18 things Irish people say every single winter


Winter is officially upon us and we are feckin' freeeezin'! 

Here are some phrases you are likely to hear from us this season:

1. “Where’s my hot water bottle?!”


2. “It’s nearly time to buy gloves would ya believe!”


3. “Stop moving your feet under the duvet you’re letting all the bleedin' cold air in!”


4. “Did you turn the immersion on?”


5. “Did you turn the immersion off?!”


6. “Not to be blasphemous, but these Penneys pumps aren’t the most waterproof, me feet are soakkking!”


7. "I really need to buy a pair of boots…"


8. "I got THE fluffiest dressing gown in Penneys, only €8!!"


9. “I cannot believe I lost ANOTHER umbrella last night – aghhh!"


10. “Just going to throw my razor away, don’t need it in this weather!”


11. “Midnight mass will be only lovely if the snow keeps up”


12. "Wasn't that midnight mass lovely now, wasn't it? But did you SEE your one? What was she wearing – shtate of it"


13. “Jesus, the roads are TRECHOUROUS”


14. “HAHA remember your man who fell on the ice on the news last year?”


15. “Mam, it’s grand I don’t need a jacket, sure this bodycon dress is actually really thick!”


16. “I fell three times crossing the road, these uggs are a nightmare”


17. “It’s lashing rain girl. I might stay in and see who that eejit Ryan has on tonight”


18. “It’s lashing, girl. I might stay in and see who your man off the Mace ads has on tonight … Linda Martin again?! You can’t be serious”