5 signs that guy might be a player


He seems perfect – but you're worried he might be a bit of a troublemaker. Well, mostly your friends are trying to convince you he is. 

Here are the signs they could well be right…

1. He contacts you on his terms
He will only call you when it suits him and acts angry when you confront him about it. 


2. He cold-shoulders you in public
He's all about you when it's just the two of you, but when you meet him on a night out with the girls he barely acknowledges you. Not on. 


3. He’s a cheat
It’s not worth it. If he has a track record and you find yourself recognising every sign so far then stop trying to delude yourself with the idea of being the girl to change him. Sure you could be the one, but if he gives you an inkling you're not, then don't put yourself through that. We've all been there and it's never fun. 


4. He’s a sweet-talker
Most guys say the wrong thing all of the time (bless). But this guy is the biggest charmer you've ever come across, to the point where it's actually a bit much. 



5. His friends warn you
Bromances are taking very seriously – so if one of his friends warns you he will hurt you, you should listen. 

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