10 signs you may need to take a step back in your relationship


Sure, there are times when our other halves could be a little bit more sensitive and attentive, but chances are they think the same about us sometimes. No one's perfect. We all have the tendency to be a little selfish or self-involved at some points in our lives and yes, that sometimes bleeds into our relationships. We get that.

But other times it goes further than that. In which case you need to decide if you should to talk to him about it or if you need to cut your losses and find someone who knows how important it is to laugh at your George Clooney impression.

If you think your boyfriend is emotionally checking out of your relationship, then some of these examples may be a little familiar. 

When is enough enough?

1) When he’s more interested in playing Plants vs Zombies on his phone than listening to how your day went.

Are you serious right now?

2) When he checks out other girls in front of you all the time and DOESN’T EVEN HIDE IT!

We looked too, but we hid it!

3) When you mention date-nights  and he sighs.

Oh, will playing Plants vs Zombies prove difficult while cutting your steak?

4) When he jokingly suggests booty-calls could replace aforementioned date nights.

My, you sure know how to make a gal feel special.

5) When he starts complimenting your friends A BIT TOO MUCH.

Eh, reign it in there, partner.

6) When he goes to the bar for a drink and forgets you’re even there.

Gasp. Ghandi’s flip flop anyone?

7) When his friends suddenly know you have your period.

Oh thanks for that, good to know we have a little privacy.

8) When his friends seem more interested in your hilarious anecdotes than he is.

My material is wasted on this loser.

9) When he accidentally forgets your birthday.

Deal breaker

10) When he momentarily forgets your name.

Yeah, we're outta here.