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We've heard some crazy conspiracy theories in our day (Fake Paul McCartney, Cloned Avril Lavigne etc), but this one takes the cake.

A new claim which has been circulating online is suggesting that Beyoncé Knowles gave birth to Solange as a teenager, and is actually 45-years-old.

This would mean that the iconic singer was pregnant at roughly age 12 or 13, and the baby was raised by her parents as her sister. It also means that Queen Bey is seven years older than she claims to be.


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The strange theory implies that Bey has rolled back the time on her age, and was born in 1974 instead of 1981. Solange is 32-years-old, and was born in 1986, so is five years younger than her world-famous older sis.

Beyoncé's given date of birth is September 4, 1981, meaning she would have been too young to have given birth to Solange. An online post was started by someone who claims to have worked at Bey's Columbia record label for four years.

The age-change rumours also assert that Beyoncé's cousin confirmed the Solange claim. The (insane) post stated: "Beyonce's precise birthdate is 9/4/1974.


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"I saw a picture of her driver's licence that was on my manager's computer once don't ask how." (Oh, we're definitely asking how…) "Beyonce and Solange are both teenaged mothers, I do not know the paternity of Solange."

The post continues, writing: "I have heard many crazy things while working at Columbia for four years. The Beyonce stuff a close relative of hers told me so I am more prone to believe that.

"Bey's cousin told me Beyonce's daughter is Solange and she said it to me in confidence after the topic of teenage pregnancies came up. She is not the sarcastic type either so I doubt she would make something up that is so scandalous about her own cousin."


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"If the story was true, it would make Beyonce a grandmother as Solange gave birth to a son, Daniel, when she was 18."

Actress Gabrielle Union claimed that herself and Beyonce have been friends "since we were teenagers", but Union is 46-years-old. If she was truly nine years older than Bey, they never would have been teens at the same time.

This comment has been one of the reasons why rumours were sparked, but we're not buying it. The lack of evidence is pretty ridiculous, but we can't help but be entertained by the theory. What do you gals think?

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Beyoncé's father and former manager of Destiny's Child, Mathew Knowles, is claiming that he did everything possible to protect the girlband from R Kelly.

After hearing "some of those things" about the notorious sexual predator, he deliberately kept Destiny's Child away from him for their safety.

He also admits that hearing about Kelly's horrendous reputation for sexual, mental and physical abuse played a role in stopping the R&B band from collaborating with him.

A criminal investigation into dozens of allegations against R Kelly is now underway in Chicago and Atlanta following the Lifetime documentary Surviving R Kelly.

The Ignition singer, real name Robert Kelly, is accused of holding numerous women in a dangerous 'sex cult' in his homes, as well as having abusive, sexual relationships with underage girls as young as 12. He strongly denies this.

Rumours of his behaviour have been rampant since the early 1990s, after he forged singer Aaliyah's documents to allow her to marry him aged just 15, while he was 27.

Knowles claims that he originally turned down offers for Destiny's Child to collaborate with Kelly at first because he "didn't think it was a good song", according to Metro.


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The 67-year-old, who is the father of Beyoncé and Solange, commented that he never let the band members out of his sight;

"I was there, and my former wife Tina was there. The thing with R Kelly was, he liked to record late at night, around midnight. And what was different with his studio was that one room had a recording suite, and next door was a club, with 40 or 50 people dancing."

He continued; "R Kelly was managed by Sony, by someone I won’t name, and at that time, they would almost force you to record with their artists. R Kelly wasn’t cheap – it was $75,000, plus travel costs, so we’re talking $100,000 for a song."

He added that Kelly's negative reputation was in it's early stages, "I personally rejected the song, because I didn’t think it was a good song. Not just because of his reputation – this was around 1998, we had just begun to hear some of those things."

Mathew later said that the rumours surrounding Kelly's deplorable behaviour played a part in his choices for the girlband from then on, he said;

"Certainly, it was both of those things. The girls were 15, 16. When they went to the bathroom, Tina would go with them. They did not leave our eyes." They were allegedly under strict supervision, and were protected from him.

Another source for Metro claims that;

"Record labels would ask R Kelly to write songs for emerging artists as a way to help them break into the industry and he made several requests for Destiny’s Child," the source suggests.


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"Mathew and Tina rejected all of them because they didn’t want him anywhere near the band which is why they are one of the few acts to debut in the 90s without an R Kelly song in its official discography," they added.

Only one Destiny's Child song is associated with R Kelly, Stimulate Me, which appeared on the soundtrack for Eddie Murphy's film Life in 1999.

Apparently Kelly did not work in the studio at the same time as the group, and the song never actually appeared as an official Destiny's Child release, so the gals are off the hook. 

We're glad Mathew Knowles had the ability to keep the group protected from him, sadly other women weren't as fortunate.


It was the clip the whole world had an opinion on when it was leaked three years ago, and Jay Z is now here to set the record straight.

Referring to footage which showed his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, attack him in an elevator before security were forced to intervene, the 99 Problems singer has finally insisted the altercation was blown out of proportion.

According to reports at the time, Solange was reacting to apparently catching her brother-in-law flirting with Rachel Roy at the Met Gala in 2014 – an accusation which Jay Z did not acknowledge while recently addressing the incident with Rap Radar.

Instead, the 47-year-old rapper sought to quash rumours that his relationship with Solange has suffered in the wake of the infamous 'elevator incident' three years ago.

"We’ve always had a great relationship,” the dad-of-three said. “I fought my brothers and argued with my brothers my whole life. It just so happens, who we are, these things go into a different space, but it ain’t nothing."

"We’ve had one disagreement ever. Before and after, we’ve been cool," he insisted.

Eager to dismiss the notion that his relationship with Beyonce's younger sister has been strained in the years that followed, Jay Z revealed that he sees Solange as a sister, as opposed to a sister-in-law.

"She’s like my sister. I will protect her. That’s my sister. Not my sister-in-law. My sister," he said.

So, there you have it, they're graaaaand.


Beyoncé and Solange Knowles have become the first sisters in the world to both have number one albums.

The famous duo broke a new world record this week when Solange’s latest album, A Seat at the Table, took the Billboard Top 200 chart’s top spot.

After selling 72,000 copies in the first week, the work quickly became Bey’s little sister’s first No.1 album and in doing so allowed the Knowles’ to join Michael and Janet Jackson and Master P and Silkk The Shocker as the only siblings in the world to get their albums to the top of the charts.

Last week Queen B took to Instagram to congratulate 30-year-old Solange on the release of her new music.

The 35-year-old Texan wrote: “Congrats to my sister on creating this beautiful work of art.  I could not be more proud of you.”

Six of Beyoncé’s albums have already achieved chart-topping success.

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We thought they were the only celebrity couple that would really last forever, but apparently we have been lied to. At least, that is according to a new book, Beyoncé: The Untold Story.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z separated for a year when the rumours that he was having an affair with Rihanna began to make headlines. 

Beyoncé and Jay started dating in 2000. Allegedly they split at around the same time that he discovered Rihanna and helped launch her single Pon De Replay, five years later.

It seems that Bey “wasn’t sure what to make of the situation,” and this new book claims she and her now husband split.

J Randy Taraborrelli, the author of the book, told Entertainment Tonight:

“They spent maybe a year apart from each other because Beyoncé just wasn't sure of what to make of the situation with Rihanna.” 

At that time Jay Z was 35, Beyoncé 24, and Rihanna was 17, and it wasn’t until a year later in an interview with Cosmopolitan that wedding rumours began about the pair when Bey said: “I did start thinking about what kind of wedding I’d want.”

While he went on to say that Rihanna and Bey are quite close now, it seems that he believes that elevator spat between Jay and Solange was a result of the alleged affair and the couple’s separation.

In May 2014 Solange was caught on camera lashing out at Jay after the Met Gala.

The surveillance video that made it to the internet and then went viral was lacking audio however, so no one seems to know what sparked the fight. Naturally, Beyoncé has declined to comment. 

According to Taraborrelli, who claims he spoke to multiple sources very close to the singer, Beyoncé told her husband that he could not attend Rihanna’s after party that night.

He did add: “I think it's safe to say the only people who know for sure what happened are Bey, Jay, Solange and the bodyguard who were in the elevator.”



Solange Knowles walked up the aisle the day before yesterday and photos of the big day created quite the stir online.

The wedding party all wore white and Solange even rode a bike to the ceremony!

However, later in the day Solange was spotted with hives covering her face and neck, and looked quite distressed.

Now, Solange has seen the funny side of every bride’s worst nightmare (after the groom not turning up, obviously) and shared a video on Instagram, writing: “Last but not least … Shout out to Bendaryl yo. Lol. NOTHING was gonna stop me from having my mother and son dance with Julez. My baby killed it and will forever smile reliving the feeling our lil happy feet together.”

Benadryl is a medication taken to aid allergic reactions – and it seems to have worked wonders for the singer as she looked happy and carefree during her dance with her 10-year-old son, Julez. 

We're glad Solange didn't let the reaction get her down!



Solange Knowles had the wedding of her dreams yesterday surrounded by her big sister Beyoncé, her son, Daniel and all of her friends and family.


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However, the singer was spotted with a severe looking allergic reaction on her face, which had broken out in hives.

It remains unclear as to whether Solange came in contact with something that triggered its onset or if it came on from the emotion of the day.

The bride’s sister, Beyoncé, could be seen trying to help her cover up the marks in the back of a car.

It certainly looks painful – we hope Solange feels better soon! 



After her explosive performance at the MTV VMA Awards and a very strong family front shown on stage, Beyoncé now has something new to deal with – her dad.

Matthew Knowles has claimed on The Roula and Ryan radio show that his daughter and son-in-law’s marriage troubles were purposely put out there in a bid to boost ticket sales for their On The Run Tour.

Say. What?!

Despite any concrete evidence that the couple’s marriage was in any such trouble, reports consistently kept coming out over the last few months speculating otherwise – could this be why?

How does he know this? Well, because they’ve done it before, apparently: “I know because we’ve done this before. So you sometimes have to ignite that tour. It’s called the Jedi mind trick. The Jedi mind trick fools you a lot.”

Queen Bey’s dad even went as far as to say Jay-Z’s elevator scuffle with Solange was released on purpose: “Everyone’s talking about it! Ticket sales went up! Solange’s album sales went up 200%!”

So…he’s saying Beyoncé put her reputation as a serious music artist on the line to get her sister’s album sales up? Hmm.

Something tells us the superstar couple will be just delighted that Matthew has outed them as putting on one hell of a media show. 



Beyoncé has finally had her say on the brawl between her sister Solange and hubby Jay Z.

Well, at least it seems that way!

Bey chose a remix of her hit Flawless to belt out the lines, “And we could go around and get some good karma, but no. We escalate, up in this b***h like elevators.

"Of course sometimes s*** goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator."


Bey joined forces with rapper Nicki Minaj for a new take on the song.

The track also contains the lines, "My sister taught me how to speak my mind/my man make me feel so God damn fine."

Get it all off your chest Bey! 



Things are going from bad to worse for the once power couple Jay-Z and Beyoncé – as sources are now claiming that Jay-Z has been cheating with singer and protégé Rihanna.

According to sources the alleged affair has been going on for a long time and is the supposed reason as to why Beyoncé’s sister Solange attacked Jay-Z in a lift three months ago.

Solange apparently attacked Jay-Z when the rapper told the sisters that he planned to go to Rihanna’s after-party – without his wife.

Sources said that Solange was convinced that an affair was going on between the singer and rapper.

“She was like, ‘Enough is enough — you must be (screwing) Rihanna’.”

And in worse news the source doesn’t predict a strong future for Beyonce and Jay-z, saying that Beyonce is on the verge of walking away from their 12-year relationship.

“Too many people who know them, they know it’s not out of the realm of possibility. (Jay-Z and Beyoncé) aren’t going to last. It’s not whether they’ll split, but how they’ll split.”

We hope this isn’t true, as we would hate to see this couple split for good.



It’s been quite a while since the infamous elevatorgate incident of the Met Gala involving Jay-Z and his sister-in-law, Solange Knowles.

Finally, Solange has taken some time to speak about the incident…kind of.

Talking to Lucky magazine, the singer called the scandal “that thing” and said that it is now behind them: “What’s important is that my family and I are all good. What we had to say collectively was in the statement that we put out, and I feel at peace with that.”

Hmm, we still want to know what happened and what would make her react in such a violent way – but it doesn’t look as if the truth will ever come out!


We thought Jay-Z and Beyonce were good, after giving lots of PDA at the BET awards last  Sunday. But the Jay-Z affair rumours are rife again, as fans are now claiming that Queen B herself, may have hinted at a possible marital affair during her Ohio concert over the weekend.

So what caused fans to think that Beyonce was having a dig at her husband? Well she changed a line in her song called Resentment from: “Been riding with you for six years,” to “Been riding with you for 12 years” – which is length of time she’s been with Jay Z (they started dating in 2002).

The song coincidentally is about a woman who is hurt after discovering that her partner has cheated on her and also includes lines: “I tried and I tried to forget this. But I’m too damn full of resentment. I know she was attractive but I was here first”.

The couple have been surrounded by cheating rumours ever since footage emerged of Solange attacking Jay-Z in a lift last May.