say will penetrate the depressive cloud that has formed all around you. You feel like you will never be accepted anywhere by anyone. You see yourself as a failure. You still blame everyone else but now you’re blaming yourself too. You have no energy to be angry anymore. You’re done with that, all you feel is sad and alone.

5. Acceptance
Finally, you come to terms with everything. This can happen suddenly, or gradually, bit by bit. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to be jumping around thinking life is great but you’ll be able to deal and move on. You’ll get into another college, you’ll be in another relationship and you’ll be attracted to another person. You recognize that you totally over-reacted, but you're human and everyone deals with it. Hopefully you won’t go through it again but now that you have, you might handle it better next time. Everything is going to be okay. Okay?

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He seems perfect – but you're worried he might be a bit of a troublemaker. Well, mostly your friends are trying to convince you he is. 

Here are the signs they could well be right…

1. He contacts you on his terms
He will only call you when it suits him and acts angry when you confront him about it. 


2. He cold-shoulders you in public
He's all about you when it's just the two of you, but when you meet him on a night out with the girls he barely acknowledges you. Not on. 


3. He’s a cheat
It’s not worth it. If he has a track record and you find yourself recognising every sign so far then stop trying to delude yourself with the idea of being the girl to change him. Sure you could be the one, but if he gives you an inkling you're not, then don't put yourself through that. We've all been there and it's never fun. 


4. He’s a sweet-talker
Most guys say the wrong thing all of the time (bless). But this guy is the biggest charmer you've ever come across, to the point where it's actually a bit much. 



5. His friends warn you
Bromances are taking very seriously – so if one of his friends warns you he will hurt you, you should listen. 

bromance gif


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If you're not in a relationship – you're in luck. Autumn and winter are great times to be single so embrace it, after all you never know how long it will last…

Here are some things to be glad of when you're single this winter:

1. No Need For Excess Travel

So it’s -10 degrees outside, lashing rain and the wind out there would blow Jesus off the cross, but you get to stay indoors. You don’t have to go anywhere. Making the journey to a significant others house is a effort in winter, especially if they live far away. So make another cup of tea while your waiting for the next episode of Friends to start. Treat yo’self.

2. Every Side Of The Bed Is Your Side Of The Bed

You can rest in peace without anyone sleeping on top of you, stealing the duvet or snoring their socks off. There’s nothing sad about snuggling up with a hot water bottle while couples around the globe fight over the blanket.

3. You Can Be As Hairy As You Wish

A massive upside to be single in winter. Thanks to the birth of tights us ladies can go for weeks without shaving. That’s an extra 30 minutes you get back a week!

5. Sex And The City & Friends Marathons

Getting to re-watch all your favourite shows without having someone (probably a man) bitch in your ear is something we rarely appreciate until it’s happens. Also, it means you don’t have to endure endless episodes of shows you couldn’t care less about. It’s a win win situation.

6. Me Time

Between college, work and a social life it’s hard enough to find time for yourself, so when you throw someone else into the equation, it’s really hard to find time for little aul you. Me time is great, you get to time to breathe, relax and dance around your room to T-Swizzle in peace!

7. You Save a Bomb

Christmas + Family + Significant Other = Sad Pockets. It’s the most expensive holiday of the year, but when you’re single all you need to worry about is remembering what body butter your sister likes and buying for your Grandmother who gives everything back. You don’t have to drop a hundred euro on someone.

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College is a place where you meet so many different types of people and have a chance to try new things. You have endless chances of making new friends with all the events, clubs and societies and yet somehow come out four years later with eight…but at least they are good ones!

1. Your First Day Friend
You probably have nothing in common with this person and you made friends simply out of fear of you both being alone on that first day at orientation. But somehow it's stuck!

2. The Smart One
This one is great for motivating you to actually do the readings which you realised over time are recommended for a reason. They also alway seem to know when assignments are due and when the in-class tests are scheduled. This friend is basically your college planner because lets face it, the 2014 planner you bought last January is still blank.

3. The Best Friend For Life
They say that you make your friends for life in college and that is 100% true with this friend, you seemed to just click and get on very well, you can see yourselves being friends for years. They’ll probably make a good speech at your wedding reliving your golden years.

4. The Older One
They may be a mature student, a repeat student or even just someone a few months older that fills a sibling like role. They essentially have more life knowledge than you do and therefore are happy to lend a hand when you need it. 

5. The One You Secretly Fancy
Boys being boys (dense) he was not receiving your signals as flirting and you are now firmly in the friend zone. Which is fine except for the fact he expects you to high five him when he pulls on a night out…

6. The One Who Lives On Campus
Great for somewhere to crash on a night out after college events or when you accidently spend your taxi fare home on jager bombs. They are also obligated to host the venue for pre-drinks before nights out.

7. The Agony Aunt
This one should be studying psychology as they always know exactly what to say and do. It doesn’t matter if  you come to them for help with something as big as changing courses or something as small as what to text the guy you met in Coppers, they always have a solution. 

8. The Party Animal
Their grant and part time job solely funds their social life and they could drink the entire Geordie Shore cast under table. Which is not advisable. Obviously. 

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