12 things that happen during a lecture after a night out


Whether we are still students, or just remembering the good days – we all know how awful it is to have a hangover in a lecture. You could have just slept in, so the hardest part is actually over. 

That doesn't make the rest of the lecture any easier though…

Here's the cycle of sitting in a lecture, hungover:

1. I’m Way Too Drunk For This

No no, it's been like six hours, you're definitely grrrand you think as you take the short walk into college. 

2. Don’t Sit Close To Anyone

You can’t help but despise everyone surrounding you. Why are they so loud? And in the way? All you want is to find a nice corner where you can reside, undisturbed. This may be the fear. 

3. The Smell Of Drink Off Me

You slowly start to realise that you smell like nail varnish remover. You turn your own stomach and begin getting paranoid about those around you. 

4. It’s So Hot In Here

File:Dan ripping shirt off.gif

Too many people make it really, really warm… gonna puke. 

5. Ok, Ok, Focus

Time might just fly by if you pay attention. This lecture might distract you from the constant waves of nausea.

6. Don’t Make Eye Contact With The Lecturer

Head down, take notes. They'll never know (they ALWAYS know). 

7. Ok, Just Write The Date On The Page

Concentration, concentration…

8. That Projector Is WAAAAAAY Too Bright

The world hates you. You hate you. Why did you come here?

9. Uggggggh Why Am I Here?


10. So. Hungry. 

Hot chicken roll is only minutes away – hang on. 


There was Rock The Boat and then..NO NO NO!

12. “That concludes today’s lecture…”

Run. Run as fast as you can. 

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