Want longer lashes? Then you NEED to try these tricks

Don’t we all at some point dream about having long, voluminous lashes without even trying? A life free from mascara wands and false lash glue sounds pretty appealing.

Unless you were one of the lucky people born with fabulous lashes, then chances are you may have considered faking your way to luscious lashes at one point or another.

However, some experts say that you can achieve great lashes without using falsies. No more sticky glue in tiny impractical tubes? Sounds good to us!

Consider a supplement

Not just for your lashes but healthy hair in general. Plenty of people are known to take a supplement that contains biotin to help promote healthy hair growth, this includes helping your lashes grow stronger.

Eat the right food

According to one expert apple cider vinegar is also known to increase hair growth when ingested, not when applied topically! Spinach, pineapples, cranberries and cauliflower all offer some of the same benefits too.

Consider some oils

Lavender essential oil is said to increase hair growth and strengthen follicles but you warned that as with applying anything to skin near the eyes to be extremely careful.

Try a strengthening treatment

If all else fails, there are serums and conditioning gels that are made with the purpose of helping your lashes to grow stronger and appear fuller over time.