Happy Birthday Bey! 10 reasons why she is an absolute QUEEN

Today is International Beyoncé day, as our faithful leader celebrates her 35th birthday. 

So… as you all spend your day dancing around to Drunk in Love, enjoy these 10 pictures that prove Bey is the most flawless human ever. 


1. Couple goals

The official King and Queen of the music industry! Her and Jay Z have been through so much, and are still as solid as ever. 

2. She is the BEST mom

She may be the biggest female artist in the universe, but Bey is also the best mother to her precious daughter. Blue Ivy is one lucky girl. 

3. Awards for days

Bey rules the music charts, raking in countless awards every year. 

4. Her friends

Beyoncé has a squad of super famous gal-pals, including Nicki Minaj and Gweneth Paltrow! 

5. She loves her country

Queen Bee is super proud to be an American. She often speaks out about her patriotism, and her love for her nation. 

6. She's totally herself

Beyoncé is well known for being confident in her own skin, and never bowing to social norms. She is a curvy woman, who is totally happy to wear no make up!

7. She's generous

Bey is generous with her time and her money. She is involved in a number of different charities, that has taken her to volunteer in poor nations, and help man people. 

8. She's loyal

Despite the fact that Destiny's Child has been broken up for years, Bey still finds time to hang out with her old band mates. Proof that her EXTREME fame has not gone to her head. 

9. Her style

Bey has an amazing gift of looking FLAWLESS all the time. An effortless style, she has become somewhat of a fashion icon. 

10. She can MOVE

Not a single person out there can deny it, Beyoncé has serious dancing skills. 

Happy Birthday B, keep slaying!