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Earlier this year, rapper Nelly protested his innocence after he was accused of raping a woman in his tour bus, just hours after leaving the stage.

The US star, real name Cornell Haynes, claimed he was a “victim of false allegation” in series of tweets following his arrest.

He was released without charge, and the case was later dropped after the victim refused to testify.

However, it has now been revealed that Nelly's accuser, 22-year-old Monique Greene, is suing the rapper for defamation and sexual assault.

In the lawsuit filed on Monday, Ms Greene’s lawyer, Karen Koehler, said: “Nelly has sought to restore his reputation due to his arrest for sexually assaulting Ms Greene by defaming her.”

She claims that on the night in question, Nelly invited her back to an after-party, which she attended before being driven to his tour bus.

Once inside, Ms Greene says the rapper led her to the bedroom where her assaulted her.

Nelly lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, says the musician plans to counter-sue, adding: “We always believed her accusation was motivated by greed.”


Ahead of Nelly's sold-out performances at Dublin's Vicar Street this week, the US rapper took some time to check out what the telly box has to offer on this side of the pond.

The Hot in Herre singer, who was spotted indulging in a little retail therapy on Grafton Street yesterday, took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the Channel 4's controversial dating show, Naked Attraction.

For those of you unfamiliar with the programme, it's format allows contestants to choose partners based entirely on how they look naked.

Confused? You're not the only one.

In a video posted last night, Nelly gave his followers a little taster of what television looks like in this part of the world.


Dublin TV..!!!!!..!!! It's called " NAKED ATTRACTION "..!!!

A post shared by NELLY (@derrtymo) on

"I'm in Ireland. I'm watching a game show, this is on regular TV y'all. This man is picking the woman he wants to be with based on her body. He's not seeing her face, there's none of that," he said.

"Now this ain't no special channel. I ain't clicked on no freaky s**t. This is straight television y'all."

Nelly isn't the first American star to be baffled by the show's bizarre format, with Chissy Teigen famously live-tweeting the show during a trip to London earlier this year.

Guy, we swear, we're just as confused as you are.


According to emerging reports, the woman, who claimed she was raped by rap artist Nelly, has decided to drop her case.

The woman, who accused the singer of rape following a recent concert in Seattle, reportedly fears the system will fail her, and no longer wants to pursue charges.

Lawyer Karen Koehler, who is representing the woman, drafted a letter to investigators and news outlets in an effort to outline her client's decision.

Koehler says her client 'wishes she had not called 911 because she believes the system is going to fail her' and added that she 'never wanted notoriety' nor did she want 'a dime from that man'.

According to Fox News, the letter concluded with a reference to the obstacles faced by women when choosing to report sex crimes.

“One day, maybe our world will change and 30 women will not be needed to (eventually) speak out against a celebrity who has hurt them in order to be believed. But that day has not yet come.”

Nelly, who was arrested on suspicion of second-degree rape, denied the accusations, saying: "Let me say that I am beyond shocked that I have been targeted with this false allegation."

"I am completely innocent. I am confident that once the facts are looked at , it will be very clear that I am the victim of a false allegation."

The rapper was not charged at the time of his arrest.


US rapper Nelly has taken to Twitter to protest his innocence after he was accused of raping a woman on his tour bus.

The singer, real name Cornell Haynes, said he is “beyond shocked” following his arrest in the early hours of Saturday morning, insisting he is a “victim of a false allegation.”

Police in Washington said they received a call from a woman at 3.48am on Saturday “to report that she was sexually assaulted by a male, who is known as the rapper Nelly”.

“The alleged assault was reported to occur on the tour bus that was parked at the listed location. Nelly had performed at the White River Amphitheatre just hours before.”

“After Patrol Officers investigated the incident, at 4.37am Nelly was taken into custody.”

Nelly has been released without charge while officers continue to investigate the claims.

He was in the middle of his US tour and had been due to perform in Dublin's Vicar Street on November 20 and 21.


If you needed a musical pick-me-up of a Monday, then look no further, ladies.

Word has just landed that two of our favourite acts of the noughties are about to take on two venues in the capital, and we're absolutely pumped.

Hot in Herre rapper, Nelly, will be playing Vicar Street on November 20 while UK band, The Kooks, will be taking to the stage in Dublin's Olympia theatre in January 2018.

And it has been confirmed that tickets for both these gigs will be going on sale on Friday June 16 at 9am.

Ladies, it's time to bring your A-game.




It's been fourteen years since Dilemma was first released, and how many of you remember listening to the track over and over during your sweet summer months?

It was a firm favourite in our group of friends, however, something that never got explained was WHY Kelly was texting Nelly using an Excel spreadsheet?!

Image result for nelly and kelly dilemma gif

Yep, it's baffled us for nearly 15 years, but now the man himself has come to explain it himself.

Nelly appeared on The Project today and said: "That was the thing at the time. That was the new technology at the time. It looks a little dated now, I can see that."

Image result for nelly and kelly dilemma excel gif

Nelly, nobody ever used Excel to send a text, because… well, it's impossible.

So, yep, he tried to explain the mishap… but ultimately failed. 



In fairness, 2002 was a LONG time ago, so it's no surprise our memory of the lyrics for old-school summer stomper, Hot in Herre, is a little rusty.

If, however, you're gonna hit up a Nelly gig it might be an idea to reacquaint yourself with the words to one of the rapper's biggest hits before dying on your arse in front of him, right?

Unfortunately, it looks like this Irish audience never got the memo, and failed majorly when attempting to rap the lyrics to the track during the rapper's Vicar Street performance last night.

After nailing the chorus and launching into the next part, it all went wrong as everyone started mumbling the words and hoping everyone else might pick up the slack.

Hats off to Nelly who gave our fellow countrymen another chance to finish the gig off in style.

YouTube Footage: Marie Foley

Image credit: Getty



Rapper Nelly- real name Cornell Hayes- was arrested and detailed by police in Tennessee after state troopers discovered narcotics and an array of handguns on the singer's tour bus yesterday morning.

According to the Associated Press, the star's bus came to police attention after it was spotted without the necessary US Department of Transportation sticker.

Having carried out a search of the vehicle, police discovered marijuana, methamphetamine and other assorted paraphernalia associated with illegal drug use.

Having been charged with felony possession of drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia, the Hot in Herre singer was bailed out of Putnam County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Commenting on the star's arrest, Nelly's lawyer, Scott Rosenblum, said he "was extremely confident that when the facts come out, Nelly will not be associated with the contraband that was allegedly discovered."

Implying that the illegal items were not that of his clients, Rosenblum went on to state: "There had been 15 to 20 people that had access to the bus prior to the stop."

The 40-year-old performer is scheduled to appear in court on June 19th.



It’s been three years since Nelly and Ashanti called an end to their 10 year relationship – and now Ashanti is ready to talk.

The couple were notoriously private about their relationship and no cause for their split was announced, but now it seems as if Nelly may have hurt Ashanti in a major way.

The singer appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show earlier today and when her host asked her why she finds it hard to trust, Ashanti replied: “I think sometimes when people have their own insecurities it allows them to act out of character. I’ve been betrayed … I’m not a fan of people being cowards.”

Thankfully, Ashanti added that she has now moved on: “I think it’s really important to know yourself and understand what you want and get it. I’m in a different place right now.”

It sounds as if things ended very badly indeed between these two 00’s stars!