8 of the most ridiculous things that ever happened in Sex and the City

Don't get us wrong, we love us some Sex and the City. HOWEVER…some of the things that happened in that show were just beyond ridiculous.

Here are just some of those moments…

1. That time Samantha dyed her pubes

Can you imagine the effort…for one grey hair?! Girl, please.

2. That time Carrie said “You have to forgive me” ten million times

Please, Aiden make her stop.

3. That time Charlotte put stamps around her husband’s manhood

As IF he wouldn’t wake up…

4. That time Smith waited in the hotel for Samantha even though he knew she was having sex with Richard upstairs

Although we're glad he did…

5. That time Carrie guilt-tripped Charlotte into handing over her engagement ring because she was going to lose her apartment, because she buys too many shoes

Toxic friend alert, anyone?!

6. That time in Sex and the City 2 when Carrie kissed Aiden

When years previously she had cheated on Aiden with Big…sort it out Carrie

7. That time in Sex and the City 2 when Samantha screamed “I have SEX”…with actions


​8. That time Carrie said to Big: "You're girl is lovely, Hubbell" and then walked away really smug believing she's the elusive female who can't be tamed…

She's just so deep, y'know?