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My first ever coveted piece of makeup was Benefit's Bad Gal Lash mascara – something about the punky packaging and super fat mascara wand had me hooked the first time I saw it recommended in the pages of a magazine aged 14.

It was my introduction to the brand and the items that would float in and out of my makeup collection for years to come – and while perusing the beauty counter with my hard saved pocket money to purchase my first Bad Gal Lash, I spotted their Hoola bronzer. 

One of the most globally popular bronzers in makeup history, Hoola was considered one of the most universal shades for medium skin tones, and it's warm but decidedly not orange tone continues to set it apart from other offerings on the market. A few weeks later with another fistful of coins and notes, I traded a second wad of babysitting cash for my first Hoola. At the time I enjoyed dabbling with fake tan, so the matte sun-kissed shade was perfect. 


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Hoola is still a makeup artist's essential, and has maintained it's cult following since it launched 17 years ago. 

However, as the years passed and I lost my penchant for a faux glow, Hoola could no longer be my ultimate go-to now that I was embracing my ghostly pale self – until two years ago when we saw the launch of Hoola Lite. Finally, a launch meant for porcelain to fair skin tones that allowed pasty girls like myself to add a light glow in a warm beige shade. 

While this was a moment of joy for pale gals, there hadn't been a similar innovation for women of deeper complexions – until now. 

The cult classic bronzer is launching two more shades this Spring, brining the total Hoola shade family to four. 

Benefit are introducing Hoola Caramel and Hoola Toasted

The 'beach in a box' will now ba able to provide it's sparkle-free contouring to women of a much more diverse range of skin tones. 

Caramel is suited for women of medium to deep skin tones (or spray tan fans), while Toasted has been formulated for women of deep skin tones. 


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Hoola Caramel and Hoola Toasted have the same natural-looking, matte finish as the original.

The new offerings from Benefit will launch in Ireland on the 29th of March this year, and will be priced at €34.00.

Happy bronzing! 



Christmas is the one time of the year where our social calendar is booming like there’s no tomorrow.

From the office Christmas party to the annual 12 Pubs adventure, there’s never a weekend that isn’t full of plans.

Our beauty routine can be tainted by the lack of sleep and the gallons of gin we consume every December.

Our skin looks tired, our hair is frizzy and we’ve been too afraid to brave our nearest salon for a brow wax- hello caterpillar brows.

Luckily, we’ve conjured up a list of beauty essentials that will have you looking as right as rain in no time.

Treat yourself to one, two or ALL of these products.

1: YourGoodSkin Balancing Skin Concentrate

Boots €21.99

2: Coconut Hand Cream 30ml

The Body Shop €6.50

3: Mickey Mouse Collection Lipgloss

Beauty Bay €17.95

4: Remove It Makeup Remover

Benefit €24

5: Pixi Glow Tonic

Boots €14

6: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion 200ml

Boots €25

7: Origins Our Best of the Best

Arnotts €36

8: Drops of Youth Wonderblur

The Body Shop €26.95

9: Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

Arnotts €39

10: Too Faced – The Absolute Essentials – Professional 5-Piece Brush Set

Debenhams €56.10

11: YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils' Makeup Gift Set

Debenhams €24.37

12: The Ordinary Salicylic Acid

13: Oh K! Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask X 3

Cloud 10 Beauty €8.50

14: Benefit They're Real Mascara

Benefit €26

15: NIVEA MicellAir Professional Micellar Make-Up Remover Face Wipes

Boots €6.49

16: Mario Badescu Facial Spray

17: Glamglow Poutmud Wet Lip Balm Treatment Mini

Boots €21

18: Luxury Size Almond Shower Oil

L'Occitane €35

19: Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Hand Cream

Brown Thomas €18

20: Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Arnotts €65




It took less than 24 hours for the Cloud 10 Beauty 12 Days of Slay Gift Set to COMPLETELY sell out, that must be some kind of record. They are now releasing a waiting list for their second batch, thank God.

The famed online Irish beauty emporium decided that it was time to compile a gift of skincare and cosmetic treats, and the response was HUGE. The overall collection is worth €172 but is being sold for just €75, hence the massive rush to grab it.

The gift set features gorge beauty products from brands such as The Ordinary, Stila, DuWop and favourites such as the Benefit Gold Rush mini, Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, PIXI Retinol Tonic and Vita Liberata Body Blur.

After the first drop flew out of stock in such a short space of time, pre-orders already flooded in for the second drop, which is set to ship in early December.

Pippa O'Connor Ormond, renowned Instagram influencer, said on her story last night that:

“Because it is such good value and the products are really good I know they will go quickly, so if you do want it I wouldn't be hanging around," and just after she revealed the set, they were totally gone.


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A spokesperson for Cloud 10 Beauty said:

“We expected the Cloud 10 Beauty 12 Days of Slay gift set to be popular, as it’s such incredible value for money and the products included are so iconic, but we’ve been completely floored by the speed at which it has sold out. It has been incredible, customers from across the world have been ordered the gift set. We just hope everyone who wanted one, managed to get it in time”.

The limited-edition gift set is priced at only €75 and is literally JAM-PACKED with 12 iconic slay-worthy make-up and beauty must-haves. Considering the unbelievable price, it’s no surprise that it sold out in less than one day.


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It's official: Cloud 10 Beauty 12 Days of Slay Gift Set is THE beauty staple of 2018, make sure you pre-order the next batch in time for Christmas, or you'll be sobbing into your stocking.

Get yourself to www.cloud10beauty.com right away to pre-order the set, Cloud 10 Beauty also offers free delivery on orders above €25 so your Santa snaps are officially sorted.


When it comes to shaping our faces, our eyebrows are less the windows to the soul and more the key to looking groomed and glam. 

Every year, brow champions Benefit host a philanthropic project to benefit (geddit) two amazing local charities.

The proceeds of every Bold Is Beautiful brow wax over the month of May will be donated in full to the charities.

This year, the project is running from April 28th to May 27th for Daisyhouse, and Look Good Feel Better.

'Daisyhouse Ireland works tirelessly in Ireland to provide secure affordable high quality supported accommodation to homeless women and to provide them with the skills and confidence to move to independent living,' Benefit say of the initiative. 

As for Look Good, Feel Better, they are dedicated to improving the wellbeing and self-confidence of women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer.

Both charities empower and and care for the women of Ireland, and as if that wasn't reason enough to go down and get those stray hairs taken care of, Benefit are throwing a Roller Disco.

Hosted in Dublin's Opium Rooms, browzillas can book in to get their brows waxed and give roller-skating a go.

On May 12th and 13th, you can skate your socks off, have your brows waxed, and shop the Benefit Beauty Bar.

Benefit fans can also get a styling session with the one and only Courtney Smith, one of Ireland's leading stylists, and have their hair done by Brown Sugar. So pretty much the best day out ever, right?

Tickets are €30.00 each for everything (including a gorge doughnut selection) as well as a Benefit Brow Wax and goody bag, all for an amazing cause. 

Get your tickets right here, right now

Feature image: Instagram / Brow Katie



I'll be the first to admit that I've never been a huge makeup addict. As long as my spots are covered, lashes are full and eyebrows are filled, I'm pretty much good to go – and that's only if I have time in the morning. 

In saying that, there is one beauty product I refuse to leave the house without – a good mascara. 

As someone who is naturally quite fair, my bare eyelashes are pretty much transparent to the naked eye, and while I don't exactly hate how they look, I do prefer to add at least some definition.

I've had them tinted once or twice, but to be honest, the dye makes my eyes sting and the upkeep is more hassle than it's worth. 

Instead I tend to invest in good quality mascaras to make eyes pop – which is why I couldn't wait to get my hands on Benefit's new BAD gal Bang! 

Benefit are a brand I find myself going back to over and over again – (no really, I can't even begin to tell you how many cases of Brow Zings I must have gone through over the years) – and it looks like I may a have found a new favourite to add to the list. 

I'm probably a marketer's dream consumer in that I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and anything shiny, so BAD gal Bang! caught my attention right from the get-go

The pink and black branding promises a 'bigger, badder, volumizing mascara' – which, lucky for me, is exactly what I'm looking for. 

The tapered rubber brush takes the stress out of application. It's streamlined design means you can easily reach corner-to-corner on both your top and lower lashes. 

The silky smooth formula is derived from space technology (which is pretty damn cool if you ask me) and is made using aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials – meaning the product doesn't feel like it's weighing you down 

What's more, it's smudge-proof, water-resistant and blacker than black. 

Check out the before and after pics below: 

The mascara claims to last for 36 hours, and while I didn't conduct a full test on this theory, I did keep in on for about 18. (Yes, that means I fell asleep with it on – but it was for science, OK?)

Needless to say, when I woke up I didn't exactly look catwalk-ready, but the mascara was definitely still on, that's for sure. 

Final verdict: Going on my previous experience with Benefit products and the rave reviews among the blogging community, it's safe to say that I went into this with pretty high expectations – but I wasn't disappointed.

Within seconds of the wand hitting my lashes I knew this was going to be my new go-to product. Even with no other makeup on I felt like as if my entire face has been given the lift it so desperately needed on a weekday afternoon. Even my boyfriend noticed there was something different and that's saying something. 

My lashes looked fuller, longer and of course, A LOT blacker – and while the same can be said for many of the mascaras on the market, the staying power and easy application offered by BAD gal Bang! make it a cut above the rest. 

All in all, I can safely say that it will remain a permanent part of my makeup collection for the foreseeable future. 

You can pick up your own life-changing tube for just €27.99 at Benefit counters around the country or you can order online here. 

Full disclosure: We went out and bought this amazing mascara, and reviewed it! This article is in no way sponsored by Benefit, we just LOVE the product! 



Being blessed with a pasty Irish complexion can make shopping for bronzing and sculpting products a little tricky.

We've all suffered through those moments where we suddenly realise that what looked like beautifully sculpted cheekbones in our bedrooms this morning, actually looks like two orange stripes lining our faces. 

Image result for TAN FUNNY

Unless you apply a layer or two of fake tan, most bronzers are simply too dark and orange-toned for cooler skin tones, but now one iconic bronzer is being re-launched in a shade for pasty girls. 

Benefits Hoola Bronzer is a makeup bag staple loved by the Kardashians, makeup artists, and normal girls alike. 

Pic: Benefit

Now the iconic bronzer is getting a long overdue paler companion, in the form of Hoola Lite.

The shade is perfect for pasty girls all year round, or for fans of a tan in the wintertime when their post-holiday glow is less prominent. 

The bronzing powder is already available online, and we can't wait to give it a try on our wintry complexions. 



Girls, if you are not sure if the new MAC foundation you got for Christmas is counterfeit or not, best to leave it aside. 

Concerns are mounting after harmful ingredients have been found in a number of faked make-up cosmetics intended for the Irish market. 

The Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) have issued a statement that they have identified "harmful substances" present in a number of counterfeit products which take the names of well known cosmetics brands such as MAC, Benefit and Urban Decay

Some of the harmful ingredients found in these products include arsenic and lead. 

The HPRA are urging consumers to be careful when buying counterfeit products from markets, shops and websites leading up to Christmas. 

And according to the cosmetics compliance manager with the HPRA, Aoife Farrell, using these products regularly can have lasting, damaging consequences. 

"Long periods of exposure to substances such as arsenic and lead can have potentially harmful effects on the body such as damage to numerous organs and systems, such as the kidneys, as well as the central nervous system."

"Symptoms can include abdominal pain, diarrhoea, headaches and vomiting."

"Even those products that may not contain banned substances are often manufactured in unhygienic conditions using poor quality raw materials. These products may lead to skin irritation or possibly eye infections."

So this Christmas, if you can't afford the real deal, better to go for some more affordable drugstore brands instead. 



So we know there are only two weeks left of autumn and therefore two weeks until the official start of winter (NOOO!),  but there is still plenty of time to incorporate the autumnal colour palette into your make up regime.

Sumptuous burnt oranges, leafy greens and deep, mahogany browns were all big beauty trends on this year's A/W catwalks.

You know what we’re talking about.

Here’s how you can embrace autumn on your face: 

1. Autumn Flame

The trend: Burnt, smoky oranges are the perfect autumnal colours as seen here on the A/W 2015 catwalk for Hervé Léger . Don't be afraid to embrace these sultry tones across the face.

Make it work for you: Use a pigmented, bright orange across the eyelid (smoke out with a soft brown if it is too intense). Then take a soft coral toned blush across the cheeks and finish with a peachy hue on the lips for a look that ignites your features. 

2. Autumn Forest 

The trend: Forget the traditional smoky eye using black and grey tones and opt instead for warm brown hues.

Make it work for you: Use a beige eye shadow for the inner crease before using a deep mahogany shade across the entire outer eye area. Smoke this colour right out to the crease and underneath the lash line. Use a gold or honey shadow to bring the autumnal shade right up to the lash line. Keep the rest of the face matte and nude; finish with a brown eyeliner or mascara.  

3. Autumn Leaves 

The trend: Green might not be the first colour you think of when doing your eyeshadow but deep greens are really gorgeous in combination especially with sallow skin. Just as browns enhance a green eye, greens do the same for brown eyes.

Make it work for you: Use a soft brown tone on the lids and inner eye area before smoking out with a deep, forest green shade. Use a green liner to define the eyes and finish with a brown mascara. 

Get the Looks

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadow in Rouge Gorge, €34.49. available in Brown Thomas
MAC Lipstick in CB96, €19, available in Brown Thomas and MAC, Henry Street


Bobbi Brown Intense Pigment Liner in Forest, €33.50, available in Brown Thomas
No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder, €11, available in Boots 


Benefit they're real! Mascara in Beyond Brown, €26, available in Brown Thomas
L'Oréal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss in Never Let Me Go, €7.79, available in Boots


Catrice Cosmetics Chocolate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, €5.49, available in Penneys, Dunnes Stores and McCabes Pharmacies 




You can never be too old for advent calendars, in our opinion. Waking up to a piece of chocolate heaven every morning in December is one of our favourite Christmas traditions. 

And what is the one thing that could get us as excited as chocolate? Make up, obviously. Spoil yourself this festive season with a tonne of beauty treats and opt for a more sophisticated take on a beloved Christmas tradition.

Or, you know, get both. We won't judge…

Benefit Party Poppers Advent Calendar, €46, Debenhams
Featuring mini samples of all of Benefit's top sellers including the POREfessional, high beam, Badgal lash and They're Real!, this is the ultimate beauty buy for any Benefit fan.

House of Fraser Beauty Advent Calendar, €28
Includes 30 Colour Couture samples, from lip gloss to nail polish to eyeshadow. You'll be nicely set up for 2016 with all those new shades.



Liberty London Bath & Body Advent Calendar, €211, liberty.co.uk
Buy yourself pure luxury with this tasty bath and body set. Includes a variety of products from top brands such as Nars and Dermalogica. When finished, the box doubles as a pretty awesome display case! 


The Body Shop Advent Calendar, €85, The Body Shop
Never run out of gorgeous body products with this advent calendar. Luxurious soap, body butter, lotion and lip balm – you'll be spolit for choice. 


The 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar, €69.95, Lush
This is a must have for anyone who loves Lush's homemade products – and it smells divine. It's time to start running that bath…





Primers do for your skin what lingerie does for your body – they flatter, conceal, smooth out and hold things in place. Everything you put on top of them looks immediately better. 

So, whether you want to hide your pores, smooth out fine-lines or mattify your skin, these primers will create the perfect base for whatever else you wish to wear:

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

This primer has a very large and loyal fan base as it's great for giving skin a soft photo-finish and silky texture. 


Benefit The Porefessional

Porefessional is devoted to minimising your pores and uses an oil-free formula for longer-lasting results. 


Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects

Clinique has a range of trouble-shooting primers that target different skin types. This colour-correcting formula one has a subtle bronze tint that will brighten up even the dullest face. 


Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Now, we know this is only for your eye area but it's a brilliant formula that will help keep you eye make-up in place all day.


MAC Prep + Prime Natural Radiance

This beauty creates an even skin tone and the ideal base for make-up. It noticeably reduces any oiliness on your skin and you can choose the base colour to suit your skin tone. 



**Competition closed**
Winner: Belle Cleary

It’s competition time once again here at SHEmazing! and we have a great Benefit gift pack to give away!

To enter, simply follow us on Instagram shmz.me/48q and tag a friend!

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Good luck!



We just keep spoiling you lovely people!

Today we have an amazing hamper of Benefit goodies to give away to one lucky reader.

The pack contains They're Real! Mascara, Big Easy complexion perfector and Hoola Ultra Plush gloss

To win, simply follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and tag us to let us know you've entered!

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