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When you hear the name Kylie, what celebrity superstar springs to mind first?

Apparently it's a sign of which genertion you belong to if you thought Kylie Minogue or Kylie Jenner. 

The 19-year-old makeup mogul (not the internationally renowned singer) is famous for her extensive Kylie Cosmetics range, which has spawned a whole black market of fake Kylie lip kits.

Apparently some cosmetics criminals don't do their research very well, as Dublin makeup artist Luke Hart shared on his page recently.

In a snap of some fake makeup from Indonesia, the boxes creators clearly have some major Kylie confusion, as they put a picture of Kylie Minogue on the front of a Kylie lip kit box.

The photo has since gone viral and has been shared thousands of times on Twitter and Instagram. 


A photo posted by @koolhaulsmy on

The hilarious mix up has been praised by some Kylie (Minogue) fans.

"Actually, that's the original Kylie," said one Cant Get You Out Of My Head fanatic. 

Whatever your preferred Kylie, this makeup muddle is the funniest thing we've seen all week. 



Kylie Jenner is constantly expanding her cosmetics empire, and is known for dropping hints about her up-and-coming products on social media.

Her latest addition to the Kylie Cosmetics range was pretty unexpected, with the beauty guru launching four new lip kits in a brand new consistency. 

The new velvet formula kits are designed to mimic the effect of the textured fabric. 

The beauty guru surprised fans with the announcement of her new lip kits, as she hadn't previously given any hints that some new kits were on the horizon. 

"I think it's a good time that I let you guys in on something really exciting," said the teen, in a Snapchat story about the new launch. 

"I have been working on a brand new lip kit that I think you guys will die for."


A post shared by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

"This is a brand new formula lip kit, my velvet liquid lipstick. These are amazing, I did these for my girls who don't really love a matte lip.

"I have been wearing these non-stop," she said.  

The four new shades are all on the neutral spectrum, and are called Charm, Harmony Dazzle, and Rosie. 


A post shared by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on

The kits are dropping on March 16 at 11pm, and we're relly excited to get our hands on the new formula.

Knowing Kylie's cosmetic launches, these kits will sell out in 10 minutes flat, so we're marking our calendars.  



Kylie Jenner clearly wants you to treat yourself this Valentines Day, as the makeup mogul has just dropped her Valentine's Day collection over on Snapchat.

The collection introduces a host of new products to her already extensive arsenal of cosmetics.

The collection is classically influenced by V-Day, with reds, pinks and glitter featuring heavily. 

The love themed haul features two brand new matte lip kit shades in exclusive red glitter Kylie packaging.

The teen has come up with a raspberry pink shade called Valentine, a total departure from her usual vault of nude shades.

The second shade, Head Over Heels, is similar to the colour Love Bite that already features in her line, but with richer pink tones. 

In the spirit of V-Day, the shades come with a to/from section on the back if you're feeling generous towards a special lady in your life. (Ours will say 'From: Me, To: Me')

Seeing as the makeup mogul is famous for her lips, the collection includes a set of mini liquid lipsticks in a series of romantic shades.

Old favourites Maliboo, Posie K, and Mary Jo K sit alongside new comers High Maintenance and Head Over Heels.

The minis were the most sought after beauty bits in her Christmas collection, so we're sure these will be one of the first pieces to sell out.

One of the most exciting pieces in the collection is the Diary Palette, which includes Kylie's first venture into blush creation.

The two blushers, Virginity and First Date, are accompanied by nine new shadow shades.

The palette has four glitter shades and five matte colours, ranging from hot pink to taupe.

While the colours aren't the most wearable for every day, the palette could definitely create a killer Valentines or night out look, ideal for those who like to get creative with their eye makeup. 

Lastly, the collection includes three mini Valentines palettes, Smooch, Kiss Me and Sweetheart. 

Each set contains a mix of lip and eye products, and all shadows are exclusive to the Valentine's collection. 

The collection drops on February 2 and we've already marked it in our calendars. 

We know what we'll be treating ourselves to this year. 



Teen queen Kylie Jenner may be the master of all things makeup, but OG brand M.A.C Cosmetics is coming for the reality TV star's crown.

The high-end beauty brand has created its own lip kit bundles to rival Kylie's (and Chloe Ferry's, and Megan McKenna's).

 M.A.C has paired up some of it's most classic combinations of lipstick and lip liner to be sold together as a kit. 

MAC Lip Kit – Mehr & SoarTaupe & Hover and Twig & Half Red, €28.66

M.A.C lippies are an iconic makeup bag staple, so taking on the modern obsession with lip kits was a wise move.

Also, the lip kits are a mega bargain at €28.66. With lip sticks retailing at about €20.00 each and liners going for €17.00 each, those are some serious savings on premium makeup.

As if we needed another excuse. 

MAC Lip Kit – Whirl & Whirl, Velvet Teddy & Boldly Bare, and Honey Love & Subculture 

The lip kits are currently only available to Macy's customers for now but considering the fact that the kits were a smash sell-out success, fingers crossed they make their way to Irish shores.

Don't let us down, makeup Gods. 



Bee-stung lips seem to be a beauty requirement these days, and one Australian woman got exactly that after using a replica Kylie lip kit, but not in a good way.

The woman's lips were left covered in chemical burns after she used a knock-off of Kylie Jenner's covetable kits. 

She felt a burning sensation after applying the dupe but it wasn't until the next day that the damage caused by the cheap cosmetic was clear.

 The next morning her lips were painfully swollen and burnt from the liquid lipstick.

"Be careful what you use on yourself," the woman wrote in a social media post.

"On the weekend I used a replica Kylie Jenner lipstick and have now got burns, blisters, pain, swelling and irritable lips."


A photo posted by Amy Hard (@littleamiilou) on

"The high quantity of toxic ingredients in some of these products have led to severe allergic reactions including hives, rashes and burns, disfigurement, loss of sight, loss of hair and long-term health problems," commented another Facebook user. 

One quick Instagram search throws up hundreds of results of people selling the fake products. Fortunately, most admit that the kits are "replicas."



So while the original three shades of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit all played with nude and brown tones, it seems that Kylie is all ready to add at least one striking colour to the super popular Lip Kit range. 

And it's perfection. 

Kylie shared a snap of herself wearing a bright orange/ red shade to her Instagram with the caption: "Could this be a new lip kit color? ;)"

And it seems she answered her own question as the 18-year-old shared a video of her red lips with the caption directing users towards the Lip Kit Instagram page. 



A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie is planning to release a Valentine's collection and one of the shades picked is a creamy, dull-tone pink shade as shared by the star on social media. 

We reckon this classic red lip is going to be shade two. 

We just want them ALL. 



Hair extensions, two clothing ranges and now… her own lipstick range.

At 18 years old, Kylie Jenner's already well on track to outrun her older sisters in terms of financial success.

She might get stick for her larger-than-life pout (and other body parts, too) but Kylie Jenner has capitalised on that publicity in a seriously smart way. The long-awaited Lip Kit By Kylie launched this afternoon, and here's what we know so far…

The Kit
First up, it's not exactly a 'kit,' – don't expect a palette of colours or a free set of brushes. There are three versions of the Lip Kit By Kylie available, each containing a matte liquid lipstick and a matching liner.

Both products are emblazoned with Kylie's name. From left to right above and below are Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K.

We're loving the outer packaging too, featuring a set of lips (they had better be Kylie's) with lipstick dripping down.


The Shades
There are three shades available – two neutrals and a deep brown.

Here's Kylie testing out Candy K, a pink toned-hue, and Dolce K, a nude/taupe shade. True Brown K is a much bolder look, modelled here by Kylie's BFF Jordyn Woods:

The reality star supposedly chose each shade herself, saying she worried at first that "nobody" was going to buy it, until her mum Kris Jenner reassured her that "people are going to want your lip kit."

How To Get Your Paws On Them
While the Lip Kit may be sold in store in the US, for all other countries it's currently only available online from $29 (€27.50).

Thankfully you won't have to go rushing to eBay to get your hands on a kit, as Kylie has promised it'll ship "worldwide."


picking the perfect shade. #KylieLipKit

A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The purchase link will be published on Kylie's Instagram at 5pm Irish time, and also on the official Lip Kit By Kylie Instagram.

UPDATE 30/11, 5.05pm: First reports suggest the kit has sold out in under a minute – but keep an eye out as we reckon there'll be another batch released before Christmas.


She has barely just turned 18, but Kylie Jenner is already planning a second beauty line to go alongside her hugely successful hair extensions range.

The teenage reality star took to Instagram yesterday to tease her newest project – a lipstick kit – but the reaction hasn't been all that positive so far. Posting a picture of herself with her distinctive plump pout coated in brown lipstick, Kylie wrote, "Brown lips #KylieLipKit stay tuned."


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Considering that Kylie's ascent to superstardom over the last 18 months has largely been due to a complete image overhaul starting with her lips, it's no surprise that Kylie is trying to cash in on the plump pout that made her famous.

However while a lipstick kit is not exactly a scandalous product for a teenage celeb to endorse, the fact that Kylie's own lips are the result of cosmetic fillers means many beauty fans are not happy with her latest announcement:

Not one to dwell on negative comments, Kylie has so far been ignoring the backlash as she recovers after an intense week of partying in honour of her 18th birthday.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Following a party in Los Angeles, a mini-break on a luxury resort in Mexico and a blow-out nightclub bash in Montreal which earned her a cool €175k fee, Kylie has well and truly honoured her milestone birthday.

However her new lipstick range is not the only thing that hasn't gone down well with fans, as Kylie's Montreal appearance largely failed to impress. Many fans criticised the teen for looking bored throughout the evening, while her choice of outfit – a Mugler two piece costing over €2,000 – wasn't a hit either.

"She's ONLY 18 BUT Looks 30 …. too MUCH surgery at such an early age," said one observer. Another commented: "She could at least look happy," while a third was even blunter: "She looks bad!!"

Seems like Kylie can't do anything right this week…