American Pie – 6 reasons it blew our teenage minds


Getting your hands on a copy of American Pie was a rite of passage for any teen back in 1999. Sex, sex and more sex. OK, we’ve heard enough, now gimme!

This classic teen movie was littered with some real gems; memorable scenes and classic one-liners. Was it revolutionary? Probably not. Did it teach us a thing or two? Definitely. Did it blow our tiny minds? Absolutely.

The Pie
So, first there was the actual pie. This lattice decorated apple dessert was a far cry from the charred excuses we rustled up in Home Ec class, so we couldn’t fully get on board with Jim ruining such a good culinary effort. Seriously Jim, use ours. We got a C-!

Double Clicking Your Mouse
We weren’t used to hearing girls in films talk about sex in such a full and frank way. When Natasha Lyonne incredulously asked Tara Reid whether she’d ever double clicked her mouse, we shifted uncomfortably and pretended we had no idea what she was talking about, but the scene initiated a whole host of mouse related chit-chat afterwards.

The Bible
All you’d find hidden in our school library was a mouldy egg mayonnaise sandwich left behind by a disgruntled 6th year, angry with the system and the man, but the students at Jim’s school had a veritable sex ENCYCLOPEDIA whenever they wanted it. Eh, how is that fair?

One Time At Band Camp
Still now, if you hesitantly begin a sentence with the words ‘One time’, you can be damn sure whoever’s there will chime in with a ditzy sounding ‘…at band camp!”  The grosser the end of the sentence, the better. You win this one, Alyson Hannigan.

We were introduced to the term MILF and never looked back. DILFs, BILFs, TILF’s, the list went on. If we could use it, we would. Not that we were doing ANY f’ing anyway. We just know we sounded PRETTY cool.

The World Wide Web
We’d be used to scenarios like this now, but back in the day we couldn’t actually believe that someone’s most mortifying moment could be captured on video and streamed live on the internet for all to see.  He’s going back to school after that? We’d have emigrated.

And if that wasn't enough, we were treated to not one, not two, but THREE sequels. Surely, they've taught us enough, we're done!