Five couples that EVERYBODY knows


Whether we want to believe it or not, if you're part of a couple then chances are you've got your own little category in the eyes of your friends and family. We'd like to assume we're one of those couples that everyone loves, but let's be realistic here, we can't ALL be that revered duo. Sigh. 

Take a look below and see if any of these ring a bell.

1) The ‘We want to be part of your couple’ couple

OK fine, we ended up kind of hating this couple simply because we love and envy them so much. This is what relationships are all about. Laughter, love, mutual support and genuine admiration. Did they just chest bump? Sigh.

Hey guys? Can we be part of your relationship? You won’t even know we’re there.

2) The ‘Why are they a couple?’ couple

What is this ABOUT? They clearly detest each other, but refuse to part ways. He can’t find the remote and she blows a gasket. She misses a turn and he contemplates jail time.

What is the point? No seriously, what is the point of your relationship?

3) The handsy couple

Yes, her body is a wonderland. We know, we want it too. But must you stroke and caress it with such wild abandon? Do you know where you are? A christening, that’s where. Now, reign it in.

Some people.

4) The Social Media couple

You live together, right? You’re currently sitting on the same couch, right? So, why are you posting in-jokes to his Facebook page? Here’s an idea; don’t wait for him to log in, just swivel your head and crack him up in person.

Every date night, every thoughtful gesture and every EVERYTHING to do with their relationship is posted online. Subscribe here for their E-zine.

5) The ‘couple that should be a couple’ couple

These two people are MADE for each other, but the universe has conspired to keep them apart. You’ve watched so many near misses, so many might-have-been’s and you just can’t take it anymore.

You nearly want to take matters into your own hands. Hey guys? GET MARRIED NOW.

If you don't recognise any of these couples, there's a chance you might be IN one of these couples. Yeah, we're all hoping we're number one too!