The 8 friends you will make in college


College is a place where you meet so many different types of people and have a chance to try new things. You have endless chances of making new friends with all the events, clubs and societies and yet somehow come out four years later with eight…but at least they are good ones!

1. Your First Day Friend
You probably have nothing in common with this person and you made friends simply out of fear of you both being alone on that first day at orientation. But somehow it's stuck!

2. The Smart One
This one is great for motivating you to actually do the readings which you realised over time are recommended for a reason. They also alway seem to know when assignments are due and when the in-class tests are scheduled. This friend is basically your college planner because lets face it, the 2014 planner you bought last January is still blank.

3. The Best Friend For Life
They say that you make your friends for life in college and that is 100% true with this friend, you seemed to just click and get on very well, you can see yourselves being friends for years. They’ll probably make a good speech at your wedding reliving your golden years.

4. The Older One
They may be a mature student, a repeat student or even just someone a few months older that fills a sibling like role. They essentially have more life knowledge than you do and therefore are happy to lend a hand when you need it. 

5. The One You Secretly Fancy
Boys being boys (dense) he was not receiving your signals as flirting and you are now firmly in the friend zone. Which is fine except for the fact he expects you to high five him when he pulls on a night out…

6. The One Who Lives On Campus
Great for somewhere to crash on a night out after college events or when you accidently spend your taxi fare home on jager bombs. They are also obligated to host the venue for pre-drinks before nights out.

7. The Agony Aunt
This one should be studying psychology as they always know exactly what to say and do. It doesn’t matter if  you come to them for help with something as big as changing courses or something as small as what to text the guy you met in Coppers, they always have a solution. 

8. The Party Animal
Their grant and part time job solely funds their social life and they could drink the entire Geordie Shore cast under table. Which is not advisable. Obviously. 

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