So you need THIS many strokes of mascara to achieve lash perfection


For most women applying mascara is a no brainer – find one you like, give your lashes a few quick swipes and off you go.  But apparently this process should be a lot more labour intensive than you’d think.

According to Allure, using just a couple of layers of mascara applies nowhere near enough product to achieve the volumising and lengthening effects you’ve been promised.

Makeup artist Amy Nadine claims it takes exactly 30 strokes per eye to get lashes on fleek and the technique used to apply the mascara shouldn’t exactly be haphazard either.

Amy told Allure the stokes should not be long and precise and that instead you should use “quick brisk strokes” when putting on this product.

Given that she’s recommending 60 strokes per day, they’d want to be pretty brisk indeed.

Feat image: Studio D