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Model Kelly Brook and her on-again off-again boyfriend David McIntosh are now very much ON, if the latest quotes are to be believed.

In an interview with The Sun, David claims that he and Kelly "can't stand being apart" and are "madly in love."

After a rocky couple of months, David says the couple "are back together now. That's the truth and that's because of love… Neither of us can help it, man. It's love, love, love."

Despite David's gushing words, it's hard to forget that as recently as two days ago the pair seemed to be moving on with new people. 

Kelly was rumoured to be seeing male model James Crabtree and the pair were even pictured together looking cosy over dinner. As for David, he was pictured out and about with First Dates star Jess Impiazzi earlier this week.

Sounds like a quick turnaround to us – but some investigation on social media also reveals that David was one of the few invited to a low-key lunch at London's Rules Restaurant for Kelly's 35th birthday at the weekend.

Although Kelly was careful not to post any snaps including David, her best pal Michael Evans did share this snap from the celebrations:

During their acrimonious split, Kelly and David had a number of heated exchanges over Twitter, but it's apparently all behind them now. "I was hurting man. I didn't even know. I said a lot of things that I didn't actually mean," said David to The Sun.

Hopefully they have worked things out for good this time!



There could be a reconciliation ahead as Kelly Brook admits for the first time since her split that she is still in love with David McIntosh. 

The couple broke up following claims that David had been unfaithful to Kelly with his ex-girlfriend, claims he vehemently denied

Now, Kelly admits that she is still in love with him, and it sounds like there may be a future for the couple as she told Fabulous magazine: “Lots of women ignore it, get through it and have children. Lots of women in the public eye have stuck by their husbands for all sorts of things they have done … we still don’t know if he’s been unfaithful. I don't know if I'm that person, I'm trying to figure it out. I still love David. He’s an amazing man.”

Hmm, it certainly sounds as if things are far from over for this couple!


Things are getting very interesting between Kelly Brook and David McIntosh!

The couple split up nearly three weeks ago following allegations that David had cheated. Earlier this week Kelly posted a series of cryptic tweets which seemed to be in reference to her broken heart. "I’m sorry for how I’ve behaved. I really loved you," read one of the messages.

Now though, it seems the pair might be giving things another go! After being spotted out for a meal in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, the two were spotted leaving Kelly's home together the following morning.

Hmmm… sounds like it was more than a friendly get-together!

It's strange that the lovebirds have reconciled so fast, given how much they've been lashing out at each other on social media of late. When Kelly reached out to David on Twitter last week to warn him that some intimate photos from her iCloud account had been leaked, his response was less-than-sweet:

Kelly then slated her ex's immaturity, saying "Your Ego is beyond. David all my US iCloud pics are online not just of you. Be a grown up." Awkward!

The couple, who started dating last New Year's Eve, have already split up twice in the ten months they've been together. We hope they can work things out once and for all!




Hmm, it would seem this Kelly Brook-David McIntosh saga isn’t quite as ‘over’ as we thought.

The model, who is currently based in LA had finished her relationship with the former Gladiator, but it seems she really misses him.

Perhaps his open letter did some good after all? 

In a series of tweets which were reportedly later deleted, Kelly wrote: “@devildawg85 Truth is we talk everyday and Miss each other. I’m sorry for how I’ve behaved. I really loved you x.”

Kelly also reportedly shared a snapshot of missed Facetime calls from her former fiancé on the social media site.

However, David wasn’t the only one Kelly is said to have tweeted (and deleted!)…

She also sent a message to his rumoured girlfriend, Metisha, writing: “@Metisha Darling you have no idea. I wouldn’t want to be you right now. Have some self-respect and compassion. We just broke up.”

This can only get more awkward…



It has been reported that Kelly Brook called off her seven month engagement to David McIntosh due to his closeness to his ex-girlfriend, Sarah Harper.

Many news outlets are reporting that the former Gladiator had been texting and emailing his ex-girlfriend with Kelly only finding out on the day she called off the engagement.

David dated Sarah for a year and the couple reportedly owned a dog together – perhaps the reason they were still in touch.

However, given Kelly’s openness and honesty when it has come to her heartbreak in the past, we’re not sure why she would have announced the end of her relationship in such a calm and heartfelt way with no sign of anger as she tweeted: “It’s a sad day but I wanted to share with you that David and I are no longer engaged. I love and respect him and wish him all the best.”



In a not quite shocking move, Kelly Brook has called off her engagement to Gladiator David McIntosh. The couple got engaged after only two months, having met last New Year's Eve.

Kelly broke the news on Twitter, telling fans that things had ended on good terms.

“It's a sad day but I wanted to share with you that David and I are no longer engaged. I love and respect him and wish him all the best.”

According to friends of the couple, they had struggled to maintain their relationship while David was in the Big Brother house this year. Kelly was notably absent when David entered and exited the house.

Whether it was just keeping up appearances or this breakup was sudden, just two days ago David was declaring his love for Kelly on twitter.



Kelly Brook seems to be having a VERY good time on her holidays, if her Instagram snaps are anything to go by!

The star is currently sunning herself in Greece with fiancé David McIntosh, and the picture she uploaded earlier today didn't leave much to the imagination.

The snap shows Kelly and David lying on their bed, seemingly naked, and looking very lovestruck altogether.

To be fair, we'd waste no time in getting naked either if our boyfriend looked like David…

Although Kelly's still got her sunnies on in the picture, many commenters jumped on the fact that her bare bum seems to be visible, with one fan writing, "a definite post sex selfie" and another saying "stop taking pics and go make babies."

If her recent interviews are any indication, Kelly is indeed planning on making some babies. Chatting to the Daily Star, the model said "Hopefully I'll have a baby soon. Ultimately I am entering a new phase in my life."

Kelly has spoken out before about the emotional pain of suffering two miscarriages during her relationship with rugby player Thom Evans. "It's the only thing I've really been denied," she said to Metro about her desire to have children. "I took a bit of time out from that because, obviously, I didn't have a very good experience but, yeah, a family would be nice."

We'll expect more post-sex selfies so!



Kelly Brook has angered a LOT of people after comments she made on This Morning yesterday.

The model was promoting her new autobiography called Close Up when she talked about punching two of her former boyfriends, Danny Cipriani and Jason Statham.

Viewers accused Kelly, who is currently engaged to former Gladiator, David McIntosh, of being inappropriate when discussing the incidents, and making light of what is essentially domestic violence.

Many people on Twitter did not agree that it was okay for Kelly to laugh and joke about hitting her boyfriends, with viewers tweeting things like: “Kelly Brook justifies hitting her ex’s by telling This Morning ‘These are big men I’m going out with – I’m not going to do them any damage’” and “Disappointed with @itvthismorning 4 laughing along with Kelly Brook RE her hitting boyfriends in the face! Domestic violence isn’t funny!”

Hmm, it certainly would have been a different story if a man had sat on the This Morning couch and laughed about hitting a woman – she better do some damage control soon!




Kelly Brook has revealed that she hit two of her ex-boyfriends. 

In one extract in her upcoming book Close Up, Kelly reveals that she lashed out at two of her ex-boyfriends, Jason Statham and Danny Cipriani.

Kelly started dating Jason in 1998, and they were together for seven years, but there was trouble when they went to Madonna's wedding to Guy Ritchie. 

Kelly said she saw red when she saw him talking to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. 

She said, "Jason started to swing his hips from side to side and do a little jive with his arms, saying: "Gywnnie, Gwynnie, Gwynnie. Sexy, sexy, sexy!..He turned round, only to be met with my fist in his face."

Danny also faced Kelly's wrath after they were at the Spearmint Rhino strip club together in Las Vegas and Kelly discovered her beau had given her number to a stripper. 

She said, "As I headed back to the table, I saw Danny walking towards me. "Babe", he said, "I've been looking for you!" I punched him straight in the face."

Kelly revealed that four bouncers leaped on her, before she tried to have another 'pop' at her boyfriend.

Woah – temper much Kelly?



Eek – don’t look now but Kelly Brook and Chanelle Hayes are gone all Mean Girls on Twitter.

Kelly clearly had enough of Chanelle bad-mouthing her fiancé, David McIntosh, who is currently on Celebrity Big Brother, and decided it was high time to defend him (or herself).

The whole thing started when Chanelle (of course) spoke to The Sun about David (of course), whom she had previously dated: “She could have her pick of anyone but she’s settling for a fame-hungry scrounger.”

Chanelle was also outraged at the fact that she had to pay for her meal during a date with David…at Pizza Hut. Oh dear.

Kelly proved she wasn’t having any of this carry on from Chanelle, however, and tweeted: “Hang on…she slept with him even after he refused to buy her a pizza? #shame. I waited for diamonds.”

Chanelle then replied with a rather catty tone: “haha babe I definitely did NOTTTT sleep with him diamonds or no diamonds. Good luck with the prenup xxx.”

Ouch… we bet that one hurt, eh Kelly?

The successful model obviously regretted her decision to indulge Chanelle, later tweeting: “feels like I just threw a dog a bone” while Chanelle is still going (no serious, go look, she is): “I hit the nail on the head today.Truth hurts, clearly touched a nerve is he on cbb so he can contribute  more than £10 to the wedding?” … “well to say I’m shocked a certain “lady” is so bitchy is an understatement. Awkward would hate to be his most recent ex.”

This could go on for a while…where’s our microwave popcorn?



Whether it’s scarlet, ruby or cherry, red has always been known as a powerful colour – and now psychologists have found that wearing it actually enhances a woman’s sex appeal and makes her seem warmer and more approachable.

The researchers, from Wuhan University in China, also found that red adds to a woman’s overall impression of competence. The colour’s effect was measured by asking participants to rate how attractive they found photos of men and women wearing blue, white or red.

The study discovered that the colour also makes men seem more attractive, but the effect isn’t quite so potent.

So ladies, it seems red is the perfect choice next time you’re looking for an outfit to make you stand out from the crowd! Here’s a few tips for how to work red into your outfit without going too full-on:

1. Print perfect
Mix a red-based print into your outfit for a touch of sexy style. Tartan is a great casual way to work red into your look, or go for a demure floral white and red print like Kelly Brook:

2. Get accessorised
Statement bags, shoes, belts or jewellery are a great way to work a pop of red into your look without going too Jessica Rabbit. Miranda Kerr’s red bag really livens up an otherwise simple outfit:

3. Pick one
Try livening up more muted tones with a touch of colour for just one part of your outfit, like Leighton Meesters’s stunning black, cream and red ensemble:



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