Romantic scenes that will never get old


Ever watched a film and then watched the same scene over and over? Yeah, us too. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the chemistry between the characters or the accompanying music, some scenes are just stand-outs. And we all know that romantic ones, if done well, can have us pressing rewind for days on end.

Here are just a few love scenes that we not only wanted to watch, but actually wanted to STAR in. Girls, are you with us on these?

The Departed
Billy, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, rocked up to Madolyn’s house in torrential rain, complimented her old photos and when neither them (nor us) could take the tension anymore, catapulted into each other.

Clothes came off and bodies melded, all to the atmospheric sounds of Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.  Ehm yeah, we’ll take that.

The Notebook
We know the moment that Noah and Allie finally made love was really romantic and all, but was anyone even more moved by the scene which saw Allie discover the painting room Noah had made for her?

The paper arrows, her childlike curiosity and the look on her face when she realised that Noah was encouraging the passion that the other man in her life had completely dismissed. Oh, we can’t take it!

Pretty Woman
Vivian had finally extracted herself from the man that had shown her there was more to life than the gritty Hollywood streets, but he wasn’t letting her go that easy.

Facing his fear of heights, he climbs the fire escape to her top floor apartment , armed with roses, and plays out her Prince Charming fantasy. Do these things actually happen in real life? Who cares, rewind!

Cruel Intentions
After the multiple ups and downs of their relationship, it was only fair that Sebastian and Annette experienced a loving, tender first night together, right?

The lead up with the declaration of love, the camera angles, their glistening skin and the gentle words of reassurance. It was perfect. And if we’re being honest, we also got a secret thrill at now knowing what Reese and Ryan looked like in their pre-divorce bed. Wowza.

When 16-year-old Juno reveals her love for Paulie on the school’s running track and goes on to list the various reasons she finds him perfect, we got a major attack of the feels.

Her vulnerability, his vulnerability, the tic-tacs; what MORE could you want from a romantic scene?