Uh-oh! Kylie Jenner accused of re-packaging old lip kits as new hues


Kylie Jenner has been the talk of the beauty business lately with the launch of her hotly anticipated Valentine's Day collection, but the teen has also gotten some flack after some customers complained of an intense odour omitting from her coveted Peach Palette.

Now, angry Kylie Cosmetics fans have called out another potential issue in the reality TV star's range.

Kylie faced a lot of drama before Christmas when her limited edition Holiday Collection selling out in mere minutes as fans clamoured to get their hands on the pricey, festive beauty bits.

Since customers have received their products, some have taken to Twitter to point out that one new mini lip kit shade Blitzen looks suspiciously like old autumn shade Spice from Kylie's regular line. 

The pre-existing purple hue is sold for €27.00 on Kylie's site, while the limited edition shade was sold as part of a set of minis for a marked up €44.00. 

Fans are accusing Kylie of some pretty shady behaviour, as they feel that she repackaged Spice in the holiday collection and simply renamed it, rather than concocting a brand new, exclusive colour. 

Whether or not this is actually true remains to be seen but the photo swatches that have been posted online look like pretty similar shades.

Perhaps Kylie just has a penchant for berry-toned purples? 

Kylie and her cosmetics camp have yet to comment on the issue.